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Darwin Or Die: Why Digital Media Publishers in Australia Need Charles

Angus McDonald, Managing Director at emerge Digital, explores why Australian publishers should follow a Darwin-esque approach to online advertising

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Change is uncomfortable, unfamiliar and not without pain but the result is usually pretty positive. As an adaptable species, you’d have thought we’d have learnt that by now and embraced change at every opportunity.

However, Charles Darwin’s quote is very apt for the change that is currently taking place in the Digital Media Display (DMD) industry. Real-Time-Bidding, the volcano of that change, has altered sales models DMD in the US and Europe, and my money’s on Australia being the next market to erupt this year.

Let’s look at the local landscape: large, independent premium publishers in Australia are selling inventory at high CPMs (relative to North American peers) to brands who want to be associated with premium content in premium environments. Sales teams are successful so why commoditise the sales proposition?

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24 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 3 Comments

Yi Shi CEO & Founder, Avazu Inc, Talks About The Company's Private Exchange Business And DSP Solution, Moving Into China & Poor Localisation From Ad Tech Vendors

Mr. Yi Shi who is both CEO & Founder of Avazu Inc on Avazu’s offering as a display advertising company, with a private exchange business and a priority DSP – and why they have chosen to move into China. He discusses the challenges within the Chinese marketplace, how Chinese publishers are accustomed to selling their inventory and ad placements for a fixed price per month or per year. Shi points to localisation as the key reason why western companies typically fail in China. He also describes how the DSP is attracting more and more attention from the Chinese VC and PE industries – and how Avazu hopes to increase their RTB inventory fivefold next year in China.

Can you give a little background to Avazu and its offering?

Sure, Avazu is a 2 years old display advertising company with its own private exchange business and a proprietary developed demand side platform. We started at the end of 2009 with a direct-response business model, offering performance oriented advertisers, especially from the Western European markets, one stop media buying solutions across the largest ad exchange platforms and yield optimizers (the word SSP came last year I think) worldwide. Our private exchange part is called Avazu Network.

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31 October 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer, VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia), On APAC's Growth In Video & Social Gaming Being One Of The Most Significant Regions Globally, Maximising Inventory Revenue & Embracing The Evolving Online Advertising Landscape

James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia) on how video and social gaming % growth in some APAC markets is outstripping all other digital channels. He talks about how VeNA’s business model actively embraces the evolving landscape allowing growth through both traditional sales and platform based channels. He also discusses the opportunity to harness new revenue channels like content development directly with publishers and advertisers.

Can you give an overview of VeNA, its offering and strategy across the APAC region?

VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia), is one of the largest independent premium video and social gaming advertising and technology networks across the SEA and Pacific region.  Our business is based on exclusive partnerships with publishers, platforms and best of breed technology and creative solutions which enables us to deliver a unique market position for agency and clients alike at scale.

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24 October 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

Wout Van Damme CEO, Funbox, On Being A Multi-Channel Performance Trading Desk, Reducing Advertiser’s Media Buying Risk & How TV Advertising Will Be Sold In An Auction Environment

Wout Van Damme is the CEO of Funbox, a multi-channel performance trading desk and here he talks about the Funbox offering of a performance based media buying service across display, mobile, video, social, search and affiliate channels. He discusses how being platform agnostic allows continuous innovation, the ability to split test across exchanges and DSPs for the most effective inventory source and how advertisers work with them on a CPC, CPL, revenue share or CPW (Cost-Per-Whatever) basis.

Can you give an overview of Funbox exchange offering in the Australian and international markets?

We see there is a gap between advertisers who have a growing appetite for performance traffic and publishers who still want get paid on an impression basis. We bridge that gap, by buying traffic on a CPM basis and selling it to our clients on a performance basis, which can be CPC, CPL, CPA or revenue share, essentially we’re happy to run on a CPW (Cost – Per – Whatever) basis. While doing this we take away or reduce the media buying risk for advertisers. Funbox was founded in Sydney in 2004 as a direct response advertiser and started to use its knowledge and expertise to help other organizations succeed online 2 years ago. Funbox is based in Australia were the majority of the 25 employees reside, but operates globally and generates most of its revenue outside of the home market.

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12 September 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

James Simmons, MATCH Media Director, On Being Australia's Largest Privately Owned Media Agency, Setting-up An Ad Trading Desk, The Art Of Advertising & How Ad Networks Need To Adapt Or Die

James Simmons, MATCH Media’s Director, talks about how being Australia’s largest privately-owned media agency allows unbiased media buying as part of their media strategy for clients. He also stresses while there’s been a shift from traditional media buying skills of negotiation to a more scientific approach, we must not forget the art of advertising.

Simmons goes on to provide an insightful overview on how the ecosystem evolution will impact agencies and ad networks while highlighting the many opportunities for publishers in the shake up.

