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Grant Watts, Amobee Managing Director of Asia Pacific, On The Rapidly Changing Mobile Landscape & How By 2015 Asia Will Be A US$7 Billion Mobile Advertising Market

Grant Watts is Amobee’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific. Here he discusses the rapidly changing mobile landscape and why by 2015 Asia will be a US$7 billion mobile advertising market.

Can you give an overview of Amobee and its offering and strategy across the APAC region?

Amobee is working with large-scale advertisers, publishers and operators to deliver mobile advertising solutions and technology – from text to rich media, across all devices – at the global and regional levels. We run mobile ad campaigns for some of the biggest and best brands including eBay, Nokia, Skype, Zynga, Google, Groupon, InMobi and Telefonica, delivering unparalleled results.

While running campaigns across Asia, we’re also aggressive in all key Asian markets – Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand – meeting with operators, advertisers and others, understanding their needs and introducing our capabilities.

Everyone we meet is very impressed with our mobile advertising technology and solutions. We’re already working with Asian-based companies such as InMobi, Globe (Philippines), Ugama (India), Ambient (Vietnam) and MCM (Indonesia) and expect to make additional partner announcements in the near future.

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Audience Buying Series #4: Asia’s Emerging Market, Malaysia, Shows Solid Growth in Mobile Internet & 40% Of Filipinos Access The Internet Via Their Mobile

Next in our exclusive series with Effective Measure, a global Digital Audience Measurement and Research company focused on emerging markets, we look at the Malaysia’s amazing growth in mobile. With 115+ million web pages viewed on Malaysian mobile devices in the month of September 2011 – 30 million pages more than Indonesia (the second highest country with the most number of mobile views of web pages) and with a strong preference for Bahasa Malaysia, we will see a rapid development of local language content accessible by mobile. Interestingly, over 40% Of Filipinos access the internet via their mobile making it another key market to watch.

Q.1: Tell us what’s happening in Malaysia right now?

Malaysia have proven to be a great environment for mobile Internet as we have seen a solid upward trend in terms of the percentage of web pages viewed on local mobile devices so far this

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Wout Van Damme CEO, Funbox, On Being A Multi-Channel Performance Trading Desk, Reducing Advertiser’s Media Buying Risk & How TV Advertising Will Be Sold In An Auction Environment

Wout Van Damme is the CEO of Funbox, a multi-channel performance trading desk and here he talks about the Funbox offering of a performance based media buying service across display, mobile, video, social, search and affiliate channels. He discusses how being platform agnostic allows continuous innovation, the ability to split test across exchanges and DSPs for the most effective inventory source and how advertisers work with them on a CPC, CPL, revenue share or CPW (Cost-Per-Whatever) basis.

Can you give an overview of Funbox exchange offering in the Australian and international markets?

We see there is a gap between advertisers who have a growing appetite for performance traffic and publishers who still want get paid on an impression basis. We bridge that gap, by buying traffic on a CPM basis and selling it to our clients on a performance basis, which can be CPC, CPL, CPA or revenue share, essentially we’re happy to run on a CPW (Cost – Per – Whatever) basis. While doing this we take away or reduce the media buying risk for advertisers. Funbox was founded in Sydney in 2004 as a direct response advertiser and started to use its knowledge and expertise to help other organizations succeed online 2 years ago. Funbox is based in Australia were the majority of the 25 employees reside, but operates globally and generates most of its revenue outside of the home market.

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Phil Cowlishaw, Performance Media Director, Ikon Communications, Discusses The Recent Video Partnership With Tubemogul

Phil Cowlishaw is Performance Media Director at Ikon Communications. Here he discusses the recent Ikon video partnership with Tubemogul – and what it means for the market.

Can you give an overview of your recent partnership with TubeMogul’s PlayTime? What does the partnership add to Ikon’s overall offering in Australia?

Tube Mogul provides Ikon with a platform for real-time media buying across video in all forms; they are plugged into more sources of RTB video inventory than anyone in the market. Ikon is leveraging TubeMogul’s technology and reach to deliver efficient access to high quality video inventory on the web at scale. Partnering with TubeMogul allows Ikon to maximize impact for every campaign by deepening our understanding of how to use video to achieve brand objectives.

Why did TubeMogul choose Ikon as first foray into the Australian market?

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Peter Mycock, Managing Director, Criteo Australia Discusses Criteo’s Australian Expansion, Scalable Personalised Retargeting, Increasing Publisher’s Yields & Why Technology And Analytics Will Continue To Be Critical Elements Within Online Advertising Investment

Peter Mycock is Managing Director for Criteo Australia and is spearheading Criteo’s expansion into the Australian market. Here he discusses how Criteo’s personalised retargeting offering is really an expansion of search and how the integration with both Kenshoo and Marin allow advertisers to manage both search and acquisition through one interface.

He goes onto explain how Criteo increases publishers yield and says in some cases pays rates which compete with premium campaigns. He also forecasts video to become the largest online format by 2014.

