The Financial Times' Jess Barrett on Apple, Amazon and Facebook

The MadTech Podcast

On this week’s episode of The MadTech Podcast, ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane & Lindsay Rowntree are joined by Jess Barrett, global head of programmatic, The Financial Times, to discuss the latest news in ad tech and martech.

On this week’s episode:
– Apple’s third quarter (FY 2019) results show services revenue hits all-time high. What impact will Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade have on Apple Services? Can Apple compete strongly enough in these 2 areas, especially with so many DTC streaming platforms being launched in TV? What about Apple News and the charges laid onto publishers, with publishers and competing platforms fighting back?
– Amazon’s ad business grew 37% to reach USD$3bn (£2.46bn) in Q2 2019. In contrast to Amazon’s ad growth, the growth of Google’s core ad business has started to slow down, growing only 15% in the last quarter. Is Amazon starting to look like the more attractive option for brands? How can Amazon make this work in markets outside the US?
– EU Court of Justice rules sites jointly liable with Facebook for data processing when using plugins. Will we see a flurry of publishers removing Facebook’s social plugins from their sites? Will other social plugins, e.g. LinkedIn and Twitter also be called out in this? And what about Facebook’s tracking of non-users, to which they have twice lost court battles?

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