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Stuart Spiteri Discusses His New Role At News Digital Media, And The Opportunities For Regional Publishers

Stuart Spiteri is Chief Operating Officer at News Digital Media – and worked previously at Google as the head of platforms for Japan and Asia-Pacific. Here he discusses his new role at one of Australia’s biggest publishers, the challenges/ opportunities that lie ahead and some wider trends from the greater APAC market.

Can you give some overview on the new role at News Digital Media – and some background on your experience in the APAC region?

I joined NDM in December 2011 from Google in Singapore where I was head of platforms across the Japan and Asia-Pac region, looking after the display business including DoubleClick suite of products including Ad Exchange, plus Invite Media.

Prior to Google, I was with Akamai Technologies as MD of their Asia-Pac business for seven years, providing platform-led technological solutions to a broad range of blue chip organisations that included working closely with all major Australian publishers.

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APAC Round-Up: MediaMath Enters Australian Market; Rise of Weibo in APAC Region; Effective Measure Moves Into Emerging Asia

MediaMath Makes In-Roads Down Under

MediaMath, a leading DSP, announced last week that it has expanded into Australia via a partnership with Australian technology company, Kinected Corp.

As part of the move, Kinected has struck a licensing agreement with MediaMath to oversee the management of bids for advertising inventory. The partnership will be managed from their offices in Sydney, Australia by the founders of Kinected, Gary Hardwick, Mick O’Brien and Ross McNab.

Mike Peralta, MediaMath CRO, comments: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Kinected to bring MediaMath’s TerminalOne technology to the Australian market. As the market expands in APAC, we are able to help brands and agencies trade in the new data-driven advertising marketplace, empowering them to deliver results and focus on strategy instead of performance optimization. This is a very exciting time for the sector and we’re excited to be at the forefront of these developments”

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Phil Duffield, Managing Director Adap.tv, On Their Commitment To Destroying The Inefficiencies In TV & Video Advertising & The Australian & APAC Marketplace

Managing Director of Adap.tv, Phil Duffield, discusses their increasing activity in the Australian, South East Asian and Japanese marketplaces.   He says how the adoption of traditional media buying by today’s industry has created silos in TV and video resulting in massive operational costs and time for both buyers and sellers and how 2012 promises to be very exciting with new strategic  products in the pipeline and more global expansion.

Can you give an overview of Adap.tv and its offering within Australia and the wider APAC region? What markets are you active in?

Adap.tv is the leading programmatic platform for buying and selling video and the world’s largest video ad marketplace. The Adap.tv Platform offers automated technology for buying and selling video. It’s a single platform for all video screens that can be easily configured to meet advertisers and publishers business goals.  The Adap.tv Marketplace is the largest global exchange in volume.  With the option to transact over spot, committed and RTB inventory, buyers and sellers always get total clarity into pricing and inventory. We have just launched a new office in Sydney, Australia and are also active in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Vicki Lyon, Managing Director SpotXchange Asia-Pacific, On Online Video - To Bid Or Not To Bid?

Vicki Lyon SpotXchange

Vicki Lyon, Managing Director SpotXchange Asia-Pacific on why real-time bidding is a win-win for advertisers and publishers.

It is not surprising that advertisers are moving more of their ad dollars into Online Video, with Frost and Sullivan predicting Australian video expenditure to increase from $33m to $350m in three years and we are also seeing publishers looking to cash in.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) for video is gaining traction in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Publishers, and in particularly Advertisers, are becoming more aware of the effectiveness and convenience that RTB offers. Just like RTB for display, it will revolutionise the way online video inventory is bought.

RTB: A win for advertisers and a win for publishers.

Online video offers an engaging experience for consumers that translates into the potential for high-quality advertising impressions from desirable audiences that can be delivered at scale.

RTB helps advertisers eliminate waste, increase performance and simplify the media trading process. Advertisers can enjoy real-time control over executing targeted campaigns and more efficient buys. Demand for RTB-enabled video is growing exponentially and this will continue as agencies, their trading desks and DSPs all look to adopt programmatic buying beyond just display.

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James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA, Asks If The Rapid Growth In Online Video Means TV Has Lost Its Ability To Deliver Both Audience & Cost Effectiveness

James ZipeureJames Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia) discusses how  online video is now worth $1.5B + across Asia Pacific region, and with the likes of Sony investing in IPTV and telcos decreasing barriers to entry via pre-paid, faster downloads and video advertising platform based technology now makes video real contender to TV.  Zipeure puts forward how greater emphasis must be placed on real-time analytics and fast tracking the shift in buying patterns through real-time optimization and deep transparency across ads, content, viewers and performance and goes onto discuss whether there is way TV and video advertising can work hand in hand.

Once upon a time when TV advertising first started, it signified a new era for brands.  TV delivered an incredibly effective way of getting a message out to a load of people really quickly.  TV soon became a must have for marketers and advertisers alike.  Now, 80 years on TV is still going strong – the global TV advertising market is worth $169B and increasing with the Asia Pacific market is now worth roughly $62B.  Over the past decade though we have seen extraordinary growth in new communications channels – in particular online – and more recently online video which has fuelled the arguments that TV is losing its ability to deliver both audience and cost effectiveness due to the divergence of consumer media consumption and in particular viewing habits.

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Grant Watts, Amobee Managing Director of Asia Pacific, On The Rapidly Changing Mobile Landscape & How By 2015 Asia Will Be A US$7 Billion Mobile Advertising Market

Grant Watts is Amobee’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific. Here he discusses the rapidly changing mobile landscape and why by 2015 Asia will be a US$7 billion mobile advertising market.

