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  • ATS Singapore 2016 Panel Debate: What the Tech and Media Landscape Will Look Like

    In this episode of TraderTalk, ExchangeWire look back on a panel debate that occurred at ATS Singapore 2016, discussing the convergence of the ad tech and martech and the changing face of the media landscape.

    Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire moderates a discussion between Kevin Walsh, MD APAC, Carat; Zachary King, senior director, MediaMath; Ryan Pestano, GM Asia, IPONWEB; and Damien Cummings, global head of digital marketing, Standard Chartered Bank.

    Key discussion points include:

    – Ad tech versus martech identities – Bridging the gap between [...]

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  • Making Brand Advertising & Programmatic Work Together

    Earlier this year, at ATS NYC three industry veterans formed a panel to discuss the disconnect between brand advertising and programmatic. The panel included:

    – Anthony Rhind, CSO, AdForm – Mark Egan, chief client officer, Maxus Americas – Amanda Dean, Senior director programmatic strategy and partnerships, Rodale

    At the centre of the discussion was the idea that programmatic is the distribution piece that is driving the growth in online advertising spend and creative is the heart and soul of the advertising industry and somehow [...]

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  • What Do Marketers Really Think About Programmatic?

    In an excellent panel session at this year’s ATS Singapore, ExchangeWire hosted a marketer-only discussion around the areas of technology, data and programmatic media buying.

    The panel, moderated by ExchangeWire’s Contributing Editor, Wendy Hogan, assembled the most progressive marketers from the Southeast Asian and Australian markets. The speakers included:

    – Nicki Kenyon, VP Digital Marketing, APAC, Visa – Janice Chan, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Starwood – Germaine Ng Ferguson, General Manager, Integrated Solutions & Analysis, StarHub

    In a frank and honest discussion, we get a [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: PKR's Gavin Deadman Explains How Data and Media Buying Can Be Managed In-House

    Gavin Deadman, Digital Marketing Manager for PKR, discusses how his perspective on ad technology has changed since he made the switch from agency to client-side. He maps out how an internal trading desks operate in the broader remit of business — answering how FBX, Paid Search and DSPs function underneath the CMO, and how the flow of huge amounts of data is managed across the CTO and CMO’s teams to optimise campaigns and mitigate wastage. Deadman wraps-up by breaking down [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Robin Davies, Country Manager UK at Mediaplex, Maps Out the Role of DMPs

    This week’s #TraderTalkTV goes into detail on the role being played by the DMP. What is it? Where does it fit into general ad tech mix? We invite Robin Davies, Country Manager UK at Mediaplex to discuss the DMP, and how it will evolve, especially in on-loading offline data into ad targeting.

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  • TraderTalk TV: How A Marketer Can Build A Brand Trading Desk

    This weeks’s TraderTalk TV is essential viewing, especially if you are a progressive marketer. ExchangeWire discussed at length the the Brand Trading Desk model earlier this year. The Brand Trading Desk is now a reality. This model is now being executed by the smart people at Here Andy Milhop, Head of Digital at, gives an insight into how a Brand Trading Desk works, and how it incorporates third party ad technology.

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