12 December 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Bharad Ramesh, Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group On The Evolving Media Buying Landscape in APAC

Bharad Ramesh is the Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading, Asia for Starcom Mediavest Group. Here he discusses how the online media landscape is evolving in Asia. He talks about how digital is still not mainstream, how it sucks up a tremendous amount of client and staff bandwidth and explains why ad exchanges and DSPs will bring efficiency and scalability to media buying.

Can you give an overview of Starcom MediaVest Group’s offering in the APAC region?

Starcom MediaVest Group specializes in media planning and buying, communication strategy, consumer research, digital, branded entertainment and other diversified services.

What is your role and remit for SMG across the region respectively?

As Regional Executive Director, Strategic Operations & Trading for Asia, I oversee both the enhancement of SMG’s working processes on multinational clients as well as trading opportunities in the marketplace across our spectrum of clients in the region.

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24 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 3 Comments

Yi Shi CEO & Founder, Avazu Inc, Talks About The Company's Private Exchange Business And DSP Solution, Moving Into China & Poor Localisation From Ad Tech Vendors

Mr. Yi Shi who is both CEO & Founder of Avazu Inc on Avazu’s offering as a display advertising company, with a private exchange business and a priority DSP – and why they have chosen to move into China. He discusses the challenges within the Chinese marketplace, how Chinese publishers are accustomed to selling their inventory and ad placements for a fixed price per month or per year. Shi points to localisation as the key reason why western companies typically fail in China. He also describes how the DSP is attracting more and more attention from the Chinese VC and PE industries – and how Avazu hopes to increase their RTB inventory fivefold next year in China.

Can you give a little background to Avazu and its offering?

Sure, Avazu is a 2 years old display advertising company with its own private exchange business and a proprietary developed demand side platform. We started at the end of 2009 with a direct-response business model, offering performance oriented advertisers, especially from the Western European markets, one stop media buying solutions across the largest ad exchange platforms and yield optimizers (the word SSP came last year I think) worldwide. Our private exchange part is called Avazu Network.

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17 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Marc Lomas, Commercial Director of Cadreon Australia, On The Cadreon Video Marketplace, & The Shift Of TV Budget Into Online Video

Marc Lomas is the Commercial Director of Cadreon Australia, here he talks about the recent launch of the Cadreon Video Marketplace and how the demand for online video is growing rapidly from both consumers and advertisers in the Australian market. He also predicts that next year the Australian market will finally start to see advertisers and agencies start to shift decent proportions of TV budget into online video.

You recently announced the launch of Cadreon Video Marketplace. Being an independent online performance business what does this mean for your clients?

Simply, it means delivering clients the most bang for their buck. We can now deliver access to global wholesale inventory plus specific premium Australian inventory all managed and controlled through a centralised platform with robust market-leading analytics and data.  Being part of one of the most progressive global trading desk solutions provides Cadreon access to DSP partners, technologies and inventory that are not available to other Australian agencies.

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1 November 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 5 Comments

Nick Gill, Commercial Director, Marin Software, APAC On Search, Display, Retargeting, Managing The Attribution Models & The Rapid Growth Of The Australian Market

Nick Gill Commercial Director for Marin Software, APAC on their recent launch into the Australian market. He discusses how their expansion from search into the Google Display Network, Facebook and YouTube and partnership with Criteo (retargeting) means advertisers can now manage all their biddable media including workflow, analytics and optimisation from one interface. With their success to date he highlights while this year they have opened offices in Sydney, Singapore and Paris, there are more to come.

Marin has recently moved into Australia – why Australia? What other markets is Marin servicing in the APAC region?

Marin chose to expand into Australia for primarily two reasons. One, several existing customers of ours have offices in Australia and having an “on the ground” presence allows us to better serve them. Second, Australia has a strong, growing market and an office in Australia allows us to better partner with agencies and brands in the area. In addition to Australia, Marin has an office Singapore.

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3 July 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 2 Comments

Stuart Spiteri Head of Media Platforms, Asia Pacific, Google Discusses Ad Exchange Growth And Increasing Publisher Yield Across The APAC Region

Stuart Spiteri Head of Media Platforms, Asia Pacific, Google talks about the growth in Ad Exchanges across the APAC region, how agencies, advertisers are getting on board and how automated buying can increase publisher yield up to 188% more than using traditional sales channels.

Can you give an overview of your role and remit within Google APAC?

I am responsible for the Google suite of technology products that agencies use to plan, buy, optimise and report on their display advertising here in APAC. My goal is to partner with agencies to help them deliver the best results for their advertiser clients through the use of Google tools.

What kind of traction is the DoubleClick Ad Exchange getting in the APAC marketplace?

We’ve seen great traction on the Ad Exchange across the world.  In the last year the number of transactions on the Exchange has tripled and we have hundreds of premium publishers selling inventory. We’re also seeing strong growth in real time bidding, which now accounts for more than 60% of spend on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. In APAC , we’ve launched the Ad Exchange in Australia, and have agencies and DSPs buying locally.  We are also signing up publishers and agencies across Asia.

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3 June 2011 in ExchangeWire APAC 0 Comments

Kate Clough, MRM Worldwide Regional Media Director APAC, On Media Buying In APAC And The Chinese Display Market

Kate Clough is Regional Media Director, APAC at MRM Worldwide. Here in an interview with ExchangeWire APAC, Clough gives an insight into the Chinese display market, the third biggest after the US and Japan.

Can you give an overview of MRM’s offering in the APAC region?

MRM is a global technology-driven marketing solutions provider with clearly defined practices, including strategy, site and content development, digital media, CRM, measurement and analytics. We create, execute, measure and optimize experiences that contribute to our clients’ marketing objectives and ignite passion for their brands.

The regional media team, which I manage, provides A-to-Z media services, focusing primarily on digital platforms: vertical sites/portals/networks, paid search, natural search, social media, mobile and others. The core team includes native Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English speakers, with broad knowledge of Asian markets, while the extended team, on-the-ground in key markets like Thailand and India, ensure linguistic accuracy, understanding of local trends, ties with the local media and so on.

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