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27 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Lifting The Lid On The Pandora’s Box Of Brand Safety

PandoraBoxEven with some unscrupulous publishers, negligent networks and careless agencies, brands can have as much safety as they are willing to pay for, writes Dan de Sybel, director of technology and operations, Infectious Media.

The drive towards more transparency in online advertising has revealed an ugly truth. There is a lot of bad quality inventory out there and many big name advertisers are appearing on it. How have we come to this, why is it so prevalent and why does it feel like so little is being done about it?

Getting an ad placement up on a new website is often as easy as signing up to an exchange or network, downloading a tag and placing it on your site. Some exchanges/networks will vet the site first and classify the content, but others do not. Even for those that do, there is nothing stopping an unscrupulous website owner from changing the content post vetting or simply putting the vetted ad placement tag on a completely different site.

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24 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

fb-mobile-icon2ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

Facebook tests mobile ad network

1. It’s been yet another eventful week in the ad tech industry with some of the industry’s largest names continuing to make waves, with Facebook revealing that it is testing an in-app mobile ad network with a select number of advertisers. This means that advertisers will be able to use Facebook targeting data to target mobile app users outside of the social network.
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17 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

DeCastroExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

1. Yahoo Parts Ways with COO De Castro Ahead Of Ad Exchange Roll-Out

Earlier this week it emerged that Yahoo has axed its former Chief Operating Officer Henrique De Castro (pictured), who headed up its display ad business, with speculation indicating that his exit is largely the result of his failure to significantly raise the company’s advertising revenues.

In a note obtained by press outlets, which has been accredited to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, it looks unlikely that De Castro will be directly replaced. Yahoo is currently preparing to roll out its recently overhauled suite of advertising tools in Europe, including a new self-serve bidder that will look to offer Yahoo segments (built from a myriad of data sources, including search and email) exclusively through the solution. Quite how the exit of such a high profile figure will influence Yahoo’s sales pitches to advertisers remains unclear, but it will make for an interesting backdrop.

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14 August 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'Sambreel is Still Injecting Ads. Video Advertisers, Beware', by Douglas de Jager, CEO spider.io

spider.io — powering accurate analyticsBackground: Sambreel’s AdWare was Ostensibly Shut Down Last Year.
On December 9, 2011, the Wall Street Journal called Sambreel out for illegitimately injecting ads into Facebook and Google webpages via adware browser plugins like PageRage and BuzzDock.

Facebook subsequently blocked its users from using Sambreel’s adware browser plugins whilst accessing Facebook webpages. Sambreel responded by suing Facebook, claiming violations of Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The case was thrown out of court.

With Sambreel’s adware publicly exposed, major sell-side platforms and ad exchanges like PubMatic, Rubicon Project, and OpenX dropped Sambreel as a supplier of display ad inventory in 2012.

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1 August 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'Why I ‘Like’ Facebook Exchange for Finding New Customers', by Phil Macauley, EU MD, Quantcast

pmacauleyThe launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX) last year was met with considerable enthusiasm, and many in our industry rightly heralded it as a development with widespread implications for the online display ad market.

While there has been real excitement, the majority of discussion seems to have focused on retargeting through FBX, positioning the platform as the go-to place if you want to retarget. Some companies have even built their business around FBX and become specialists at retargeting through the platform.

Looking back to 2009 when real-time bidded (RTB) advertising was first introduced, there was much talk about a ‘targeting’ revolution. Yet today, all we seem to hear about is the ‘retargeting’ revolution! Don’t get me wrong, retargeting is useful and definitely has a part to play, as it is often critical in getting customers across the conversion finish line. However, what retargeting doesn’t do is something all advertisers want to do even more – find new customers!

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30 May 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'The Path to Compliance: Navigating General Data Protection Regulation', by Damian Scragg, MD EMEA, Evidon

-1“17 years ago, less than 1% of Europeans used the internet,” noted EU Justice Commission Vice President Viviane Reding. “Today, vast amounts of personal data are transferred and exchanged.” These comments were made in January 2012 and they introduced the Commission’s intention to reform the EU Data Protection Rules. In the time since those comments, the Commission has been working diligently to move forward with its General Data Protection Regulation. This vocal regulatory attention has kept online privacy squarely in the public eye and reason would suggest that such a close watch on the data collection industry would not make a fertile landscape for that industry’s growth.

However, despite impending legislation and public attention, the number of unique technologies encountered by individuals in the EU grew by over 40% in 2012. Even as increased requirements for disclosure and user control seem to be closing in, the data collection industry grows more complex, both through introduction of new companies and by the actions of the industry’s giants.

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21 May 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Is FBX Redefining How RTB is Leveraged?

fbxWhen Facebook initially made its move to monetise onsite inventory with foreign datasets (foreign, meaning an advertiser’s first-party data), it divided opinion. We took a somewhat negative stance on the strategy.

With the launch of newsfeed ad formats being made available to RTB, does this require a new approach as to how the paid-for element of the Facebook platform will be leveraged, perhaps pointing to the future of RTB?

ASU Gold Rush

The initial FBX launch turned into a retargeting frenzy. Predominantly used to help drive greater cost efficiencies for businesses running existing RTB campaigns (FBX on numerous occasions was found to be unsurprisingly cheaper) and also to prop up the volume of click-based acquisitions that made the overall click-average-to-impression-conversions on RTB campaigns healthier.

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30 November 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Is the Coming Facebook Ad Network a Good Move for Anyone?

Ad tech is a funny business. Experts and onlookers alike have been hammering the concept of ad networks for the better part of three years, yet when Facebook seem poised to launch one, it has many salivating over the prospect. Just last week, we saw GigaOm fuel the speculation that the great FB ad network is imminent, but what can we expect? What will it look like? Why will it be valuable? More importantly, why will publishers want to participate?

Exporting Native?

Much discussion has centred around what would the FB ad network’s ads look like? There has been huge speculation about whether or not there will be a ‘native’ solution. Many believe the rise of consumer web monetisation has been predicated by native solutions, and many are investing in its future. But how can Facebook export a native solution? Would sponsored stories sitting within an MPU be a strange user experience? Would it outperform standard ad units? Perhaps as Facebook becomes more and more synonymous with the user’s general internet experience, then these ‘native’ solutions would not look out of place?

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1 November 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Industry Reaction to FB's New Mobile App Install Ads

Facebook announced two weeks ago they are now making their new mobile app install ads available to all developers. Early numbers from their beta launch back in August saw partners were able to reach a more relevant audience to drive installs. Examples given by Facebook in their announcement claim 50% higher CTRs, significantly higher conversion rates compared to their previous mobile channels, significant increase in player engagement, 8-10x reach compared to other mobile ad buys and CTRs from the newsfeed of 1-2% from engaged users looking for iPhone and Android games that their friends were playing. It is also seen to pave the way for greater brand engagement with precisely targeted audiences.

ExchangeWire asked professionals in the social and mobile space what the Facebook app installs launch means to their sections of the industry. We’ve found responses to be pretty positive, especially in regards to how it will it will improve the experience in native applications.

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