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: Tappx

Ad Exchange; Header Bidding Technology; In-App Specialists; Supply-Side Platform; CTV, OTT & Video

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Tappx Launches World's First Contextual Audiovisual Advertising Solution
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Tappx Leads Ad Tech Industry for App-Ads.txt adoption
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Tappx Teams up with LaLiga for Mobile App Monetisation Strategy
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"Tappx helps to continuously optimise our Fill Rate and has become one of our top partners.“ “Achieving satisfactory revenues from disparate countries requires a solid partnership and a lot of expertise”. “Tappx helped us to acquire new users and give us the marketing intelligence to work on the GEOS we are focusing in. We are also happy to help other app developers by promoting their apps in our traffic”

Company description

Tappx is a fast-growth AdTech company that delivers digital advertising solutions for multiple platforms including mobile, OTT/CTV and desktop. Tappx’ proprietary technology empowers publishers to maximize ad revenues across mobile and OTT channels. It offers a distinct point of difference – technology which has been specifically engineered for mobile and OTT markets, thereby offering brands and agencies increased trust and transparency.