Can you give an overview of Amobee and its offering and strategy across the APAC region?

Amobee is working with large-scale advertisers, publishers and operators to deliver mobile advertising solutions and technology – from text to rich media, across all devices – at the global and regional levels. We run mobile ad campaigns for some of the biggest and best brands including eBay, Nokia, Skype, Zynga, Google, Groupon, InMobi and Telefonica, delivering unparalleled results.

While running campaigns across Asia, we’re also aggressive in all key Asian markets – Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand – meeting with operators, advertisers and others, understanding their needs and introducing our capabilities.

Everyone we meet is very impressed with our mobile advertising technology and solutions. We’re already working with Asian-based companies such as InMobi, Globe (Philippines), Ugama (India), Ambient (Vietnam) and MCM (Indonesia) and expect to make additional partner announcements in the near future.

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Chris Brown, Team Lead, DoubleClick Performance Products in Australia, South East Asia & NZ Discusses The Ad Exchange Direct Deals Offering

Chris Brown is team lead at DoubleClick Performance Products in Australia, South East Asia and NZ. Here he discusses the progress made by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange in the region, timeframes around when mobile and video inventory will be made available and the recent Direct Deals launch.

Can you give some overview on the progress made by the DoubleClick Ad Exchange in the Australian and APAC markets? What similarities and differences did you see in relation to the UK and US markets?

The Australian market was already primed for exchanges due to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange 1.0 having been launched here in 2008, and RightMedia already being active in this market. Uptake was swift on the buy-side due some of the big holding companies strategies, and local independent agencies and Ad Networks always being close to ‘game-changing’ developments in the online world.

The major difference I saw from an agency perspective was how autonomously they were acting in this region. Country by country – each agency has a different take on how they should approach exchange buying.

A major similarity I saw was how some publishers perceived exchanges. They wanted to get involved as they were seeing the focus that agencies were giving, but were unsure on how-to.

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ATS Sydney Keynote, Jay Stevens, Discusses The Rubicon Project In APAC & Its Relationship With The Region's Big Publishers

With ATS Sydney just two months away, Jay Stevens VP & GM, International at The Rubicon Project, and keynote for the day gives ExchangeWire APAC an overview of the platform offering in the APAC region – and details of key relationships with big publishers in APAC. Early bird tickets are now on sale. Be sure to get yours to avoid disappointment.

Can you give an overview of the Rubicon Project proposition and offering in Australia and APAC region?

The Rubicon Project is the leading Supply Side Platform (SSP), optimising roughly 100 Billion impressions per month on behalf of more than 400 of the world’s premium publishers.   Managing publishers’ yield of non-guaranteed inventory is the primary offering as our heritage comes from pioneering the ad network optimisation space.  In the last 18 months, however, we’ve enabled publishers on REVV, the company’s real time trading platform, to take advantage of the growth in real-time bidding (RTB) and tap new demand from the more than 50 demand side platforms (DSPs) now integrated. Through automation and intelligence, REVV ensures the decisioning behind and the execution of all transactions delivers maximum value to the publisher.  In addition, we’ve implemented more than a dozen private marketplaces, which is beginning blur the line between what has been regarded as guaranteed and what is labelled as remnant inventory.

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Mike Peralta, MediaMath’s Chief Revenue Officer, On Moving Into The APAC Region – Japan, SE Asia & Australia

As the market matures in APAC, tech vendors like MediaMath are looking to help brands and agencies trade in the new data-driven advertising marketplace. Here Mike Peralta, CRO at MediaMath, discusses the strategy in the APAC region, and how their offering can help advertisers and agencies in the market.

Can you give an overview of MediaMath and its offering in Australia and the APAC region?

With the opening of our data center in Hong Kong, we’re now servicing APAC and Australia with over 6B daily impressions. We’re seeing early adoption from trading desks and agencies, and we’ll soon be opening our Sydney office. It’s an exciting time for us as we enter the fastest growing digital market.

How will MediaMath differentiate itself from competitors in the region?

It’s truly right there in the name- we use math to empower agencies to drive client results 10x better than the traditional media plan. MediaMath is built on real technology: machine-learning algorithms that optimize across millions of data points in real time, letting you focus on strategy instead of performance optimization.

You recently signed a deal with Cyber Agent in Japan can you tell us a little more in detail what this means for MediaMath?

Partnering with the leading internet services company in Japan was a great way for us to begin delivering our platform to agencies and brands in the Japanese marketplace. The way to do business in Japan is to partner, and thus we’re exploring joint ventures on many fronts.

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Bharad Ramesh, Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group On The Evolving Media Buying Landscape in APAC

Bharad Ramesh is the Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia for Starcom Mediavest Group. Here he discusses how the online media landscape is evolving in Asia. He talks about how digital is still not mainstream, how it sucks up a tremendous amount of client and staff bandwidth and explains why ad exchanges and DSPs will bring efficiency and scalability to media buying.

Can you give an overview of Starcom MediaVest Group’s offering in the APAC region?

Starcom MediaVest Group specializes in media planning and buying, communication strategy, consumer research, digital, branded entertainment and other diversified services.

What is your role and remit for SMG across the region respectively?

As Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading for Asia, I oversee both the enhancement of SMG’s working processes on multinational clients as well as trading opportunities in the marketplace across our spectrum of clients in the region.

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