• #TraderTalkTV: Ghostery COO Emily Riley Explains How Brands Can Be More Efficient in Managing Third Party Vendors

    In this week’s episode of #TraderTalkTV we speak to Ghostery COO, Emily Riley, about how brands can be more efficient in managing third party vendors.

    The marketing technology eco-system remains a mystery for most senior CMOs with lots of sub functions (social, ecommerce, seach) within this managed almost independently of each other. This disconnect can lead to some operational issues, particularly around latency, etc. For a transactional website, latency can often lead to lost sales.

    Riley [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Jonathan Beeston, Director, New Product Innovation, EMEA, Maps Out the Adobe Marketing Tech Stack

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Adobe’s Director of New Product Innovation for EMEA, Jonathan Beeston, breaks down where Adobe sits in the space. Specifically, its journey migrating from its established heritage on the creative suite side to monetising and managing creatives, led by strategic acquisitions. From over 20 offerings that it felt were confusing the market, Adobe has streamlined down to five solutions for simplicity: Analytics, Experience Manager, Target, Social and Media Optimiser.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: PKR's Gavin Deadman Explains How Data and Media Buying Can Be Managed In-House

    Gavin Deadman, Digital Marketing Manager for PKR, discusses how his perspective on ad technology has changed since he made the switch from agency to client-side. He maps out how an internal trading desks operate in the broader remit of business — answering how FBX, Paid Search and DSPs function underneath the CMO, and how the flow of huge amounts of data is managed across the CTO and CMO’s teams to optimise campaigns and mitigate wastage. Deadman wraps-up by breaking down [...]

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