• Cross-Device: Let’s Go Back to the Future

    It is that time of year. A time to reflect on the progress of 2016 and to predict developments to occur in 2017. Like our appetites when approaching a buffet line at CES, we tend to over-predict the capabilities which the industry will bring from concept to fruition in the following 12-months (2012 was deemed the Year of Mobile – like every single year since then). Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, David de Jong (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, Screen6, reflects on [...]

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  • Who Are the Winners & Losers of dmexco 2016?

    The dust has now firmly settled on an exhilarating few days in Cologne at the annual ad tech love-in, dmexco. This year was almost certainly bigger and bolder than last year, with 50,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors, crammed into four huge conference halls with a whisper of A/C and plenty of gimmicks to go round. From acrobatic dancers to live tattooists, professional baristas to lycra-clad promo girls (yes, even in 2016), vendors employed all means possible to draw in the hordes [...]

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  • How Biometrics in Fintech Can Bring a Different Angle to Using Biometrics in Advertising

    In a slight removal from ExchangeWire’s habitual coverage of ad tech and martech, we take a brief visit into the world of fintech, where we learn how biometrics is changing the banking industry, but it isn’t the silver bullet that people may expect it to be. Many considerations need to be made before biometrics become the norm. What makes this relevant for advertising? Biometrics in advertising has been talked about for a number of years; admittedly on a different scale, [...]

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  • Mind the Marketing Gap! Millions Left Behind in Digital Revolution

    The modern marketing space is filled with talk about reaching the ‘always-on’ consumer, executing strategies that provide audiences with seamless cross-screen experiences, and tailoring content to each individual’s interests and needs. Here, Richard Jenkings (pictured below), senior consultant, Experian writes for ExchangeWire that, while all are very important, even the savviest and most switched-on marketers can’t reach everyone via digital, because everyone isn’t there to be reached.

    Comprehensive analysis from Experian’s Digital Mosaic about the way people are using data [...]

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  • Closed Means Unaccommodating: Q&A with Graham Moysey, Head of International, AOL

    Following the fascinating keynote speech on the topic of publisher holistic yield management at the recent ATS Paris event, delivered by Olivier Lavecot, country manager France & Benelux, ONE by AOL, ExchangeWire were keen to understand the strategy behind AOL’s ongoing platform developments. Graham Moysey (pictured below), head of international, AOL, explains how the emergence of comprehensive tech platforms simplifies digital for brands; and that open is far better than closed.

    ExchangeWire: As head of AOL International, you oversee AOL Platforms, including ONE [...]

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  • Are You in Danger of Building a 'Frankenstack'?

    Ad technology stacks have long been lauded as the maximiser of yield and efficiency for brands and something of a no-brainer for those considering shifting their media buying activity in-house. But how can brands make a technology stack work for them and, moreover, build an effective hybrid model out of existing specialist solutions? Michael James (pictured below), managing director EMEA, Accordant Media, outlines to ExchangeWire the steps required to avoid ending up with a ‘Frankenstack’ solution.

    According to WPP CEO Martin Sorrell, [...]

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  • Using Science to Reshape the Advertising Industry

    Innovative tracking technologies are reducing the reliance of marketers on investment in traditional qualitative and quantitative research in the form of consumer surveys and focus groups. ExchangeWire speaks to Lisa Menaldo (pictured below), managing director UK, Sublime Skinz, who delves into the different technological techniques available to advertisers who want to determine reactions to their ads by understanding the human mind.

    Winning three Oscars came as no surprise to the makers of The Revenant. Thanks to bio-analytic testing, they already knew [...]

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  • The Mark of Intelligent Retailing is Customer Understanding Through Data

    Having recently seen Dr Marc Hobell (pictured below), director, Pitney Bowes Software, speak at the annual Omnichannel Retail Summit about the science behind location and customer intelligence in the retail sector, ExchangeWire were keen to know more. In this piece, Dr Hobell explains to ExchangeWire the importance of data and technology in retail to ensure an accurate understanding of customers and inform, not just physical store locations, but also the approach to omnichannel communications.

    Retail is a high-risk industry. You only [...]

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  • Martech is The New Ad Tech: The Reality of Ad Blocking

    The worlds of ad tech and martech have long been on a collision course. The lines between the two are becoming more blurred with a cross-pollination of capabilities within both company sectors. However, there is resistance between them operating in an integrated way. ExchangeWire speaks to Sanjay Dholakia (pictured below), CMO, Marketo about how ad blocking is helping to unite the two worlds of ad tech and martech.

    Advertising spend has been going through a period of high growth. In the UK [...]

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  • Marketers, Technologists & Marketing Technologists: Q&A with Ben Samuel, Marketing Tech Director at PHD

    Hybrid marketing and technology job roles at a senior level are on the up across many brands, as the business functions of marketing and technology continue to hurtle towards each other, ready for a head-on collision. But how does that role successfully exist within the environment of a media agency? Ben Samuel (pictured below), marketing technology director, PHD, tells ExchangeWire that it involves education, strategy, leadership, and a lot of client-agency trust.

    ExchangeWire: You were recently appointed to the newly created role of marketing technology [...]

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