• Customisation: The Salvation of Ad Tech Players

    In a sea of tiny logos, so tightly packed together it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart, there’s no better illustration than the display LUMAscape to prove why standing out in ad tech is tough, writes Andreas Reiffen, CEO, Crealytics. Exclusively for ExchangeWire, Reiffen explains why differentiation is vital for the smaller players in the industry, to get out of the shadow of the duopoly.

    Although the digital ad spend pot grows every year, the ever-increasing number of players [...]

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  • More Consolidation is Coming: Q&A with Chris Allen, MD of North America, Infectious Media

    A business model with strong traction in the digital advertising space is that of the Next Generation Agency – a digital agency with proprietary technology that crosses the boundaries between the traditional media agency and the technology provider. Infectious Media, one such agency, have been experiencing significant international expansion as a result of their success with this business model. ExchangeWire speak with Chris Allen (pictured below), Managing Director of North America, Infectious Media, about his new role at the company and how [...]

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  • Industry Predicts the Future of Brand, Vendor, & Agency Relationships

    2016 has truly shown how dynamic an ecosystem the digital advertising industry is. There have been highs and lows, but it has certainly been memorable. In a series of features reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to what we can expect in 2017, ExchangeWire invite over 100 thought leaders from across the industry to share their views. In the latest instalment of the series, experts deliver their opinions on how relationships between agencies, vendors, and brands will develop [...]

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  • AppNexus Announce Staff Cuts: Potential Pre-IPO Streamlining?

    Today (14 October) AppNexus are announcing they will be laying off 150 staff members globally. The move will bring AppNexus’ 1125-strong workforce down to 975, representing a 13% cut.

    The motive behind this bold move points towards a streamlining of efforts, representing the direction the company is heading in, according to Joshua Zeitz, vice president of corporate communications, AppNexus, speaking exclusively with ExchangeWire.

    It was two years ago, almost to the day, when AppNexus implemented a structural reorganisation into [...]

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  • What Is a 'Next Generation Agency'? Q&A with Andy Cocker & Martin Kelly, Infectious Media

    A ‘Next Generation Agency’ epitomises the changing face of the agency model. Agile, lean, independent, with proprietary technology, that doesn’t necessarily fit the ‘agency’ label. Infectious Media are the embodiment of this model. ExchangeWire meet with Andy Cocker, co-founder & COO, and Martin Kelly, co-founder & CEO, Infectious Media (both pictured) to uncover the secrets to their success.

    Martin Kelly and Andy Cocker founded Infectious Media in 2008, having both come from different sides of the industry. Cocker hails from [...]

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  • Don’t Be Afraid to Evolve Your Proposition: Q&A with Paul Coggins, CEO, Adludio

    In a tough and competitive startup environment, European industry recognition, which applauds a company’s ability to innovate in an established ad-tech ecosystem, is surely a valuable accolade for any ad-tech startup. Following Adludio’s recent ‘Best Ad Tech/Marketing Start Up’ award win at The Europas Start Up Conference and Awards, ExchangeWire speak with Paul Coggins (pictured below), CEO, Adludio about how differentiation is an important success factor when entering the world of ad tech and that, despite it being a [...]

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  • UK Ad Tech Industry Still Offers Opportunities for Ambitious Newcomers

    The UK ad tech industry is a thriving, cutting-edge, globally renowned talent hub; but success is by no means guaranteed for start-ups. While programmatic advertising spend in the UK is predicted to reach £2.5bn this year, new arrivals must navigate the complex ecosystem, confront industry issues, and face global marketplace complexities. Jayant Kadambi (pictured below), co-founder and CEO, YuMe talks to ExchangeWire about the outlook for newcomers to the ad tech industry and shares his tips for success, drawing upon [...]

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  • Seasoned Cannes-Goers Provide Top Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Time There

    In a light-hearted departure from ad tech analysis, and with the 2016 Cannes Lions festival just two days away, ExchangeWire ask industry leaders, with much experience of the event, what their top tips for surviving Cannes are, with advice ranging from ‘be prepared’ to ‘don’t eat too much fish’…

    Versatile clothing and plenty of rosé

    “Those lucky enough to be heading to Cannes Lions next week, can certainly look forward to a welcome break from the rainy British summer, [...]

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  • Leave the LUMAscape to the Investment Community for Which It Was Designed

    In our latest column from the IAB’s Display Trading Council, Danny Hopwood, VP solutions & platform operations EMEA, Publicis Media, shares with ExchangeWire a common frustration among the conference-going crowd, where an outsider’s attempts to simplify our industry solely leads to more confusion. He gives his views on how best to go about understanding our ecosystem instead.

    It’s June 2016 and, seven years on, I still hear of people inserting the now ubiquitous LUMAscape into their presentations. I’ve been privy to many [...]

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  • The Rise of the Digital Consultant

    You only need to look at the ever popularly referenced LumaScapes to understand why a whole new industry of digital consultants has established itself in the last 18 months. The proliferation of technology in a rapidly evolving digital landscape has paved the way for specialists able to help clients navigate their way through the confusion and clutter. Adele Wieser (pictured below), founding partner, CoLab Media Consulting, speaks to ExchangeWire about the rising popularity of consultancy and how it is spanning [...]

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