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  • Programmatic in DACH is Happening, Slowly But Surely: Q&A with Frederike Voss, CEO, orbyd

    The DACH region, made up of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland tends to play by its own rules when it comes to programmatic. ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Frederike Voss (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, orbyd, about the challenges publishers face in the region; yet how, while progress is slow, publishers are fully embracing programmatic.

    ExchangeWire: What publisher trends stand out in the DACH region?

    Frederike Voss: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are very specialised markets, perhaps too specialised for certain programmatic approaches that might [...]

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  • Header Bidding: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater?

    Ahead of his participation in a panel discussion about data on the buy side at ATS Paris, ExchangeWire speaks with Shane Shevlin (pictured below), commercial director EMEA, IPONWEB, about the rise and rise of header bidding, where publishers need to be vigilant to be successful; and the striking parallels between publisher header bidding and buy-side container tag technology.

    In early 2006 I remember sending a panicked email to the DFA product manager at DoubleClick. I was managing the implementation of a Floodlight retagging exercise for [...]

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  • 'We Saw a Need to Give Control Back to Publishers'

    Denmark-based Adform has established itself as one of the leading European ad tech firms on the market, with the company today (27 April) announcing the launch of its Programmatic Publisher Ad Server (PPAS), the first solution in its planned Publisher Edge Solution suite. ExchangeWire caught up with Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Adform, CMO, and regular ExchangeWire contributor, to learn more about the outfit’s latest offering.

    Adform has announced the launch of a new ad server for publishers – PPAS – claiming the latest addition [...]

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  • Data is the New Currency For Publishers

    Zuzanna Gierlinska, Oracle Marketing Cloud, director data management platforms (DMP), EMEA, reflects on the recent spate of publisher consortium announcements including Pangaea, and the AOP collective, and the challenges the individual members face including: consolidating their respective data sets into one platform and building out this data with third-party data sets.

    It’s no secret that the media giants like Google and Facebook are locking down their data. Google’s blocking of DMP pixels is a predictive first step to maintain better control [...]

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  • The Road Ahead for Publisher Co-Ops

    Nicolas Schueller, Adomik, CEO and founder, reflects on how premium publishers have histrocially struggled with the transition to becoming digital first businesses; from increasingly relying on social networks for traffic referrals, and ceding control of their user data, he also points to the potential solution whereby they can pool resources with companies undergoing similar challenges.

    Co-ops appear to be a smart move for premium publishers. Premium publishers have (understandably) struggled with knowledge, insight, and tools as a result of the rapid [...]

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  • What Are the Key Issues Facing the French Programmatic Market?

    ATS Paris is only two weeks away, where luminaries from the French market will meet to discuss some of the key challenges facing them in the year ahead. ExchangeWire peruses the agenda and highlights some of the key topics of debate, including: programmatic trading models; the dynamism of France’s video space in Europe; plus what the future holds for publisher consortia. ATS Paris takes place on 22 April, and the agenda for the event is now live, with three [...]

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  • How French Publishers Are Winning Together

    The emergence of publisher consortia was underlined in recent weeks as UK publishers began to band together en masse. A month ahead of ATS Paris, ExchangeWire examines the French market, where publishers there were early to adopt this approach, exploring the intricacies of the co-op offering, and asks if it makes sense to have dual offerings in a single market?

    Premium publishers the world over are under pressure to retain ad spend, particularly when they come up against the hugely scaled [...]

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  • Power in Numbers: AOP Chooses AppNexus to Power Co-Op

    The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has lifted the lid on its publisher cooperative powered by AppNexus, with several tier-one publishers including Telegraph Media Group, Time Inc, and Bauer Media among the names to sign up to the venture at its inception. A sign that premium publishers see strength in numbers to combat internet players such as Facebook and Google.

    The AOP’s publisher ‘alliance’ includes audience targeting data, and inventory from: Telegraph Media Group, Time Inc., Haymarket Media Group, Dennis Publishing [...]

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  • Times of India Investing in Ad Tech Stack to Ensure Continued Growth

    Wendy Hogan, ExchangeWire, APAC contributing editor, profiles the digital ambitions of India’s largest media and entertainment group, Times of India Group, and how programmatic advertising is playing a crucial role with its digital venture Times Internet (TIL).

    The TIL reaches over 70 million monthly visitors and serves over 12 billion ad impressions per month across its owned properties. ExchangeWire recently caught up with Swapnil Shrivastav, TIL, VP ad tech to talk about their ad tech stack and publisher trading desk ambitions.

    Well [...]

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  • Emarketer Predicts Huge Growth In Programmatic - But Are Buyers & Sellers Really Ready For The Shift?

    A sharp rise in marketers’ willingness to buy mobile ad formats, plus media owners’ increased willingness to experiment with a wider range of auction models will spur the US programmatic advertising sector to double in value between this year and 2016, when it will be worth $20.41bn. 

    The figures were published recently in an eMarketer report that values the US ad tech sector at $10.1bn, up 137%, from last year, accounting for 45% of all online ad [...]

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