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Phil Duffield, Managing Director Adap.tv, On Their Commitment To Destroying The Inefficiencies In TV & Video Advertising & The Australian & APAC Marketplace

Managing Director of Adap.tv, Phil Duffield, discusses their increasing activity in the Australian, South East Asian and Japanese marketplaces.   He says how the adoption of traditional media buying by today’s industry has created silos in TV and video resulting in massive operational costs and time for both buyers and sellers and how 2012 promises to be very exciting with new strategic  products in the pipeline and more global expansion.

Can you give an overview of Adap.tv and its offering within Australia and the wider APAC region? What markets are you active in?

Adap.tv is the leading programmatic platform for buying and selling video and the world’s largest video ad marketplace. The Adap.tv Platform offers automated technology for buying and selling video. It’s a single platform for all video screens that can be easily configured to meet advertisers and publishers business goals.  The Adap.tv Marketplace is the largest global exchange in volume.  With the option to transact over spot, committed and RTB inventory, buyers and sellers always get total clarity into pricing and inventory. We have just launched a new office in Sydney, Australia and are also active in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Vicki Lyon, Managing Director SpotXchange Asia-Pacific, On Online Video - To Bid Or Not To Bid?

Vicki Lyon SpotXchange

Vicki Lyon, Managing Director SpotXchange Asia-Pacific on why real-time bidding is a win-win for advertisers and publishers.

It is not surprising that advertisers are moving more of their ad dollars into Online Video, with Frost and Sullivan predicting Australian video expenditure to increase from $33m to $350m in three years and we are also seeing publishers looking to cash in.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) for video is gaining traction in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Publishers, and in particularly Advertisers, are becoming more aware of the effectiveness and convenience that RTB offers. Just like RTB for display, it will revolutionise the way online video inventory is bought.

RTB: A win for advertisers and a win for publishers.

Online video offers an engaging experience for consumers that translates into the potential for high-quality advertising impressions from desirable audiences that can be delivered at scale.

RTB helps advertisers eliminate waste, increase performance and simplify the media trading process. Advertisers can enjoy real-time control over executing targeted campaigns and more efficient buys. Demand for RTB-enabled video is growing exponentially and this will continue as agencies, their trading desks and DSPs all look to adopt programmatic buying beyond just display.

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James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA, Asks If The Rapid Growth In Online Video Means TV Has Lost Its Ability To Deliver Both Audience & Cost Effectiveness

James ZipeureJames Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia) discusses how  online video is now worth $1.5B + across Asia Pacific region, and with the likes of Sony investing in IPTV and telcos decreasing barriers to entry via pre-paid, faster downloads and video advertising platform based technology now makes video real contender to TV.  Zipeure puts forward how greater emphasis must be placed on real-time analytics and fast tracking the shift in buying patterns through real-time optimization and deep transparency across ads, content, viewers and performance and goes onto discuss whether there is way TV and video advertising can work hand in hand.

Once upon a time when TV advertising first started, it signified a new era for brands.  TV delivered an incredibly effective way of getting a message out to a load of people really quickly.  TV soon became a must have for marketers and advertisers alike.  Now, 80 years on TV is still going strong – the global TV advertising market is worth $169B and increasing with the Asia Pacific market is now worth roughly $62B.  Over the past decade though we have seen extraordinary growth in new communications channels – in particular online – and more recently online video which has fuelled the arguments that TV is losing its ability to deliver both audience and cost effectiveness due to the divergence of consumer media consumption and in particular viewing habits.

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James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer, VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia), On APAC's Growth In Video & Social Gaming Being One Of The Most Significant Regions Globally, Maximising Inventory Revenue & Embracing The Evolving Online Advertising Landscape

James Zipeure, Chief Operating Officer for VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia) on how video and social gaming % growth in some APAC markets is outstripping all other digital channels. He talks about how VeNA’s business model actively embraces the evolving landscape allowing growth through both traditional sales and platform based channels. He also discusses the opportunity to harness new revenue channels like content development directly with publishers and advertisers.

Can you give an overview of VeNA, its offering and strategy across the APAC region?

VeNA (Video and Entertainment Network Asia), is one of the largest independent premium video and social gaming advertising and technology networks across the SEA and Pacific region.  Our business is based on exclusive partnerships with publishers, platforms and best of breed technology and creative solutions which enables us to deliver a unique market position for agency and clients alike at scale.