Can you give some overview on MATCH Media’s core competencies and offering in the Australian and APAC markets?

MATCH Media, founded in 2003, is the largest privately owned media agency in Australia with billings under management in excess of $130,000,000, with a mix of both global and local clients.

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1 September 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 5 Comments

Alex Littlejohn, President APAC, Adconion Media Group Discusses DDPs, Ad Networks And The Importance Of The Service Layer In APAC

Alex Littlejohn is President APAC of Adconion Media Group. Here he discusses how their recent restructure meant the launch of Joost and Adconion Direct – its digital distribution platforms (DDPs). He also talks about how automation has brought innovation to the ecosystem and stresses that the importance of the service layer is still key.

Can you give an overview of the Adconion Media Group and it’s offering in Australia and across the APAC region?

Adconion Media Group is an integrated digital services and distribution company providing the corporate infrastructure and holding company services for all of our entities: Adconion Direct, Joost, RedLever and Adconion Platform Services.

We were founded in 2005 in Germany, employ over 500 people worldwide and operate out of 16 offices in eight countries.  Globally we reach 325 million unique users or one quarter of the total global Internet population every month. (comScore March 2011).

Our goal has always been to connect advertisers, brands, publishers and content owners with the right audience at the right time and across multiple devices using our proprietary optimization and targeting technology as well as specialized expertise within each business unit.

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30 August 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 3 Comments

Ikon's Phil Cowlishaw And Andy Ellenthal, CEO of Peer39, Discuss The Brandscreen And Peer39 Partnership In APAC

Today Peer39 and Brandscreen announced a partnership to provide real-time semantic targeting to media buyers in the APAC region. Phil Cowlishaw, Performance Media Director of Ikon Communications, and Andy Ellenthal, CEO of Peer39, discuss page relevancy, brand safety and the plans to make the technology available in other APAC languages.

EW: You mentioned in bid decisions that gaining access to page level attributes ‘unlocks the true value and context of each available impression’, can you explain the impact of page relevancy on real time audience buying in more detail?

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Teresa Sperti Head of Marketing & Product, realestateVIEW.com On Growing Audiences, Balancing Brand And Performance & The Knowledge Challenge In The Media Buying Landscape

Teresa Sperti, Head of Marketing & Product for realestateVIEW.com talks about media buying and the importance of striking a balance between brand and performance. She adds with 50% of all Australians accessing online via their mobile it makes the channel a crucial part of their media mix. While Australians are one of the biggest consumers of online video in the world, the lack of inventory is constricting their growth.

Sperti also welcomes the efficiency the ad exchanges, DSPs and RTB are bringing to the marketplace – and highlights the need for media agencies and publishers to rapidly embrace the evolving landscape.

Can you give an overview of realestateVIEW.com.au and its offering in Australia?

realestateVIEW.com.au is the 3rd largest property portal in Australia and is operated by the real estate institutes across Australia. Our unique connection with the industry enables us to deliver value to consumers looking to buy or sell through leveraging data & commentary on the property market.

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22 August 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 5 Comments

Kevin Huang, CEO Pixel Group, Discusses Brand Advertisers, Branded Entertainment And Mobile & Video As Key Growth Areas In APAC

Kevin Huang is CEO of Pixel Group. Here Huang gives some insight into Pixel Group’s premium website rep business and how it is providing brand advertisers with premium solutions.

He also discusses how monetization strategies differ across the Greater Chinese and South East Asian markets, as well as giving some overview on the triple digit growth of Pixel Group’s in–app mobile ad network.

Can you give an overview of the Pixel Group and its offering across the APAC region? What markets are a priority for you?

Pixel is in the business of digital advertising sales covering online and mobile platforms catering to brand advertisers. Since our founding in 2002, we have established presence in Greater China and South East Asia with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Our businesses include:

Pixel Media – the leading online ad sales house representing premium websites and publishers on an exclusive basis with a focus on premium solutions to advertisers including Rich Media, Sponsorships, Branded Entertainment and more. 

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Carlo Bertozzi CEO & Founder of Longtail Talks About The Launch of bidr, Its New Ad Trading Desk, & How Transparency Will Be Key In The Australian Market

Carlo Bertozzi is the CEO of Longtail. Here he talks about why the launch of bidr, Longtail’s new ad trading desk, fills a gap for advertisers in the Australian marketplace. He discusses how RTB will bring greater scale and efficiency to the Australian market and how its commitment to a completely transparent ad trading model allows Longtail to focus on the core business of driving acquisition and conversion in the audience-buying space.

Could you give a bit of background as to how the idea for bidr (an independent ad trading platform) evolved and its offering in Australia?

The idea for bidr evolved very early in the genesis of Longtail – we have always had a highly developed media and ad technology focus but the development RTB and exchange trading really allowed us to open up the strategies and develop them on a larger scale.

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