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17 December 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

The Rise Of The Ad Tech App EcoSystem Series: Grapeshot Discusses Its Keywords App & Multi-platform Approach

In its second piece on the rise of the ad tech app ecosystem, ExchangeWire speaks to another European player building a buy-side app that can be run across multiple platform partners. Here CEO John Snyder discusses the Grapeshot app in more detail and its approach to building on the pipes of the new programmatic eco-system.

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2 August 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ATS London Announces World Class List Of Speakers And Agenda

It’s the biggest data-driven advertising event in Europe. It’s the event that even has its own acronym. ATS London is now in its third year, and the line-up of speakers and content is the best yet. Often copied – A LOT! – but never equalled, ATS London brings together the best in the global online ad industry to discuss the latest trends and developments in the space. And this year is no exception.

It is clear that our industry is moving beyond the mess of the LumaScape to a platform-centric world, and this certainly is one of the key areas being explored by ATS London this year. The full-day programme will be organised into three core themes: brand, application and big data. All of these are effectively shaping the data-driven ad space, and speakers and participants on the day will explore these issues in more depth.

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23 July 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Franc Goebbels, Managing Director, Annalect Netherlands on the Dutch Ad Space

Franc Goebbels, Managing Director for Annalect in the Netherlands, chats with ExchangeWire on automated trading, the Dutch cookie law and why semantic targeting needs the human touch in his local market.

Can you give us some overview on the Accuen Netherlands operation?

As you may know, the OMD label is within the Omnicom Media Group, and Omincom Media Group is currently launching Annalect across the globe. Annalect has an automated trading unit that is referred to as Accuen, so all our automated trading and algorithmic buying goes through Accuen. We were one of the first companies in media to have a full-blown trading operation going within our network. We started out a little bit more than two and a half years ago, going ahead of the curve in our local market.

Is all your trading currently automated? If not, is that where you’re headed you think?

When trading is in the context of overall media buying, it is not. We see we really have to have an evolution in digital marketing, and automated trading can really help us achieve that evolution, especially where there’s IAB format. Basically, everything that is standardised should be automated. The main advantage of our focus on automation is basically the handling and operation of analytical media planning.

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19 June 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

DoubleClick Digital Marketing: Jason Bigler Discusses The DDM Suite, Why An End-To-End Stack Is Necessary For The Market And How DDM Offers A True Cross-Optimisation Solution

Jason Bigler is Director, Product Management at Google. In an interview with ExchangeWire, Bigler gives the full run down on the capabilities of the new DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) suite, and what it will mean for agencies and advertisers. He discusses how the DDM solution will offer multi-channel optimisation (except of course, for the moment, social) – as well as a unified buy-side stack that incorporates all of Google’s buy-side features. The launch of DDM in Europe is expected throughout the year in what is likely to be a phased roll-out.

Just for the record, explain what encompasses the Doubleclick Digital Marketing (DDM) suite?

Put simply, it’s a new name for a new platform – a buy-side platform that will unify and fully integrate all digital media buying for marketers and agencies. It includes our upgraded ad server DoubleClick Digital Marketing Manager, our latest bid management solution called DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Search, and DoubleClick Studio, which now includes Dynamic Creative. In addition, all of these solutions will be fully integrated into Google Analytics for holistic attribution modeling, deduplicated cross-channel conversion reports, and site traffic reporting all in a single UI.

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27 April 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ATS Stockholm Announces Speakers For The First Data-Driven Advertising Event In The Nordics

ATS Stockholm is the first full-day conference on data-driven advertising in the Nordics. The event takes place on Thursday, May 24 in Stockholm. A number of speakers have already been named and the full agenda will be released next week. Some of the speakers for the day include:

- Jukka Sundquist, Head of Display, Partner, KliKKi
- Johan Pettersson, Digital Director at Starcom Sweden
- Gustav Von Sydow, CEO & Co-founder at Burt
- Simone Skoog, Managing Director Nordics at Criteo
- Josh Mortensen, Founder and Managing Partner at GlibHippo
- Nigel Gilbert, Country Manager, AppNexus
- Kate Owen, Managing Director, Europe, Digital Element
- Oliver Whitten, Commercial Director, EMEA at the Rubicon Project
- Jason Bigler, Director Product Development for EMEA, Google

You can get your tickets today on the ATS Stockholm site. There is limited room so make sure you book your place early.

