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19 June 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

DoubleClick Digital Marketing: Jason Bigler Discusses The DDM Suite, Why An End-To-End Stack Is Necessary For The Market And How DDM Offers A True Cross-Optimisation Solution

Jason Bigler is Director, Product Management at Google. In an interview with ExchangeWire, Bigler gives the full run down on the capabilities of the new DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM) suite, and what it will mean for agencies and advertisers. He discusses how the DDM solution will offer multi-channel optimisation (except of course, for the moment, social) – as well as a unified buy-side stack that incorporates all of Google’s buy-side features. The launch of DDM in Europe is expected throughout the year in what is likely to be a phased roll-out.

Just for the record, explain what encompasses the Doubleclick Digital Marketing (DDM) suite?

Put simply, it’s a new name for a new platform – a buy-side platform that will unify and fully integrate all digital media buying for marketers and agencies. It includes our upgraded ad server DoubleClick Digital Marketing Manager, our latest bid management solution called DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Search, and DoubleClick Studio, which now includes Dynamic Creative. In addition, all of these solutions will be fully integrated into Google Analytics for holistic attribution modeling, deduplicated cross-channel conversion reports, and site traffic reporting all in a single UI.

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2 February 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

The PostView: The Last Hurrah For The Horizontal DR Ad Network

The PostView is a new coulmn written by senior execs working in the European online advertising industry.

They used to be the kings and queens of media arbitrage. The ad tech watering holes of Goodge street and Dusseldorf would only mention their names in hushed tones. Nobody could beat them on margins. Nobody. Not even Google. But times have changed. The business model of the typical horizontal DR ad network is in real trouble – and it is going to have to battle hard for survival in a landscape that’s been radically altered by the emergence of automated ad trading and the arrival of buy-side/sell-side technology.

About twelve months ago, ExchangeWire published a piece on the future of the ad net model, entitled “The Life And Death Of The Ad Network”. It still remains to this day one of the more controversial posts on ExchangeWire. The post detailed why existing ad net models were doomed, and why they would have to pivot in order to survive. It would seem much of what was predicated has already come to pass. But how did we get here, and what now for the DR ad net market?

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18 January 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

PLYmedia Looks To Take On OpenX And DoubleClick In The $9 Billion Long Tail Publisher Market

PLYmedia is offering adk2, a “free” ad server for long-tail publishers. Here Avishay Raviv, COO and President at PLYmedia, gives an overview of the product and how the company intends to take on established players, DoubleClick and OpenX, in the long tail publisher market.

Can you give some overview on the PLYmedia offering?

To address the needs of millions of publishers in the $9 billion long tail global publisher ad market, PLYmedia developed adk2 – a free ad serving solution.

This ad server enables international traffic monetization and revenue optimization regardless of the country from where the traffic originates. The adk2 publisher ad server facilitates video ad serving since video ads provide, in general, higher eCPMs and therefore generate greater revenue. Every publisher can be up and running with adk2 in less than 15 minutes. It’s easy and intuitive. adk2 offers comprehensive yield optimization across data sources, ad units and traffic sources.

But more than everything else, adk2 allows publishers to maintain complete control of all their activities. Our solution includes an actionable analytics dashboard where publishers can easily find comprehensive decision making tools.

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12 January 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 12 Comments

The PostView: Will Losing The "B" In RTB Save Display?

The PostView is a new coulmn written by senior execs working in the European online advertising industry.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while and it seems that Eric Franchi expertly beat me to the punch with a nice write up on Digiday – however there are a few other issues that I feel need to be explored in trying to determine what will save display.

There will be some analysts and speculators watching from afar that will profess that the display industry does not need saving. Revenues and investments into display have increased over the last few years, and let’s not forget the vast improvements in the underlying technological infrastructure. However, those close enough to the display space, know what lies beneath. They know the practice of “cookie bombing” is widely pervasive, and that any meaningful attempt at leveraging clever targeting tactics on quality content will fall by the wayside.

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8 January 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Jeff Wood, CEO Of aiMatch, On Being A Sell-Side Ad Serving Yield Management Platform, Simulation-Based Forecasting, Data Visualization & Recent Deal With CyberWing Japan

Jeff Wood on aiMatch, its presence in the Australian and wider APAC region and its sell-side ad serving platform for display, mobile, video, IPTV, and newsletters.

He talks about how aimatch helps publishers address channel conflict by providing a comprehensive view into inventory consumption patterns giving publishers the insight needed to optimize allocation of their inventory to maximize revenue while discussing how publishers use their Simulation-Based Forecasting to identify new revenue channels.

Wood discusses how aiMatch has developed strong relationships with publishers in Australia and the wider APAC region. You can also read about their recent deal with CyberWing in Japan.

