Big Data

  • Indian Marketers Can Solve Content Challenge with Machine Learning

    Marketers in India struggling to produce content that appeals to consumers should look at data analytics and machine learning for clues.

    These tools play a crucial role in personalising customer experience, says Gulshan Verma, Times Internet’s chief revenue officer. They enable marketers to determine the best time and format to roll out and optimise communication with consumers, he explains in this Q&A with ExchangeWire.

    ExchangeWire: Last we spoke, you said Times Internet’s use of programmatic was still limited, with single-digit [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Shouldn't Regard Data As a Panacea

    While data can drive campaign goals, marketers sometimes just need to rely on good intuition and judgement, tapping analytics instead to help them make better decisions.

    They also should practise some restraint when deciding the types of tools to deploy, according to Elissa Fink, chief marketing officer of Tableau Software, which specialised in developing data visualisation and business intelligence tools.

    “With all the possibilities technology enables us to do these days, some companies get so wrapped up in trying to make it [...]

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  • APAC Brands Need More Than Data in Data-Driven Marketing

    It may seem paradoxical, but data alone is not sufficient for Asia-Pacific marketers to ensure their data-driven campaigns will be successful.

    Increasing focus on such initiatives has overshadowed the need for creativity; and this can lead consumers towards ad blockers, cautions Ben Maudsley, Exponential Interactive’s Asia-Pacific and South Africa managing director. He also advises marketers to adopt care in deciding which data they should use to power their campaigns.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Maudsley and Tyler Greer, Exponential’s Asia-Pacific and [...]

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  • Advertising Models Must Evolve to Better Support APAC Marketers

    The advertising world today is still running on old models that need to evolve with technological advancements, so marketers finally can effectively push customised ads tailored to individual customers, and in an omnichannel environment.

    Business agility was key, especially in a world populated with mobile devices and social media platforms, said Jamie Anderson, SAP Hybris’ senior vice president and CMO, at the company’s digital summit in Singapore. The SAP business specialised in software for customer engagement and commerce across digital channels.

    Anderson [...]

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  • India Ad Tech Must Be Ready for Market Changes

    With consumers in India losing patience and turning to ad-blocking tools, the ad tech community will need to look for ways to better target the right audience and improve customer interaction.

    They also will need to respond swiftly to market changes, such as the government’s demonetisation move and country’s increasing mobile adoption.

    ExchangeWire spoke with industry executives for their insights on the Indian ad tech landscape, several of whom pointed to artificial intelligence and machine-learning as key trends to watch for this [...]

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  • Focus on Cross-Device Metrics to Drive APAC Programmatic Adoption

    Constant benchmarking, improving the quality of data collection, and connecting the dots will be essential in driving the adoption of programmatic forward in Asia-Pacific.

    With campaign tracking and ad blocking proving to be major challenges over the past year, the next development phase for programmatic must focus on improving data credibility and cross-device attribution.

    ExchangeWire spoke with several executives who stressed the need to enable “true omnichannel” and data-driven advertising in order to create connected user experiences, as well as for [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Still Reluctant to Spend Effort on Data

    Data may be touted as the new oil, but marketers in Asia-Pacific have yet to even take the first step and instead prefer to continue investing their time on optimising traffic.

    To better understand and target their audience, brands would need to start by collecting data about their customers and aggregating the various consumer touchpoints. These could then be used, through analysis, to better engage customers, said James Sampson, DataXu’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager.

    Most multinational corporations (MNCs) already were [...]

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  • Traditional APAC Publishers Have No Choice But Go Programmatic

    Hesitant to change the way they traditionally sell media, publishers in Asia-Pacific lag behind other regions in adopting programmatic. They are coming around, though, as they move from a print to a digital business.

    The region still lacked quality inventory, with publishers here falling behind in leveraging programmatic, said Adform chief revenue officer Jay Stevens.

    While every major publisher in the UK had been advancing with programmatic as a channel, Asia-Pacific publishers had been more reserved with the way they [...]

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  • Data Availability Can Fix APAC Lack of Programmatic Trust

    Marketers in Asia-Pacific are finding it tough to place complete trust in programmatic due to the lack of data, which can otherwise allow them to better understand the value of their customers.

    Major publishers in the region remain reluctant to share their data, resulting in fewer third-party DMPs and a lack of transparency, according to Vikas Gulati, Asia managing director at Opera Mediaworks. This challenge, though, soon may be addressed as marketers look to plug the holes and viewability becomes an [...]

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  • Helping APAC Marketers Assess Single-Vendor Vs Best-of-Breed

    With technology playing an increasingly important role in driving digital transformation and customer engagement, marketers are starting to debate the merits of integrating best-of-breed technologies or deploying a single-vendor solution. In this week’s industry byliner, Oakton’s senior principal consultant Chris Dutton looks at the pros and cons of both models and how advertisers can go about assessing their options.

    According to the fourth annual Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard, by the CMO Council & Adobe, one-third of Australian marketers have adopted the [...]

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