24 April 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Euro Round-Up: Peer39 Sells To DG; madvertise Acquires In Turkey; IPA Report Suggests Marketing Budgets Are On The Rise

Peer39 exits for $15.5, As DG Adds Semantic Targeting To Its Offering

In what appears to be a fire sale, and an ominous sign for the feature-led product companies in the ad tech space, Peer39, a semantic targeting company, announced it was being acquired by DG for just $15.5 million. Peer39 had raised around $27.4 million to-date.

DG has acquired one of the leading semantic ad solution providers at a snip and will add an impressive targeting layer to its stack. Given the current confusion around the e-privacy legislation, DG will be able to offer European clients advertising solutions behind “contentious” behavioural targeting. You can read more about the deal here.

madvertise Expands Into Turkey

More proof that Turkey’s start-up scene is heating up comes with the news that German mobile advertising platform madvertise is to make its first acquisition in the country.

Mobilike, one of Turkey’s leading advertising companies, has been bought by the Berlin-based company.

Carsten Frien, CEO and co-founder of madvertise, comments: “The Turkish market is the second fastest-growing on the planet, after China, and is extremely attractive. Fifty per cent of our audience is younger than 26. We see a tremendous growth potential in the Turkish market. We want to use our presence in Turkey to enter the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

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17 April 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Euro Round-Up: StikeAd Partners uKnow For Better Mobile Targeting; Adfonic Launches Video Ad Format; Nielsen Report Says Trust In "Earned Advertising" Grows

StrikeAd partners with uKnow to increase ad engagement and offer mobile brand safety

StrikeAd last week announced a partnership with uKnow, a provider of targeting and optimisation solutions. StrikeAd will incorporate the uKnow solution into its mobile platform to offer advertisers contextually relevant distribution channels for mobile ad campaigns, while protecting brands from undesirable and unsafe pages.

The uKnow integration was carried out in partnership with the StrikeAd SSP partners and the contextual categorisation is performed at the SSP level, before the data is passed to StrikeAd. This allows blind and unnamed traffic to still be contextually categorised, and for the information to come through to StrikeAd for all traffic from that SSP. The independent third party verification element further enhances this data, compared to traditionally unverified publisher data sets on which media buyers normally have to rely.

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5 April 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Euro Round-Up: Spree7 Goes Live In Germany; AdGent Launches AdTouch; Yahoo/Bing Outpaces Google In Adspend Growth; Grapeshot Now In AppNexus App Market

PubliGroupe forms partnership with MediaMath

PubliGroupe, a Swiss-based provider of marketing and media sales services, signed a joint-venture agreement last week with MediaMath.

The partners have formed a new dedicated company in Berlin, Spree7 GmbH (aka LLC), to serve the markets of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Spree7 will offer media buying services to advertisers and agencies based on MediaMath technology, launching its operations by mid-April. The underlying concept of programmatic media buying with Spree7 is RTB, which is currently powering nearly 10% of all display media transactions globally.

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26 March 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ADmantX's Damon Francis Talks About Semantic Targeting, How It Can Be Used To Deliver Performance And Its Increased Importance As Cookie-Free Targeting Alternative

Damon Francis is Business Development Director at ADmantX, a semantic targeting solutions provider. Here he discusses the company’s solution, how semantic targeting can be used to deliver performance and its increased importance as cookie-free targeting alternative.

There’s often some confusion around semantic targeting – and its benefits versus other targeting solutions. How would you pitch this technology into perspective clients?

Semantic targeting is often confused with contextual targeting. Most of us are aware of contextual targeting and how it works. Digital marketers choose the keywords relevant to their product and their ads are displayed alongside content in the hope of a correlation between the two.

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1 February 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Brian Fitzpatrick, Europe MD, Adap.tv, Discusses The EMEA Offering, The Complexities Of The European Video Ad Market And The Rise Of RTB In The Video Channel

Brian Fitzpatrick, Adap.tvBrian Fitzpatrick, Europe is MD of Adap.tv. Here he discusses the EMEA offering, the complexities of the European Video ad market and the rise of RTB in the video channel.

Can you give an overview of the Adap.tv offering – and where it currently sits in the video ad eco-system?

Adap.tv operates two distinct product divisions, the Platform and the Marketplace. The Adap.tv Platform provides customers with programmatic ad trading solutions that power some of the leading advertising companies including Cadreon, Collective Video UK and Havas Media. The Adap.tv Marketplace is the industry’s largest video advertising marketplace, and a central meeting point for thousands of advertisers and publishers worldwide. Both offerings deliver an automated and holistic way of planning, buying, selling and measuring TV and video advertising across multiple sources, screens and methods of transacting.

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