Criteo has recently moved into Australia – why Australia? What other markets is Criteo servicing in the APAC region?

The Australian market is another important territory for Criteo and an integral part of our APAC expansion, which also includes Japan and Korea. Australia is a compelling market for Criteo, driven by the growth in ecommerce, continued advertiser focus on profitable and relevant customer acquisition, and as a way to support our global partners who are keen to leverage this proven solution locally.

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Alex Littlejohn, President APAC, Adconion Media Group Discusses DDPs, Ad Networks And The Importance Of The Service Layer In APAC

Alex Littlejohn is President APAC of Adconion Media Group. Here he discusses how their recent restructure meant the launch of Joost and Adconion Direct – its digital distribution platforms (DDPs). He also talks about how automation has brought innovation to the ecosystem and stresses that the importance of the service layer is still key.

Can you give an overview of the Adconion Media Group and it’s offering in Australia and across the APAC region?

Adconion Media Group is an integrated digital services and distribution company providing the corporate infrastructure and holding company services for all of our entities: Adconion Direct, Joost, RedLever and Adconion Platform Services.

We were founded in 2005 in Germany, employ over 500 people worldwide and operate out of 16 offices in eight countries.  Globally we reach 325 million unique users or one quarter of the total global Internet population every month. (comScore March 2011).

Our goal has always been to connect advertisers, brands, publishers and content owners with the right audience at the right time and across multiple devices using our proprietary optimization and targeting technology as well as specialized expertise within each business unit.

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Carlo Bertozzi CEO & Founder of Longtail Talks About The Launch of bidr, Its New Ad Trading Desk, & How Transparency Will Be Key In The Australian Market

Carlo Bertozzi is the CEO of Longtail. Here he talks about why the launch of bidr, Longtail’s new ad trading desk, fills a gap for advertisers in the Australian marketplace. He discusses how RTB will bring greater scale and efficiency to the Australian market and how its commitment to a completely transparent ad trading model allows Longtail to focus on the core business of driving acquisition and conversion in the audience-buying space.

Could you give a bit of background as to how the idea for bidr (an independent ad trading platform) evolved and its offering in Australia?

The idea for bidr evolved very early in the genesis of Longtail – we have always had a highly developed media and ad technology focus but the development RTB and exchange trading really allowed us to open up the strategies and develop them on a larger scale.

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Akihiko Tokuhisa, CEO & President of Platform One Inc. On Platform One’s Success, And The Rapid Uptake Of Programmatic Buying In The Japanese Market

Akihiko Tokuhisa is both the CEO & President of Platform One Inc. and CTO of D.A.Consortium Inc. Here he discusses how Platform One combines Market One (DSP) and Yield One (SSP) into one platform and, with agencies and publishers fast embracing programmatic buying, how RTB is gaining traction in the Japanese market. He also hints at a move into China is on the cards.

Can you give an overview of Platform One’s proposition and offering in Japan and the wider APAC region?

Platform One Inc.(Platform One) launched in February 2011, and is a 100% held subsidiary of D.A.Consortium Inc.(DAC). At this stage Platform One is focused purely on the Japanese market.

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Marcus Tan Managing Director APAC Smaato On Mobile Advertising, Exchanges, Monetising Apps & APAC's Huge Market Potential

Marcus Tan, Managing Director APAC, Smaato discusses the mobile offering in APAC, introduction of RTB and the huge monetization potential for both app developers and publishers in the mobile display advertising space. Tan also flags Japan, Korea & China maturity in the mobile space makes them the most interesting markets to watch.

Can you give an overview of Smaato and its ‘Mobile Ad Cloud’ offering and strategy across the APAC region?

As the consumption of media differentiates and varies between individuals because of the easy access of the internet, it is difficult to ignore that advertising and marketing too has taken a leap into the mobile space and onto our mobile devices.

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Arshan Saha, Regional Director, SEA, Innity Discusses The Evolution Of RTB, Exchange Trading & The Impact of Online Video & Mobile in South East Asia

Innity is an ad network with a self-service media platform. Arshan Saha, Regional Director, SEA, Innity discusses the challenges and opportunities in an evolving landscape and how ad exchanges and RTB will introduce efficiencies into the market. Here he also discusses the emerging trends in online video, mobile, RTB, rich media and socially enabled ads in the SEA region.

Can you give an overview of Innity and its offering across the APAC region?

Innity is an integrated online media network that provides scalable online marketing solutions and services for advertisers and publishers. Established in 1999, Innity has a strong foothold in the South East Asian market spanning over 10,000 websites, including major newspaper portals and premier sites in more than 16 content interest channels such as technology, lifestyle, automotive, business and entertainment. Innity’s solutions provide a combination of the best features of rich media and performance based marketing catering to some of the world’s largest brands and advertising agencies offering a a variety of engagement based advertising formats and innovative payment models. Innity is the first and only fully transparent ad serving system in Southeast Asia that is IAB certified. 

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