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Xaxis Eyes Cross-Screen Ad Dollars With Xaxis Sync

Xaxis.LogoAdvertisers’ calls for cross-device targeting capabilities appear to have been answered with the unveiling of Xaxis Sync, the GroupM trading desk’s multi-screen technology that lets media buyers purchase ads on viewers’ mobile devices coordinated with commercials running on their televisions screens.

Xaxis Sync uses video identification technology to capture and analyse metadata about television spots airing on more than 2,000 channels across. For instance, when a spot runs, Xaxis is able to use this metadata as a trigger to deliver complementary ads on viewers’ smartphones or tablets that run within 2 seconds after the start of the TV spot.
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The Cross-Device Chasm And Why Statistical Identification Matters

GarethDaviesresizedExchangeWire columnist Gareth Davies, AdBrain, CEO and co-founder, explains: ‘WTF are statistical IDs, and why should I care?’

In an increasingly mobile-first world, the proliferation of mobile device adoption presents a major challenge to digital marketers who traditionally relied upon desktop cookie tracking to target and reach their wired audiences. While the cookie isn’t dead just yet, it’s certainly on its last legs as a new battle is being fought by tech goliaths and upstarts alike in a bid to better understand multi-screen consumers. The prize; a holistic audience profile. This way we can connect mobile users with other devices, to create a single cross-device audience ID, and in return more relevant and impactful ads for consumers, not to mention a greater share of the digital ad dollar.
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Programmatic or Premium? If You Think You Have To Choose, You’re Doing It Wrong

Graham MoyseyAhead of this year’s Ad Trader conference hosted in Berlin, Graham Moysey, AOL, head of international, tells publishers there that selling ads programmatically need not involve selling inventory at bargain basement prices.

The idea that ad buyers and sellers should have to choose between a programmatic or premium path is a false one. Simply put, these two are not opposites.
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Crossing The Great Data Divide

germanyAhead of next month’s Ad Trader Conference hosted in Berlin, Dimo Velev, OpenX, regional director, DACH, asks how can German publishers thrive in the era of big data given the more stringent privacy laws there, compared to the rest of Europe.

German publishing houses are notoriously risk averse, and are noted for their initial hesitance to ride this wave of innovation, although market data and anecdotal evidence suggests this is about to change.

In this piece Velev explains to ExchangeWire readers how ad tech providers can cooperate with said publishers to unlock the value of their first-party data to help spread value across the economic powerhouse of mainland Europe.
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The Rise Of Multi-Screen, And Why ‘Last-Click’ Has To Go

mouse-clickThe consumer shift towards accessing the web on multiple devices, plus the (albeit nascent) emergence of connected TVs, has prompted advertisers to transition towards a more holistic model of campaign optimisation, and addressing how they attribute their media spend.

The key to unlocking this potential treasure chest of brand campaign spend (traditionally the reserve of more established outlets such as TV, or outdoor), appears to be in the clever collection of data, and accuracy of campaign management.

But poor media planning, and more importantly, naïve attribution modelling is condemning the programmatic sector to the peripheries of many media plans, and a certain amount of ridicule among some. ExchangeWire consults sources from leading programmatic advertising companies to examine how they aim to help evolve brands’ attribution strategies, and embed themselves more firmly on their media plans.
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Taking Aim At Cyber Scammers To Ensure Traffic Quality

CameranHarmanCameran Harman, OpenX, managing director, EMEA, explains that while the programmatic industry as a whole is generally in rude health, it is one besieged by nefarious parties, and how combatting fraud is everyone in the industry’s job.

An Industry Under Siege

Digital advertising is all about scale and confidence. The greater number consumers advertisers can reach, the more opportunities they have to grow their business. Publishers want scale too, because the more readers they can claim, the higher the CPMs they can charge.

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Why UK Audio Businesses Are Getting Excited About Programmatic

Kurtpicture (1)Kurt Edwards, Talksport, international commercial director, argues that radio’s digital renaissance will extend into programmatic, thrusting ‘the wireless’ into the forefront of the digital revolution.

Radio, that great trusted medium, is enjoying a real renaissance amongst western audiences and has never been in a better place. TV with its plethora of music stations, the past rise of CD buying, and even the onset of new music devices hasn’t dampened the public’s love for good old wireless.
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‘People Use Buzzwords As A Box They Need To Check, But Often Don’t Know What They Mean’

willmargiloffWill Margiloff, IgnitionOne CEO, tackles one of the ‘fuzziest’ of the industry buzzwords: ‘Marketing automation’, and challenges readers to reconsider its definition.

Our industry is drowning in buzzwords. This should come as no surprise to you if you have read any article, been to any conference or sat through any sales presentation. I hear them in my sleep… ‘big data’, ‘programmatic’, ‘real-time’, ‘earned/owned’, ‘discovery marketing’ and on and on…

But being a buzzword is not necessarily a bad thing.
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Is the future of data-driven advertising on smartphones a ‘native’ one?

MoPub-Native-AdsNative ad exchanges are a nascent sector in programmatic, with mobile specialists providing the next phase of growth in the specialism. ExchangeWire examines both the drivers of the trend, plus the (legitimate) reasons holding it back.

Yahoo is the latest Silicon Valley-based digital behemoth to nail its colours to the mobile and native advertising bandwagons with an Ad Age article this week revealing that it is attempting to emulate Facebook’s success with in-stream ad units encouraging audiences to install mobile apps. Few details were disclosed on how the placements are being sold, but surely an integration with the Yahoo Ad Exchange cannot be too much of a stretch of the imagination.
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20 February 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Engineering The Mobile Revolution

MobileAdvertisingWith Facebook’s purchase of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for a colossal $19bn announced this week, it’s clear that mobile is crucial to any ad-funded business.

However, as the digital economy enters the ‘post-PC era’ in full thrust, ad spend on the medium continues to lag consumer behaviour, despite this unprecedented shift in media consumption.

ExchangeWire speaks with programmatic players in the sector to uncover key issues it must address to win over its fair share of media budgets.
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