Can you give a quick overview of the aiMatch offering?

aiMatch is at heart a technology company comprised of industry veterans with deep roots in the digital advertising space. We built the Accipiter ad server, which was later acquired by Atlas and then Microsoft. Our offering doesn’t really fit into any one of the buckets you mention.  We offer a sell side ad serving platform for display, mobile, video, IPTV, newsletters, or any digital channel.  Our platform incorporates sales workflow, business intelligence, simulation-based forecasting, and directly ties to demand sources.  This comprehensive approach provides publishers with the insight and control they need in order to manage yield across all of their inventory.

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8 January 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Panorama Du Marche De La Publicite Digitale En France: The Evolving French Display Eco-System

ExchangeWire is partnering with Ratecard.fr to bring readers some high-level overview on the French market in 2012. The first of these specialist pieces is a general overview of the evolving French display marketplace. Below is a detailed eco-system map on the companies active in France – with some French commentary from Ratecard.fr.

Souvenez-vous, il y a 10 ans… Pour acheter des espaces publicitaires sur Internet, il fallait passer 125 appels pour savoir qui était en régie chez qui, faire 30 déjeuners avant de se mettre d’accord sur un CPM net net, et passer 380 heures en réunion pour comprendre la logique des grilles tarifaires. Et Ratecard fut. Non que cette base de donnée ait agi sur la variable déjeuner / réunion, mais elle a réglé le problème du « qui est où sur quelle thématique » de façon simple et claire, avouons-le. Vous remarquerez qu’à l’époque, on rêvait déjà de gagner du temps. Avec, en question de fond: comment automatiser tous ces processus d’achats et de ventes, tout en touchant l’internaute susceptible d’être réceptif au message diffusé?

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21 December 2011 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Episode 12 TraderTalk: Europe's Definitive End-Of-Year Review

Season’s greetings, listeners. Today TraderTalk looks at the 2011 year in full – with some perspective on possible trends in 2012. This edition covers everything from the rise of the trading desk in Europe to ad tech’s growing obsession with acquiring/building the end-of-end stack. ExchangeWire Editor, Ciaran O’Kane, is ably assisted in the end-of-year review by the Guardian’s Tim Gentry, Martin Kelly, Managing Partner at Infectious Media, ValueClick’s Carl White and Eric Ward, Director, Digital Media at goetzpartners. So that you get all future episodes, you can subscribe to TraderTalk here.

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30 November 2011 in ExchangeWire EMEA 2 Comments

With The German RTB Market Expected To Double In 2012, Yieldlab Explains Its Offering And Why German Publisher Strategy Will Be Different

Marco Klimkeit is the Managing Director & Founder of Yieldlab – a sell-side technology provider. Here Klimkeit discusses the Yieldlab proposition, the growth of the German RTB market and the crucial role sales houses play in the local display market.

How would you describe Yieldlab’s offering in the Germany market?

Yieldlab offers technology, consulting aund service for media sales houses and publishers helping them to build up a real time advertising offer for their clients and increase their CPM.

We developed our own technology here in Germany to achieve these goals. Our team includes Big Data experts coming from the United States and senior software engineers we have worked together with for years in our former company.

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3 November 2011 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Ben Barokas, President & Co-Founder, Admeld, On Price Transparency, Bridging Buy & Sell Sides & The Swift Adoption Of SSP Technology In the Australian and APAC Markets

Ben Barokas, CEO and Co-Founder of Admeld on being a sell-side platform (SSP) for premium publishers and why Australian publishers are moving so rapidly to solve the same fundamental challenges other markets have faced.

He also discusses the dynamics of the Australian market, yield optimisation, private exchanges, how technology is delivering efficiencies the market has been asking for and how both buyers and sellers are pushing each other to evolve.

Why did Admeld choose to move into the Australian market? When it comes to programmatic buying how does the Australian market differ to the UK and US markets?

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27 October 2011 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Latest Improve Digital Eco-System Map Shows Big Growth In The European Display Space

Improve Digital released its new eco-system map for Europe. There is huge growth in the number of new companies on the map – compared to last year’s iteration. Let’s just say those boxes are getting very snug. Some of the big changes on last year include the growth of ad trading desks, ad traders, audience targeting networks and exchange infrastructure companies.

Comparing the new map to last year’s version shows a huge increase in the number of audience targeting networks (200% growth), trading desks (337% growth), and agency trading desks (166% growth) as the industry moves towards audience buying and automation. New players have entered the market, but much of this activity is also undertaken by ad networks moving or expanding their business remit.

There is doubtless going to be talk of a bubble in the space – and I will preface all this growth by saying that many of the European companies on the map are self-funded. The reason? We lack proper ad tech investment structures here (as I alluded to in a post last week) so we have to work quickly to what we call… PROFITABILITY. You can download the new Improve Digital eco-system here.