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Facebook Posts Strong App Install Gains, But Competition From Google And Twitter Looms

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 09.57.04Facebook has announced revenues of $2.5bn for the first quarter of 2014, an increase of 72%, with mobile app install ads providing the bulk of its growth, and investors reacting positively to the results. However imminent competition for mobile app install ads from both Google and Twitter may mean the success is short-lived.

The social network reported that advertising revenue for the first quarter was $2.27bn, an 82% annual increase, with mobile advertising revenue representing approximately 59%, up from 30% of ad revenues the year beforehand. Payments and other fees revenue was $237 million for the first quarter of 2014.
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ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

fb-mobile-icon2ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

Facebook tests mobile ad network

1. It’s been yet another eventful week in the ad tech industry with some of the industry’s largest names continuing to make waves, with Facebook revealing that it is testing an in-app mobile ad network with a select number of advertisers. This means that advertisers will be able to use Facebook targeting data to target mobile app users outside of the social network.
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'Why I ‘Like’ Facebook Exchange for Finding New Customers', by Phil Macauley, EU MD, Quantcast

pmacauleyThe launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX) last year was met with considerable enthusiasm, and many in our industry rightly heralded it as a development with widespread implications for the online display ad market.

While there has been real excitement, the majority of discussion seems to have focused on retargeting through FBX, positioning the platform as the go-to place if you want to retarget. Some companies have even built their business around FBX and become specialists at retargeting through the platform.

Looking back to 2009 when real-time bidded (RTB) advertising was first introduced, there was much talk about a ‘targeting’ revolution. Yet today, all we seem to hear about is the ‘retargeting’ revolution! Don’t get me wrong, retargeting is useful and definitely has a part to play, as it is often critical in getting customers across the conversion finish line. However, what retargeting doesn’t do is something all advertisers want to do even more – find new customers!

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Is FBX Redefining How RTB is Leveraged?

fbxWhen Facebook initially made its move to monetise onsite inventory with foreign datasets (foreign, meaning an advertiser’s first-party data), it divided opinion. We took a somewhat negative stance on the strategy.

With the launch of newsfeed ad formats being made available to RTB, does this require a new approach as to how the paid-for element of the Facebook platform will be leveraged, perhaps pointing to the future of RTB?

ASU Gold Rush

The initial FBX launch turned into a retargeting frenzy. Predominantly used to help drive greater cost efficiencies for businesses running existing RTB campaigns (FBX on numerous occasions was found to be unsurprisingly cheaper) and also to prop up the volume of click-based acquisitions that made the overall click-average-to-impression-conversions on RTB campaigns healthier.

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ATS Paris Agenda And Speakers Details Now Available For October 24 Event

ATS Paris is just weeks away, and we again look forward to assembling the ad trading community in Paris for our second big event in Paris. A lot has happened over the past twelve month in the French market. We have seen the rise of two publisher exchanges, La Place Media and Audience Squared, the big jump in the number of Independent Trading Desks servicing the French ad market – as well as the increasing dominance of the two big display players, namely Google and Facebook. All of these factors are contributing to huge growth in the local data-driven eco-system – and ExchangeWire looks forward to going to the heart of growth of the market. Agenda and speaker details are now available for the full day on Wednesday October 24. Early bird tickets are now available, but again we have limited space available. For those looking to attend, the full day event will be through both French and English with a full translation service available in both languages throughout the day.

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Why Local Newsgroups Need To Become The SME Digital Marketing Platform

The news industry is undergoing a transition. Print to Digital. And there are inevitably casualties along the way. Local news is no different. As recently as yesterday Johnston Press reported a 8.2% decline in revenue for H1 2012. But like most news outfits, digital display was up. Up over 40% in fact.

A lot of the digital focus from these local news groups is on nationals. While they serve the local advertising community, their eyes always seem fixated on the bigger prizes. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But surely there is still an opportunity to own the local SME market from a digital marketing standpoint. Is now the time to do the local SME roll up?

