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  • The Rise Of The Brand Trading Desk: Air France To Speak About In-Housing At ATS Paris

    Much has been written about the ‘brand trading desk’ or specifically the in-housing of the programmatic buying function. A lot of it has surfaced in the trade press – but there has been very few clients prepared to speak publicly about their operations.

    At this year’s ATS Paris event ExchangeWire finally has a client to go on record about their operation they run independently of any third party service layer.

    Air France, one of Europe’s largest airlines, operates an internalised [...]

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  • Publicis Acquires 20% Of Matomy For £40m

    Publicis announced this morning that it is acquiring 20% of Matomy for approximately £40m, with an option to increase its stake in the company to 24.9%, that would raise the value of the deal to £51m, in the latest round of M&A activity in the ad tech sector.

    Matomy, an Israeli ad network, this morning announced that Publicis will acquire 17.9 million of its shares, or 20% of the company, for 227 pence a share, with a further option [...]

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  • ATS Comes To New York On 4 November; Event Agenda Now Published

    ATS is now on three continents – well, it will be from 4 November, when the inaugural ATS New York will take place. ExchangeWire will make its US debut where it will again facilitate debate with a deep technology and data focus, as programmatic continues to grow in importance in global digital advertising.

    ATS New York will include speakers from Facebook, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, eBay, Conde Nast, Vivaki, Xaxis and a host of global media companies. A full [...]

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  • Opening Up The Programmatic Native Opportunity To Buyers

    Ajay Daved, PowerLinks Media, head of demand and revenue, explains how two of the hottest trends in digital advertising (native and programmatic) are helping to achieve standards in order to realise one of the biggest opportunities for advertisers in the current climate.

    Native – or what would be best described non-standard IAB advertising units – has been a topical area of conversation for both buy an sell side over the past twelve months. Up to this point the “native” environment [...]

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  • WFA Report Gives Guidance On How To Work With Programmatic Service Providers

    The WFA released an excellent programmatic guide this week. The report, written by Mikko Kotila (a notable programmatic trader and ATS speaker), focuses on best practices for brands working with agencies, trading desks and ad tech vendors in the programmatic space.

    Despite the headline grabbing numbers of brands abandoning trading desks, this report is more about best practice for brands looking to put spend into programmatic.

    The report is broken into several sections. The most notable are the following:

    - [...]

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  • ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. And in this week’s edition: AppNexus bags $100m in new funding ; mobile overtakes desktop as main channel for publishers; SoundCloud realises it has to make money; United buys into Rocket Internet as the Samwer boys eye a big exit.

    AppNexus Doesn’t Go Home; But Goes Big In The Ad Tech Platform Wars

    AppNexus did a whopper of a raise with its Series E investment round of close [...]

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  • Why Agencies & Intermederies Must Evolve With The Shift To Closed Ad Ecosystems And Marketing Automation

    Walled gardens. Big media companies love walled gardens. Amazon, which was asked to speak at ATS London but predictably declined, has been aggressively pushing its data-driven bidder to most of the big trading desks globally.

    The new self-serve solution will be enthusiastically used by the agencies, as they look to leverage all that Amazon first party data. The catch here though is that inventory and data within the Amazon domain can only be accessed through its own bidder – no outside integrations [...]

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  • ATS London 2014 Agenda Now Published - Where The Industry Is Going

    This year will see the fifth ATS London, ExchangeWire’s flagship conference, take place. Due to increased demand, ATS London has moved to a bigger venue – Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank – and as always the event remains strictly NO PAY-TO-PLAY. The main thrust of this post is to explain the thinking behind this year’s agenda. As ever ExchangeWire wants to bring the most relevant and engaging content to ATS London attendees.

    The event will be split in two sections: First, [...]

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  • RTL Buys 65% of SpotXchange For $144 Million, As Big Media Players Look To Shore Up Programmatic Video Tech

    There is a feeding frenzy going on in the online video tech space at the moment – with big media business looking to shore up their programmatic video tech as brand money shifts into the data-driven online video market. First we saw Facebook shell out three hundred million plus for LiveRail.

    That raised a few eyebrows. But it’s a sensible strategic buy, given Facebook might roll out a Video Adsense product powered by their social graph. [...]

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  • How The GroupM Ad Exchange Will Disrupt The Dynamic Of The Programmatic Supply Market

    Ciaran O’Kane, ExchangeWire, global editor, muses over the potential impact of WPP’s GroupM arm apparently halting the purchase of ad inventory from open exchanges. In this piece, he also speculates on whether or not Xaxis pivots to become the holding group’s supply-side exchange.

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