Native Advertising

  • 'Deep Native' is Native Advertising's Evolution: Q&A with Dale Lovell, CDO & UK MD, ADYOULIKE

    With the proliferation of new technology and industry standards, native advertising is experiencing a surge in popularity. Dale Lovell, chief digital officer and UK managing director, ADYOULIKE, discusses with ExchangeWire how native advertising is changing and how it can help both publishers and advertisers deliver relevant, compelling ad experiences.

    ExchangeWire: Proving how technology is evolving native advertising, ADYOULIKE made headlines last year with the announcement of the IBM Watson integration – how is semantic targeting changing native?

    Dale Lovell: Globally, ADYOULIKE [...]

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  • Content at Scale is Making Brands Publishers in Their Own Right: Q&A with Benjamin Potter, CLICKON Media

    Is the scope of native advertising really understood as an industry, and how does content at scale feed into what native advertising can offer and its evolution? ExchangeWire speak with Benjamin Potter, co-founder and creative director, CLICKON Media about how content at scale works, how technology is helping it to grow, and the opportunity it can present for both brands and publishers.

    ExchangeWire: How does branded content at scale work? Where would the [...]

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  • Most Marketers Want to Alter Attribution Model; Japan Ad Spend Hit £44.88bn

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sum up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Most marketers want to alter attribution model; Japan ad spend hit £44.88bn; IAB AU release Invalid Traffic benchmarks; Mobile telco ad network opens up in India; Yahoo Storytellers lands in Singapore; and UnLtd unveil AU industry scheme for disadvantaged youth.

    Most marketers want to alter attribution model

    Measurement is increasingly an important focus for marketers in the region, [...]

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  • The Death of the Cookie; Native In-Feed Rises

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: The death of the cookie; Native in-feed rises; SMEs missing out on sales; and Sharing personal data.

    The death of the cookie

    Over half of digital marketing managers (53%) say that cookie-based advertising campaigns will die out within the next 12 months, according to a new report from Viant.

    Instead, digital marketers are [...]

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  • Going Native: Why Brands Are on the Brink of Better Advertising

    The future is bright, the future is native. Dr. Bill Simmons (pictured below), CTO and co-founder, DataXu believes native advertising is the obvious solution to some of the challenges digital advertising faces today. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, he explains how technological advancements and improved industry standards should make native advertising a very attractive prospect for advertisers.

    We’ve all had to close dozens of tedious pop-ups in one go, or endure those lurid, flashing banner ads that induce migraines. In the murky beginnings of [...]

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  • One Big Trend in DACH is Native Ads: Q&A with Maciej Wyszynski, Sociomantic Labs

    Following the recent launch of the weekly ExchangeWire DACH news roundup, ExchangeWire speak with Maciej Wyszynski (pictured below), Managing Director for DACH, CEE & MEA, Sociomantic Labs about the buy-side challenges in the DACH region. Here, Wyszynski explains how the DACH region compares with other regions globally, and talks future trends and opportunities for advertisers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

    ExchangeWire: What are the biggest challenges facing the buy-side advertising industry in the DACH region?

    Maciej Wyszynski: The first and biggest challenge [...]

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  • Methbot controversy; Native Advertising Grows Rapidly

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Methbot controversy; Native advertising grows rapidly; Nielsen acquires Gracenote; TubeMogul becomes Instagram Partner member; and Blis partners with Moat. 

    Methbot controversy

    A recent news story first broken on Adexchanger has been discussed controversially this last week. Following the disclosure by fraud detection company WhiteOps that a Russian botnet is syphoning off millions of dollars from advertisers every day, reactions to the piece [...]

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  • Marketers Need to Move Past 'Hidebound' Metrics: Q&A with Lon Otremba, CEO, Bidtellect

    Native programmatic has experienced significant growth in 2016, yet confusion still exists across the industry as to how to define it and, more importantly, how to build it into a marketing strategy. ExchangeWire speak with Lon Otremba (pictured below), CEO, Bidtellect, about the driving force behind native programmatic and how that looks to evolve over the coming years. 

    ExchangeWire: Native programmatic has seen widespread adoption in 2016, but is there still confusion around what it actually is and how it can [...]

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  • Who Wins When Native Advertising & Programmatic Buying Collide?

    Native ads are known to be more viewable and generate more brand lift, as well as accruing higher purchase rates, than standard formats. And programmatic promises a personalised, relevant ad experience for viewers while giving marketers and publishers the optimum ROI. Combine the two and you have a match made in heaven, argues Greg Endean (pictured below), commercial director, Sociomantic Labs, in this op-ed piece.

    Advertisers and publishers, two sides of one coin, share the same audience: the consumer. As a result, media [...]

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  • Where AI & Native Advertising Come Together

    Digital advertising relies on high-quality targeting to ensure that the right ads are delivered in the right place to the right audiences. For native ads, which match the editorial format of the publisher site and so, ideally, want to match the tone and content as well, correct targeting matters even more, writes Julien Verdier, CEO and co-founder, ADYOULIKE. 

    That’s because the power comes from the editorial content and the native ad endorsing each other. Whereas in [...]

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