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Google Seeks 'Meaningful Interactions' with Wildfire Acquisition

Wildfire Founders, Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard

Wildfire Founders, Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard

Google has just bought social marketing software developer Wildfire — provider of software that links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other social networks, allowing customers to manage their online brand and presence, with clients including Sony Corp and Amazon.com. Several sources and blogs say the sale price was around $250 million.

Founded by Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard in 2008, Wildfire has about 400 employees and powers social media marketing for more than 16,000 businesses, including 30 of the top 50 global brands. Google plans to slot Wildfire into a group of online ad services offered through its DoubleClick business.

The acquisition will allow Google to provide advanced software and services to brands who want to run contests, sweepstakes, branded games and more on Google+. Wildfire will still operate as a marketing tool for brands on Google’s competing platforms, including Facebook, putting the search giant in a curious position where it earns money on the success of its rivals.

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James Yancey, VP of Global Strategy at IgnitionOne, on the Future of Facebook Sponsored Stories Combining Social Graph and Third-party Data

James Yancey, VP of Global Strategy at IgnitionOne, on the future of Facebook Sponsored Stories combining social graph and third-party data.

What would happen if Facebook partnered with third-party data providers? Warning: if you’re a privacy fanatic, then it will probably stress you out to read any further. For those with an open mind, hear me out. If you take 900 million active users and understand not just how many friends they have, but how valuable those are based on their interests, demo data and influence – what are the possibilities?

In the months anticipating the Facebook IPO, the news had been calling for more ads that show clear direct performance, like search or display. And finally Facebook has been delivering one ad unit that shows comparable promise, the Sponsored Story. It’s a simple idea: show a socially relevant ad unit to friends only in the format and context of other updates in the news feed.

The success of the Sponsored Story is based on an idea that Facebook calls “amplification”. The thought behind amplification is that the original ad can reach many people at scale if their friend’s “like” it and it shows up in their subsequent news feeds. But again, it’s tied to reach metrics. Direct response advertisers have lost their interest and patience in many cases when comparing it to things to which they are accustomed.

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EMEA Round-Up: Dutch Unprepared for Cookie Regulation; Yandex and VivaKi Launch New Targeting Tool; IgnitionOne Launches Facebook ‘Sponsored Stories’ Management Solution; 24/7 Media Launches New Mobile SDK

Dutch Response to Cookie Regulation

Netherlands Unprepared in the Wake of “Fast” Cookiewet Implementation

by: Andreas Udo de Haes

Despite years of wrangling and preparation, almost no Dutch site meets cookiewet (cookie regulation) guidelines since they were put into effect.

As of last week, the cookiewet force requires that sites extract from visitors explicit consent for the transfer of tracking cookies. There should also be clear information provided on why cookies are needed.

Deadline ignored

A tour of sites along Webwereld and other publishers shows that almost nobody complies with the law. This does not mean they are ignoring the rules, because most are, in their own words, “fully engaged” in compliance. But last week’s deadline came apparently so rapidly or unexpectedly that almost nobody is compliant. Ironically, this is also the case with many government sites and sites of various political parties.

Of the big sites and publishers, only De Telegraaf has taken concrete action, with a banner at the top of the site, which links to Information. Here, however, no permission asked, and therefore still doesn’t comply with the law, admits Marc Roos, Director of Digital Media Telegraaf Netherlands.

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Euro Round-Up: Wildfire Integrates Adaptly; AppNexus Gets Tough On Piracy; And SpotXchange Brings Premium Supply To Automated Channel

Wildfire Integrates Adaptly’s Social Advertising Technology To Optimise Engagement

Wildfire, a global leader in social media marketing software, announced this week the integration of Adaptly’s social advertising and optimisation technology within the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite. Wildfire’s Marketing Suite is currently used by more than 10,000 customers, including Facebook, Amazon, and Target. Adaptly’s ad optimisation technology gives marketers unified control over the combined effect of paid, earned and owned social media in an endeavour to maximise consumer engagement with the brand.

Unlike first-generation ad serving solutions, which focus on traditional metrics such as cost-per-clicks, fans or impressions, Adaptly’s proprietary technology aggregates more than 160 social metrics from a brand’s earned and owned channels, then analyses the impact of paid media on earned media in real time to continuously refine ads.

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