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  • Three Facebook Ad Trends to Prepare For in 2015

    Mona Parmar, Glow VP of global operations examines some of the key trends to look out for on the world’s largest social network in the coming year. 

    Facebook’s earnings announcement for the full year 2014 feels like the perfect opportunity to look ahead to how we view advertising on the world’s largest social network evolving in 2015. Here are the three key trends we at Glow Digital Media suggest watching from an advertising perspective in 2015 on Facebook:

    Video advertising on [...]

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  • ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up 

    ExchangeWire rounds-up some of the biggest stories in the European ad tech scene, and in this week’s edition: Asda preps ad exchange launch; Shazam rated as Britain’s first $1bn tech firm; Facebook & Havas ink global Atlas deal; UK bodies to move on fraud, and ad tech firms’ EMEA appointments. 

    Asda preps ad exchange launch

    UK-based Asda this week announced it is poised to launch its own ad exchange next year, bringing the Walmart-owned retailer into direct competition with [...]

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  • Facebook Claims It's In Ad Tech To Improve Marketing, Not Devour The Industry

    Facebook laid down a marker last year in terms of its ambitions in the ad tech sector with the $300m-plus purchase of ad server Atlas from Microsoft, and this year it caused a stir in the market by unveiling the improved offering promising “people centred” approaches to cross-device marketing. As a result, market observers are now billing the social network as a potential rival to Google’s DoubleClick in terms ad tech.

    Speaking at ExchangeWire‘s ATS Paris event earlier this week [...]

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  • Facebook: 'We Can Make Ad Serving Incorporate Real Identity'

    Facebook will make its ATS debut this year in both New York and Paris to further explain its flagship ad tech product Atlas, which many have dubbed as a serious contender to Google’s ad stack. ExchangeWire caught up with Lori Goode, Facebook, head of Atlas product marketing (pictured), to initially explain the offering.   

    EW: What’s your reaction to advertisers’ questions over how Facebook Atlas can prove the link between Facebook users’ in-store purchases and the ads they’ve [...]

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  • Facebook Talks Up Future Ad Tech Investment

    Facebook spoke about the importance of ad tech in its recent earnings call with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook, COO, telling investors it is vitally important to the company’s ‘mobile first’ future, although the subsequent investment increase caused its share price to drop, despite continuing growth.  

    This comes as Facebook prepares to make its debut on ExchangeWire‘s ATS New York and ATS Paris stages, where Lori Goode, Facebook, head of Atlas product marketing, and François-Xavier Pierrel, Facebook, [...]

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  • 'How Facebook's Atlas Has Opened A New Front With Google'

    With cross-channel campaigns now considered the holy grail among advertisers, Itay Gadot, DMG, VP of sales and marketing, discusses whether Facebook’s Atlas, which promises cookieless targetting on both desktop and mobile device, can take on Google’s DoubleClick?

    Now that the dust has settled on Facebook’s relaunch of Atlas it’s a good time to take stock of the long term implications of the platform on the online marketing industry. Arguably the most notable aspect of Atlas is the move away from cookies.

    As many [...]

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  • Why The IAB Numbers Show Us Programmatic Is An Unstoppable Force

    The decline of free marketing opportunities on social media and search engines, plus the growing rivalry between Facebook and Google, as well as an increased demand for cross-screen ad campaigns are all spurring the programmatic display ad sector, according to ExchangeWire sources. 

    The IAB last week published figures valuing the UK’s digital advertising market at £3.5bn in the first six months of the year (an increase of 16.6% year-on-year), and in the first of a two-part look at indsutry dynamics driving [...]

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  • Facebook Poses Further Threat To Google With Full FAN Roll Out

    Facebook is building on its momentum in the ad tech space with the announcement of the global launch of its Audience Network (FAN) tool, which is now available with host of new features, after an earlier trial this year. 

    FAN lets marketers deliver, and measure, in-app mobile ads outside of the Facebook network using the same targeting and measurement features they do within the social network.

    Ads delivered by the Audience Network come in three varieties — banner, interstitial and [...]

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  • ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. And in this week’s edition: Facebook’s Atlas; Quantcast buys Struq, and Affiperf’s ‘meta DSP’.  

    Closed ecosystem players stack up 

    AOL, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and a whole host of others lined up this week to present their wares at Ad Week New York, and although the announcements took place on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, they have global implications. The net [...]

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  • The Move To Cross Screen IDs And Its Potential Fall Out

    Facebook and Google are among the key industry stakeholders to flaunt their wares at arguably advertising’s biggest event this this week, and a consistent theme in their messaging appears to be ‘programmatic’ and ‘cross-screen’, as the industry prepares to lay the cookie to rest. 

    Ad Week has kicked off in New York City, a little over a month ahead of the first ExchangeWire ATS event in the City, as well as the AppNexus Summit hosted there in [...]

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