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5 December 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Tinkoff Digital Launch DSP Solution, DataMind, For The Russian Market

Tinkoff Digital, the newly-launched digital ad solution provider, is announcing that it is a rolling out a DSP for the Russian market. DataMind will be Tinkoff Digital’s first product launch in the market.

The new solution is aimed squarely at Russsia’s fast growing e-commerce market, but the company is stressing that the platform can also be used by agencies. Given that the big holding groups are still figuring out their strategy for Russia, it seems likely that much of DataMind’s business will come from Russia’s big growth e-commerce sector.

DataMind will focus initially on graphical display, but there are plans to roll out on mobile in the first quarter of next year. It is also worth noting that Tinkoff Digital raised about USD $20 million both to acquire and build out its different offerings over the coming twelve months.

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3 December 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Audience Science Doubles Down On Global Brands

Audience Science ExchangeWireAudienceScience announced last week that it is closing its ad network business – as it looks to focus on becoming the SaaS solution of choice for large, brand-focused advertisers.

This is a pretty significant move by AudienceScience, given that it could mean that one particular global advertiser, who has an already extensive relationship with AudienceScience, is going all in with them for global digital buying. For AudienceScience to develop a unified proposition of this kind, it would suggest that the strategy is being driven by the needs of existing large, global clients.

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12 October 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

IBM Software Whitepaper: Choosing a Big Data Technology Stack for Digital Marketing

ATS London Big Data sponsor IBM has just released an in-depth whitepaper addressing the issues surrounding Big Data. As everyone knows, Digital marketing has the potential to extract, interrogate and leverage large volumes of data. The challenges around high-cardinality in key variables, an increasing focus on open-ended analytics, structured versus unstructured data streams are becoming more and more complex.

However, they are also challenges for which there are an increasing number of interesting and applicable technologies that provide the real potential for a long term solution. Finding the right solution involves more than a simple evaluation of price/performance—and not just because measuring performance is inherently ambiguous. It involves the usual work of matching business requirements to the comparative advantages of each possible solution.

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24 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'The Importance of First-party Data: Unique Data Attributes are Key to Leveraging Value from RTB', by Pierre Naggar, EU Managing Director, Turn

If you really want to know what people are thinking, nothing beats chatting with them over a glass of fine wine and a nice meal. Turn recently held a private dinner for media agency clients and as conversation and the Bordeaux flowed, the discussion turned to the value of first-party data in RTB.

One comment which particularly rang true was that many of our guests felt we’re still in the ‘50s era of TV advertising when it comes to RTB. It’s certainly revolutionised the way we buy media, with the real benefit coming from the ability to place a true value on each buying decision. However this true value can only be measured with data insights that give transparency to the worth of each and every consumer to the advertiser at a given point in time.

Whilst third-party data is widely available and usage has increased, Turn has long advocated the value of first-party data for greater accuracy in campaign targeting. No one knows their customers better than marketers, and with data now fuelling everything a digital marketer does, utilising your own customer data such as CRM data, onsite activity including transactional data, self-declared user data and social signals is far more valuable than purely relying on external data sources.

Also, because a large amount of third-party data is not validated, marketers and agencies are seeing the importance of generating their own first-party data, both structured and unstructured, which can be married with existing data within a data management platform (DMP) in order to validate and enhance campaigns. Third-party data can also enrich first-party data by helping unlock audience information. Combining the two (or three if you include advertising data) will increase the chances of scaling your campaign.

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24 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

ATS London 2012 Panel Speaker Gary Turkington, VP, Data Engineering, Improve Digital: 'If you have a problem and you throw data on it, you usually end up with two problems.'

Why has improve moved to hire a VP of data engineering now? How is data shaping the future of Improve’s business?

Like anyone in our space, data has always been a big part of the company investment and focus. Given the aggressive growth of our client base, the amounts of data being processed per client, and the exploding role of data in the ecosystem, we place data in the centre of our strategy; viewing our growing data mountain as an asset to be mined and not just a technical challenge. The better we do at that, the more our current business excels and new avenues will be enabled.

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21 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ATS London Wrap-Up


KEYNOTE 1: Our first keynote speaker of the day was Neal Mohan, VP of Display Advertising Google, who gave us a presentation titled “Programmatic for the People”.
- Programmatic buying moving from performance to also include brand.
- You get what you measure.
- Let’s get that brand spend away from TV!

PANEL 1: “How are data & technology affecting change in advertising?”
This first panel was moderated by Erich Wasserman, Co-founder & GM, EMEA, MediaMath, with discussion between Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Officer, Weather Channel; Anthony Rhind, Co-CEO, Havas Digital and Sean Cornwall, former MD, eHarmony.

