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4 July 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Marketing Technology Consolidation: What Marketers Think Of Emergence Of Enterprise Stack

consolidationSalesforce has been on a M&A tear over the past 12-24 months in the enterprise marketing space. Having acquired Buddy Media for north of $700 million last year, it outbid rivals to buy email marketing provider, Exact Target, for $2.5 billion. These are not insignificant bets here. Salesforce is clearly looking to dominate this part of the enterprise world. But it’s not the only company eyeing the space eagerly. Adobe only last week dropped $600 million on French “conversational marketing platform” (!), Neolane. It too is going all in with its marketing cloud.

These moves by enterprise plays are going to have significant effects not just across marketing technology but also ad technology. But it is with the marketers where most of this will have the greatest impact. Is consolidation a good thing? Can a single marketing tech stack really deliver better ROI for marketing teams. We asked two senior marketers for their insight into how this consolidation is likely to affect them, and where the opportunity and risk is in a unified marketing stack.

By Steve Hemsley

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5 June 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Are the Big Consultancies Now Stealing a March on Traditional Agency Business?

accentureThe Yahoo! acquisition of Tumblr has occupied the attention of every digital media blogger and wannabe trade journalist over the past few weeks. We were subjected to endless pieces on the reasons for the deal: Social. Mobile. Millennials. Native. Porn. The list goes on. $1.1 billion dollars is a lot of money – and those journos and professional observers, who will never truly understand the mechanics of this deal, ultimately demand satisfaction.

ExchangeWire is not here to second-guess the thinking of Marissa Mayer. She is a very capable lady, and there are so many reasons why she is the CEO of Yahoo! and none of the rest of us will ever be. We will say this briefly, that this could well be a massive opportunity for RightMedia to offer programmatic ‘content sponsorship’ (or native, bah) on both Yahoo! and Tumblr properties. A comeback is potentially in the cards.

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7 May 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

The March Of The Enterprise Marketing Giants: Why Salesforce Could Be The New Power In Ad Tech

salesforceThere are a lot of ad technology sleeping giants out there. Facebook. Amazon. Ebay. Twitter. Most of these usually pop up in breathless op-ed pieces about future dominating vendors. All have unique data sets, and all have their owned and operated inventory – but all are effectively media companies, now battling to capture agency/marketer budget. It’s interesting that the enterprise players, who are now encroaching onto ad technology’s traditional territory, are rarely ever spoken about. The Adobe’s and IBM’s are obvious examples. But Salesforce could well be the dark horse to emerge from the enterprise side.

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