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Wout Van Damme CEO, Funbox, On Being A Multi-Channel Performance Trading Desk, Reducing Advertiser’s Media Buying Risk & How TV Advertising Will Be Sold In An Auction Environment

Wout Van Damme is the CEO of Funbox, a multi-channel performance trading desk and here he talks about the Funbox offering of a performance based media buying service across display, mobile, video, social, search and affiliate channels. He discusses how being platform agnostic allows continuous innovation, the ability to split test across exchanges and DSPs for the most effective inventory source and how advertisers work with them on a CPC, CPL, revenue share or CPW (Cost-Per-Whatever) basis.

Can you give an overview of Funbox exchange offering in the Australian and international markets?

We see there is a gap between advertisers who have a growing appetite for performance traffic and publishers who still want get paid on an impression basis. We bridge that gap, by buying traffic on a CPM basis and selling it to our clients on a performance basis, which can be CPC, CPL, CPA or revenue share, essentially we’re happy to run on a CPW (Cost – Per – Whatever) basis. While doing this we take away or reduce the media buying risk for advertisers. Funbox was founded in Sydney in 2004 as a direct response advertiser and started to use its knowledge and expertise to help other organizations succeed online 2 years ago. Funbox is based in Australia were the majority of the 25 employees reside, but operates globally and generates most of its revenue outside of the home market.

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Vicki Lyon, Managing Director, SpotXchange Australia & APAC On Video Ad Marketplaces, Private Exchanges & How Mobile Video Advertising Will Soar In APAC

Vicky Lyon, SpotXchange’s Managing Director Asia Pac discusses their recent launch and about wanting to become the go-to video ad marketplace in Australia and the APAC region.

Lyon gives an overview on Australia’s current market size and how APAC, being the most connected region in the world, means online video advertising will continue to soar and key growth drivers will be the expansion of 3G networks making mobile TV and mobile video services a reality.

Could you give an overview of SpotXchange and its offering and growth strategy for Australia and the wider APAC region?

SpotXchange is a one-stop shop for advertisers, ad networks, DSPs and trading desks, offering a simple and powerful marketplace of high quality video ad inventory that performs.

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Teresa Sperti Head of Marketing & Product, realestateVIEW.com On Growing Audiences, Balancing Brand And Performance & The Knowledge Challenge In The Media Buying Landscape

Teresa Sperti, Head of Marketing & Product for realestateVIEW.com talks about media buying and the importance of striking a balance between brand and performance. She adds with 50% of all Australians accessing online via their mobile it makes the channel a crucial part of their media mix. While Australians are one of the biggest consumers of online video in the world, the lack of inventory is constricting their growth.

Sperti also welcomes the efficiency the ad exchanges, DSPs and RTB are bringing to the marketplace – and highlights the need for media agencies and publishers to rapidly embrace the evolving landscape.

Can you give an overview of realestateVIEW.com.au and its offering in Australia?

realestateVIEW.com.au is the 3rd largest property portal in Australia and is operated by the real estate institutes across Australia. Our unique connection with the industry enables us to deliver value to consumers looking to buy or sell through leveraging data & commentary on the property market.

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Arshan Saha, Regional Director, SEA, Innity Discusses The Evolution Of RTB, Exchange Trading & The Impact of Online Video & Mobile in South East Asia

Innity is an ad network with a self-service media platform. Arshan Saha, Regional Director, SEA, Innity discusses the challenges and opportunities in an evolving landscape and how ad exchanges and RTB will introduce efficiencies into the market. Here he also discusses the emerging trends in online video, mobile, RTB, rich media and socially enabled ads in the SEA region.

Can you give an overview of Innity and its offering across the APAC region?

Innity is an integrated online media network that provides scalable online marketing solutions and services for advertisers and publishers. Established in 1999, Innity has a strong foothold in the South East Asian market spanning over 10,000 websites, including major newspaper portals and premier sites in more than 16 content interest channels such as technology, lifestyle, automotive, business and entertainment. Innity’s solutions provide a combination of the best features of rich media and performance based marketing catering to some of the world’s largest brands and advertising agencies offering a a variety of engagement based advertising formats and innovative payment models. Innity is the first and only fully transparent ad serving system in Southeast Asia that is IAB certified. 

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