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#TraderTalkTV: Jason Bigler Gives Some Insight Into Google's Customisable RTB Toollkit, "Open Bidder"

Customisation is the buzzword around the RTB eco-system at the minute. Customised bid logic. Customised algos. Off-the-shelf solutions are not enough for the cutting-edge trading companies in the space. A lot of the buy-side solution providers are gravitating in this direction – including Google. In this week’s #TraderTalkTV Jason Bigler, Director, Product Management at Google, whiteboards the concept of “Open Bidder“, how it works, where it sits in the Google infrastructure and who might use the new solution.

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#TraderTalkTV: PKR's Gavin Deadman Explains How Data and Media Buying Can Be Managed In-House

Gavin Deadman, Digital Marketing Manager for PKR, discusses how his perspective on ad technology has changed since he made the switch from agency to client-side. He maps out how an internal trading desks operate in the broader remit of business — answering how FBX, Paid Search and DSPs function underneath the CMO, and how the flow of huge amounts of data is managed across the CTO and CMO’s teams to optimise campaigns and mitigate wastage. Deadman wraps-up by breaking down the benefits of bringing digital marketing in-house and how the role of the agency is changing.

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#TraderTalkTV: Robin Davies, Country Manager UK at Mediaplex, Maps Out the Role of DMPs

This week’s #TraderTalkTV goes into detail on the role being played by the DMP. What is it? Where does it fit into general ad tech mix? We invite Robin Davies, Country Manager UK at Mediaplex to discuss the DMP, and how it will evolve, especially in on-loading offline data into ad targeting.

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TraderTalk TV: Medyanet's Dogus Yildirim Gives an Overview of the Turkish Data-Driven Ad Market

Medyanet is a massive European sales house based in Istanbul with O&O – as well as represented – interests across traditional publishing, TV, radio and digital media (currently representing about 10 billion Turkish impressions per month). In true European sales house fashion, the company has also got a proprietary ad server (Adserver+), which their development team has built in-house over the past three years.

Here Dogus Yildirim, Business Development Manager at DOL gives both an overview of the emerging data-driven space in Turkey and insight into Medyanet’s strategy around programmatic trading.

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TraderTalk: Switch Concepts Discuss Its Solution, Holistic Yield Management, Linking Users Across Multi-Devices And Concepts Around Linked Data

Switch Concepts is one of the more interesting companies currently operating in the European ad tech space. Switch Concepts, like all the great companies in the space, has very much operated under the radar. It now works with several big UK publishers, and its tech solutions is focused on delivering the best yield for its clients.

Here Switch Concepts discussed its solution, holistic yield management, linking users across multi-devices and concepts around linked data. We will be launching TraderTalk 2.0 in a couple of weeks so look out for the new format. More details to follow.

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TraderTalk: Adform Discusses Its Buy-Side Strategy And Why A Customised Solution Is A Requisite For Scaling Across Europe

Adform is a buy-side/advertising ad serving platform headquartered in the Nordics, with a presence in all the major European markets. Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Director of Marketing and New Business, and Gustav Mellentin, Co-Founder, Director sat down with ExchangeWire this week to discuss the company’s buy-side proposition, and how Adform customises its proposition for the European market.

Adform will be appearing on the How are Vendors Harmonising Premium with Programmatic Technology? panel at this year’s sold out ATS London.