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MediaCom Develops First Ever Automated Trading Desk for Campaign With Innocent






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Date: 8th Jan 2018


Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is a channel which, though having grown exponentially over the last few years, is still largely purchased manually. This new technology informs media buyers of the optimal time to engage with consumers across DOOH screens.

It will therefore offer brands such as innocent more accurate advertising when buying DOOH space, enabling spend to be much more efficient. With developments such as this reaching the mainstream, DOOH could become an even more effective way of reaching your audience.

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Media agency MediaCom is set to release a world-first automated trading desk which is set to transform the way agencies purchase advertising digitally out-of-home.

Smoothie drinks brand innocent will be the first company to use the new technology, which is set to go live on 8th January in a campaign that will span London, Manchester and other key cities for a month. The new campaign celebrates the launch of a brand new product – innocent’s new ‘Super Juice’ – and is set to brighten up January, capturing the playful nature of innocent’s brand with a bright vibrant creative, lighting up DOOH screens across the UK.

The campaign has data at its core; the data informs the optimum times to be live across each screen, with each having a unique schedule by day and by hour, ensuring the target audience has been reached in the most efficient manner. Data-fuelled creative will also fill the screens, using bespoke messaging by city and even specific locations in some instances.

Historically, DOOH buyers have purchased advertising manually, with the ability to buy ads off the 27,000 strong data set route. With this new automated technology, however, brands will be able to reach an audience much more flexibly, taking insights from circa 55 million data points using the latest in geo-location targeting supplied by mobile data specialists Mobsta.

The trading desk tool created by MediaCom is set to hugely increase the efficiency with which agencies can target audiences using enhanced data sets based on geo-location.