The MadTech Podcast Special: Radical Simplification

On our seventeenth edition of The MadTech Podcast Special, Sonal Patel, MD Asia at Quantcast, joins ExchangeWire’s Ciarán O'Kane to discuss radical simplification in an age where there are more hurdles than ever to delivering great customer experiences and economic outcomes.

As digital media continues to evolve, marketing will only become more complex and challenging for brands, agencies, and publishers to navigate. It’s time to radically simplify our approach to marketing as an industry, and go back to what it's always been about – finding, influencing, and acquiring the best audiences for our businesses.


Find out more about radical simplification at ATS Singapore 2022, where Quantcast CTO Peter Day will be explore the topic in a keynote speech. For further information and tickets, visit our ATS Singapore 2022 Event Hub.