3 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Ben Barokas, President & Co-Founder, Admeld, On Price Transparency, Bridging Buy & Sell Sides & The Swift Adoption Of SSP Technology In the Australian and APAC Markets

Ben Barokas, CEO and Co-Founder of Admeld on being a sell-side platform (SSP) for premium publishers and why Australian publishers are moving so rapidly to solve the same fundamental challenges other markets have faced.

Barokas also discusses the dynamics of the Australian market, yield optimisation, private exchanges, how technology is delivering efficiencies the market has been asking for and how both buyers and sellers are pushing each other to evolve.

Can you give an overview of Admeld and its offering in the Australian and wider APAC markets?

My co-founder Brian and I started Admeld in 2007 to help large, premium publishers maximize the value of their ad inventory. I think what differentiates us from the other Sell Side Platforms (SSPs) in the space is that our executive team comes from publishing organizations, and we put a lot of emphasis on innovation and client service. Today, we partner with more than 500 publisher clients worldwide, including publishers in Australia and the APAC region, and we have integrated with hundreds of buyers, including every major RTB bidder, agency, and trading desk.

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10 July 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 6 Comments

The Australian Buy-Side Discuss Growing Publisher Opposition To Programmatic Buying And Refusal To Sell To Agency Trading Desks

There’s been a lot of discussion around whether or not the big five Australian publishers would trade with DSPs and agency trading desks. In recent weeks Fairfax has indicated that they will not be making inventory available through the automated channel. Recently ExchangeWire asked a number of leading Australian buy-side players the following question to get their perspective on the growing opposition among premium publishers to programmatic buying:

Given the recent push back by large content owners around automated trading, why should Australian publishers sell their inventory to DSPs and Trading Desks?

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20 April 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 4 Comments

Ros Allison Discusses Vivaki Exchange Strategy In The APAC Region The Growth Of The Australian Exchange Marketplace

VivaKi is starting to get very active in the APAC market – and is spearheading the Publicis move into data-driven display buying across the region. Here Ros Allison Director of VivaKi Nerve Center in Australia discusses Vivaki’s exchange strategy in the Australian market and how automated buying is getting traction in online display there.

In terms of the automated buying how far is the Australian market behind Europe and the US?  Can you give some overview on the local market?

Technology has moved quickly, we’re only months behind the US in some areas, with competition and diversified offerings certainly still to come.  Data and market liquidity are still developing, as you’d expect in a smaller more concentrated market.  The development curve has been steep, and we’ve certainly benefitted from the experience of VivaKi’s Audience on Demand desks in the US & UK, with established world’s best practice, tested technology and data infrastructure, and the advantage of global partnerships. 

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