24 August 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 4 Comments

Teresa Sperti Head of Marketing & Product, realestateVIEW.com On Growing Audiences, Balancing Brand And Performance & The Knowledge Challenge In The Media Buying Landscape

Teresa Sperti, Head of Marketing & Product for realestateVIEW.com talks about media buying and the importance of striking a balance between brand and performance. She adds with 50% of all Australians accessing online via their mobile it makes the channel a crucial part of their media mix. While Australians are one of the biggest consumers of online video in the world, the lack of inventory is constricting their growth.

Sperti also welcomes the efficiency the ad exchanges, DSPs and RTB are bringing to the marketplace – and highlights the need for media agencies and publishers to rapidly embrace the evolving landscape.

Can you give an overview of realestateVIEW.com.au and its offering in Australia?

realestateVIEW.com.au is the 3rd largest property portal in Australia and is operated by the real estate institutes across Australia. Our unique connection with the industry enables us to deliver value to consumers looking to buy or sell through leveraging data & commentary on the property market.

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