5 February 2012 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Wout Van Damme, CEO Of Funbox, On How Trading Desks Are Responsible For Mitigating Brand Safety When Buying On Ad Exchanges & DSPs

Wout Van Damme Wout Van Damme the CEO of Funbox, a multi-channel performance trading desk, discusses how technology is only as good as the people using it and says that trading desks are ultimately responsible for advertisers brand safety. He also talks about Funbox’s strict processes and protocols and how these ensure advertiser’s brand safety.

We have seen a lot of media coverage around brand safety on ad exchanges recently and the reality is that there are risks involved with running campaigns on exchanges and DSP’s. This should however not discourage advertisers from running on exchanges, as the good news though is that these risks can be mitigated.

Let’s first look at what the challenges are in terms of brand safety. A decent percent of internet traffic is  torrent related or holds otherwise unwanted content and the reality is that these sites do find a way onto exchanges. Some exchanges police this to the best of their capabilities and some don’t police this at all. Without proper targeting it is possible ads will run on these sites. Avoiding these categories is an obvious choice, but publishers or networks might accidentally or deliberately misclassify a site and for example classify a torrent site as a technology site. The other issue with classification is that an exchange, publisher or network all might have different ideas as to what brand safe is, from what you or your client might think.

User generated content sites also pose a potential threat to brand safety. Some UGC sites allow users to upload ad serving code. We have found instances of misuse of these UGC sites, where an ad tag is uploaded onto a UGC site (for example – blogging platforms) which are then served out on iFrames on non-brand-safe sites. To the eyes of the advertiser tracking the impressions, it would appear that the ad is serving on the ostensibly brand-safe UGC site, and not a non-brand-safe site.

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24 October 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 1 Comment

Wout Van Damme CEO, Funbox, On Being A Multi-Channel Performance Trading Desk, Reducing Advertiser’s Media Buying Risk & How TV Advertising Will Be Sold In An Auction Environment

Wout Van Damme is the CEO of Funbox, a multi-channel performance trading desk and here he talks about the Funbox offering of a performance based media buying service across display, mobile, video, social, search and affiliate channels. He discusses how being platform agnostic allows continuous innovation, the ability to split test across exchanges and DSPs for the most effective inventory source and how advertisers work with them on a CPC, CPL, revenue share or CPW (Cost-Per-Whatever) basis.

Can you give an overview of Funbox exchange offering in the Australian and international markets?

We see there is a gap between advertisers who have a growing appetite for performance traffic and publishers who still want get paid on an impression basis. We bridge that gap, by buying traffic on a CPM basis and selling it to our clients on a performance basis, which can be CPC, CPL, CPA or revenue share, essentially we’re happy to run on a CPW (Cost – Per – Whatever) basis. While doing this we take away or reduce the media buying risk for advertisers. Funbox was founded in Sydney in 2004 as a direct response advertiser and started to use its knowledge and expertise to help other organizations succeed online 2 years ago. Funbox is based in Australia were the majority of the 25 employees reside, but operates globally and generates most of its revenue outside of the home market.

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