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Twitter Takes Aim At Facebook’s Core App Install Business

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 14.12.42Twitter has lifted the lid on its latest mobile app install suite that aims to help advertisers drive downloads of their mobile apps both on- and off-Twitter, in a move that is set to compete with Facebook’s core mobile proposition.

The announcement was made today (17 April) and means marketers will be able to marketers and developers to drive app installs and app engagements via MoPub Marketplace, with Spotify counting as one of the early beta partners for the project.
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The Practical Strategy of Cross-Screen Advertising


The rapid adoption of mobile devices – both smartphones and tablet devices – offers advertisers the potential to help escort consumers through a purchase journey like never before.

However, as readers of this blog will know, that is much easier said than done, and linking web audiences’ desktop and mobile behaviours is difficult, primarily because the diminished capabilities of cookies on mobile. In this piece Victor Milligan, CMO of Nexage, shares his opinion on the hard task of making this a reality.
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Is the future of data-driven advertising on smartphones a ‘native’ one?

MoPub-Native-AdsNative ad exchanges are a nascent sector in programmatic, with mobile specialists providing the next phase of growth in the specialism. ExchangeWire examines both the drivers of the trend, plus the (legitimate) reasons holding it back.

Yahoo is the latest Silicon Valley-based digital behemoth to nail its colours to the mobile and native advertising bandwagons with an Ad Age article this week revealing that it is attempting to emulate Facebook’s success with in-stream ad units encouraging audiences to install mobile apps. Few details were disclosed on how the placements are being sold, but surely an integration with the Yahoo Ad Exchange cannot be too much of a stretch of the imagination.
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27 February 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

Programmatic Goes Native At Mobile World Congress

mobile-world-congress-logoDigital advertising has embedded itself firmly on the agenda at this year’s Mobile World Congress, with brands including BMW Mini, Intel, The North Face and Tesco, all announcing significant programmatic advertising deals at the four-day conference.

Advertising has long had a profile at the event, but mainly the topics of discussion have centred around hackneyed phrases such as “The year of mobile”, and “mobile as the glue of your comms strategy”. While mobile’s potential as a transformative media channel is undoubted, the show has historically seen little in the way of substantive announcements. Until 2014 that is.
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20 February 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Engineering The Mobile Revolution

MobileAdvertisingWith Facebook’s purchase of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for a colossal $19bn announced this week, it’s clear that mobile is crucial to any ad-funded business.

However, as the digital economy enters the ‘post-PC era’ in full thrust, ad spend on the medium continues to lag consumer behaviour, despite this unprecedented shift in media consumption.

ExchangeWire speaks with programmatic players in the sector to uncover key issues it must address to win over its fair share of media budgets.
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‘Trust, Premium Supply And Efficiency,’ Nick Hugh, Yahoo’s head of advertising solutions, on how it will differentiate Yahoo Ad Exchange

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 18.36.48With the recent news of Yahoo UK MD James Wildman’s departure followed just ten days later with the news of his successor Stuart Flint’s imminent defection to Microsoft, it’s been a rocky start to the year for Yahoo.

A Yahoo spokesperson said: “We are already in the process of recruiting a new country commercial director and managing director for our UK business and Stuart will stay on until the new colleague arrives and will ensure a smooth handover”.

The recent developments were preceded by the dismissal of Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro, who headed up its display ad business, with speculation indicating that his exit is largely the result of his failure to significantly raise the company’s advertising revenues.
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How AOL, Google And Yahoo Are Jockeying For Larger Brand Budgets

PremiumThe race to woo further lucrative brand advertising budgets to programmatic channels continues to heat up, with Google striking a deal with ComScore to improve real-time campaign measurement data, as the resurgent AOL commits to opening more premium ad inventory to third parties.

Google and ComScore yesterday (11 February) announced a deal to give advertisers improved real-time insight into how ad campaigns booked on its DoubleClick ad platform are performing across screens.

The deal will see Google integrating Comscore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) ad measurement product into its DoubleClick offering, which improves advertisers ability to optimise campaigns as they happen.
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11 February 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

How Will Marketers Buy And Sell Media in 2020?

vidWhat will it take to win in 2020? Looking six years into the future of digital media is no easy task, argues Scott Ferber, Videology, CEO.

Three years ago, who could have predicted that 40% of all US brands would use programmatic buying platforms as our recent online advertising survey showed? And today, many major agency holding companies are projecting that within the next three years, 30 to 50% of all media buying will be automated.
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Brands Told To Shape Up Their ‘Inert’ Mobile Advertising

mobile-advertisingAd Tech providers and publishers including AOL, Google, Conde Nast and Forbes, have jointly told advertisers: “It’s time to improve your mobile advertising,” calling on them to back the HTML5 web standard.

The call was made today (10 February) via an open letter published to coincide with the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in the US, and forms part of a wider industry movement encouraging brands to adequately invest in their mobile advertising strategies.
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How To Scale Mobile? Programmatic May Be the Answer

Martin Kogan, co-CEO Headway DigitalWith Mobile World Congress on the horizon, anticipation and debate over of just exactly what role mobile devices can play/deliver in the advertising industry is rampant. But as documented by ExchangeWire, it is far from fait accompli. Martin Kogan, Headway Digital, co-CEO, says programmatic is a way for mobile to hit scale.

How many times a day do we grumble because the person in front of us has his or her head buried in a mobile device, blocking the exit? Or that the sales girl is too busy texting to notice we need help?

Like it or not, we’re never far from our mobile devices. StatCounter reports that 80% of mobile users sleep with their smartphones nearby, and that 75% would never consider leaving home without it. It’s no small wonder that advertisers are keen to launch mobile campaigns, as those tiny devices are nothing short of a 24/7 conduit to the consumer.

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