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24 October 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

‘Why Tag Management Systems are the Logical Data Platform’, by Jon Baron, CEO, TagMan

Jon Baron (683x1024)When Sir Tim Berners-Lee sat down nearly 24 years ago to tackle a problem that his fellow scientists were facing, it’s unlikely he thought the problem would still exist today: the absence of a unified means of exchanging data. He proposed a specified set of technologies that would make the world wide web fully accessible to everyone.

The challenge that faced Berners-Lee is the biggest problem facing digital marketers today. The inability to get a unified view of cross-channel data from search, website, mobile, email and offline customer interactions has kept most of us from taking advantage of the data leveraging opportunity that the web promised.

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22 May 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

‘Automating Revenue Generation: Attribution Needs Tag Management’, by Jon Baron, CEO & Founder, TagMan

Jon Baron-1 (427x640)Every business aims to acquire and retain customers at a price that drives profit. For years, business people and marketers have grappled with this task. Many business areas claim they are key to driving success; ‘advertising persuades consumers to buy our products’, ‘our product is the best on the market’, ‘our reputation is solid because we serve our customers with respect’, ‘our manufacturing is better than our competitors’, ‘we secured the best store location’; the list goes on. Clearly, all have a role to play, but a highly debated topic is, ‘how much value does marketing really add’?

Marketers who are tasked with generating revenue from a sizeable budget are at the frontline of accountability, and have a variety of levers they can pull. Before the dawn of the internet, much of the intellectual debate focused on how to best sell the consumer promise between influential media: from TV, to newspapers, to direct mail, and other ‘traditional’ media choices.

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19 December 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Mining The Data: Air New Zealand's Chris Allison Discusses How Its Partnership With Tagman Is Unlocking Value Of Display

Chris Allison is Online Sales Manager at ANZ. Here he discusses the company’s relationship with Tagman, and how data insight and attribution is giving the airline brand a real understanding of the value of display’s role in the purchase journey of an ANZ user.

Can you describe what your engagement with TagMan has enabled beyond the ability to improve page load times and more effective tag management?

We were interested to find out what values we could attribute to various channels that customers used on their journey to purchase. Data from TagMan allowed ANZ to understand how channels, such as display, reached users at the beginning and throughout the purchase funnel to help drive sales. With visibility into data throughout the purchase cycle, a different picture emerged as to the value of display. Analysis showed that around 9% of sales commenced with a display ad interaction.

How is the data that is collected via TagMan enabling you to see a bigger picture in terms of your marketing investment?

The customer journey element of our data analysis has been the single most effective way of tracking the marketing spend that is working the hardest for us. Just as web analytics plays an important role in understanding onsite customer behaviour, TagMan’s data collection allowed us to understand the full customer journey and the level of impact of each media channel on each journey.

With a specific focus on display, how are you able to start assessing its value contribution? How has this changed?

For each customer conversion, TagMan was able to show ANZ the precise creative, media placement and timing of an exposure to a display banner and the exact search term (whether paid or natural) used during the purchase journey.

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25 October 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

‘Will Google Tag Manager Commoditise Tag Management?’ by Jon Baron, CEO, TagMan

Much has been said recently about Google’s new foray into tag management. As ExchangeWire rightly speculated earlier this month, the launch of Google Tag Manager is further evidence of Google adding more stickiness to its offering. You can see why – with global e-commerce spend due to hit the €1tn mark next year, this is a well-timed entrance into the tag management space.

Since TagMan pioneered the birth of the sector five years ago, tag management has grown exponentially, both in terms of solutions available in the market and the demand for such services from companies of all sizes. A recent Forrester Report on Understanding Tag Management Tools and Technology found that tag management system (TMS) users are attracted to the efficiency, flexibility and page-load performance benefits that TMS’ offer them, helping them keep pace with the growth in their digital channels, and are becoming the centerpiece of the customer experience. Google Tag Manager is just one more indication of this growth and further validates the need for tag management.

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