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  • Will Doherty, Index Exchange & Tim Sims, The Trade Desk Discuss Programmatic Guaranteed

    In this special edition of TraderTalk TV at dmexco 2016, Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire speaks with Will Doherty, VP business development, Index Exchange and Tim Sims, VP inventory partnerships, The Trade Desk about programmatic guaranteed

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  • Alex Gardner, Index Exchange Talks About the Evolution of Programmatic Deals

    In this special vox pop edition of TraderTalk TV at dmexco 2016, ExchangeWire hear from Alex Gardner, SVP, partner development, Index Exchange about the varying types of programmatic deals that exist in the market and how they are evolving, from direct through to guaranteed deals.

    In this episode you will find out:

    – Whether there’s a fundamental lack of understanding around programmatic direct media buying (both on the buy side and the sell side)

    – The barriers that exist to more [...]

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  • OpenX VP Platform Demand Ian Davidson on Real-Time Guaranteed

    There is a lot of talk about programmatic guaranteed, or automated guaranteed, as being the next evolution of the private marketplace (PMP). OpenX launched Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) in January, allowing publishers a flexible guarantee.

    Here, Ian Davidson, VP Platform Demand, OpenX, outlines the concept of Real-Time Guaranteed, how it compares to the more traditional PMPs, and the benefits from the perspective of the publisher SSP and the buy-side DSP.

    Key areas covered in this episode include: –  Forecasting with RTG –  Advantages of RTG [...]

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  • How Independence From Media Has Made Adform a Hidden GEM

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, filmed aboard Adform’s boat at Cannes, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane speaks to: Gustav Mellentin, co-founder and CEO at Adform; Oli Whitten, COO; and Jay Stevens, CRO.

    O’Kane describes Adform as a ‘hidden gem’, citing their full-stack and their independence from media (meaning there is no conflict of interest) as reasons.

    The ad tech luminaries discuss other key factors that have led to such an accolade, including:

    – Transfer of knowledge, specifically Stevens’ and Whitten’s transition from sell- (Rubicon) to buy-side

    – Transition from [...]

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  • How Automation Reduces Friction And Boosts Effectiveness When Selling Guaranteed Inventory

    In the light of Rubicon’s latest acquisitions, this week’s TraderTalk is a timely overview of automating premium inventory sales.

    Joss Wexler, Head of Buyer Cloud at Rubicon Project, this week discusses the concept of automation around guaranteed premium inventory – and the mechanics of how the process would work.

    It’s likely the Rubicon Project’s recent acquisitions will accelerate its plans to enable publishers to sell this premium inventory programmatically.

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  • #TraderTalkTV : Rubicon Project's Jordan Mitchell on Boosting Publisher Yield by Accounting for Scarcity

    Jordan Mitchell, Rubicon Project, VP product, discusses how publishers can use algorithms to boost revenue, including real-time advertising solutions, and which targeting criteria to use to boost fill-rates. Rubicon’s Mitchell maps out his company’s approach to aggregating advertiser demand and matching this to publishers’ audiences. Namely, how awarding an impression to the highest bid does NOT always equate to the most revenue for publishers.

    Scarcity of advertiser demand is a key consideration, he argues.

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  • Dr Neal Richter, Chief Scientist, The Rubicon Project, Explains Deal ID & the Open RTB Initiative

    Dr Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at The Rubicon Project, breaks down the concept of Deal ID (a unique string token, passed on the bid call to various bidders). Richter describes the crucial role played by Deal ID in the private marketplace, and explains how Open RTB is addressing some of the key problems that existing current trading model.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Enreach's Petteri Vainikka Discusses The Concept Of The Data-Driven Publisher

    This week’s #TraderTalkTV covers the concept of the data-driven publisher – and how publishers should approach programmatic selling around premium and unsold. We invite Enreach’s Petteri Vainikka to discuss his view of the way publishers can use data and automation for direct premium sales.

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