Anthony Rind, Havas: “Know the value, not just the cost of data. What you’re doing with data is improving your accuracy, not providing a 100% hit rate. Clients won’t share their data unless they have absolute trust. Build attribution models based in comparing touchpoints of both converters & non converters, it proves display works.”

Curt Hecht, Weather Channel: “Mobile is the #1 thing I’m focused on. Mobile will make the Weather Channel global.”

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20 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Video: ATS London, Thoughts on the Day and Programmatic Premium

Improve Digital interviewed some of our panelists and speakers during Tuesday’s ATS London event at the BFI.

Watch this space for uploaded videos of keynote speakers Mike Nolet, CTO & Co-founder AppNexus and Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist, IPONWEB.

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19 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Maureen Little, Senior VP of Business Development, Turn on Data Management

What’s the state of play with Turn right now? What does a Cloud Marketing Platform mean?

It’s an exciting time for Turn. We’re in a major growth phase with over 200 employees across 14 offices worldwide and expanding. We’re seeing our fastest growth occurring across Europe with 430% year-on-year revenue growth in the region. We have major global brands using our service directly, or through their agencies. We work with the Top 5 holding companies in the world, and run 3,500 campaigns monthly around the globe. Having witnessed firsthand the interest in Turn at the DMEXCO event in Germany last week, I am excited about our prospects for continued growth, as our products address the pain points that digital advertisers across Europe have today.
Turn’s goal has always been to empower the marketer at their moment of decision. To this effect, we developed our cloud marketing platform for scalability, speed, open access and, most importantly, the easy delivery of insights for smarter marketing decisions.

What the “cloud” part means for the marketer is that there is no software to install, no need to have to integrate with advertising exchanges or inventory partners, no need to build data ingestion tools to pull in first-party data, no need to strike deals with every third-party data vendor. They simply subscribe to our service and can begin streamlining their digital marketing operations.

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12 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 3 Comments

Nerissa MacDonald, Director of Trading EMEA for MediaMind, Discusses 'Programmatic Premium' & the Move Towards Cross-channel Integration

A major part of ATS London is around the growing theme of ‘programmatic premium’, which MediaMind are speaking to, but how can programmatic coexist with premium?

Many companies in the programmatic space today are limited with the capabilities of their solutions, which is preventing brands from jumping in. Either they are dabbling in private exchanges and calling it premium, or utilising verification tools after the fact to ‘finger point’ when quality isn’t being achieved. In addition, post-verification alone is no longer acceptable and advertisers are looking for more preemptive measures to verify RTB buys, often through their ad server.

A recent visit to a large FMCG client of ours highlighted that big brands are really keen to get involved, but they want to get their hands on the technology themselves and all the necessary education to know how to use it.

Once the programmatic part is fine-tuned, premium can be obtained. Buyers on the exchanges want good content and good reach. But, advertisers don’t want a high CPM. If you can prove the value proposition advertisers won’t mind paying more for quality.

What does MediaMind have to offer in this space beyond rich media capabilities?

MediaMind, the online division of DG, has evolved far past that of a mere rich media provider into a full online technology platform. Recent acquisitions and partnership agreements with Peer 39, Encore Metrics, Adagoo and Nielsen demonstrate that we are providing an end-to-end stack of core capabilities from planning and buying media, to delivering advertising and measuring and analysing campaign performance that is suitable for advertisers, agencies and publishers alike.

Specifically for trading, MediaMind has developed a set of trading desk capabilities around our managed service offering. The data powerplay we now have in place, with a leading ad server platform together with Peer 39 data, features heavily in our product offering.

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10 September 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

Thomas Brandhoff, MD, sociomantic, Discusses The Company's Technology Stack & International Expansion



Can you give us an overview on how sociomantic has built and grown its business to this point in the real-time ad market?

Like our customers, we’re a performance-driven company – ROI is the final word. In the last year and a half especially we’ve been pretty quiet when it comes to things like marketing. As a 100% self-financed company, it’s has been imperative for us to keep our focus where it matters most: on the product and services we are offering our clients. When you get those things right, the ‘marketing’, as it were, takes care of itself a bit as word starts to get around.

Since our founding in Berlin in 2009, we’ve scaled from our first RTB campaigns in our home market to running campaigns in more than 45 markets across six continents. We had twenty employees at the end of the last business year and will be approaching 100 by the end of this one. So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to achieve this scale based purely on organic growth. Every cent we earn is reinvested into building the most advanced RTB tech on the market and hiring the best team to build and deliver that solution to our customers. Simply put, our goal is to build the most outstanding team that has ever worked together in online marketing. This passion and focus has resulted in customer retention rates running at 95+% and the trust of many ‘open budget’ accounts on behalf of our partners, all managed in a profitable fashion for the past three years.

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