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Audio; Managed Service Provider; Native; Video

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TripleLift is the industry’s leading programmatic native advertising platform with the simple goal of making native advertising simple, scalable, and effective. Our technology allows brands to amplify their content through beautiful ads that match the unique look and feel of thousands of websites and enables publishers to unlock new revenue streams by monetising their in-feed inventory. Leveraging pioneering computer vision technology, TripleLift seamlessly transforms content like images and video into engaging in-feed native ads. Since 2012, TripleLift has delivered meaningful results for some of the world’s biggest brands through what it calls the next evolution of display advising.
"Native has evolved from an industry buzzword to an experience that has surpassed industry expectations for both performance and spend. TripleLift is helping meet publisher demand for Native Advertising and enabling advertisers to effortlessly scale content that drives stronger performance across the web. As Native continues to transcend in the next few years, we want to bring new innovation to the table that will help advertisers and publishers continue to connect with consumers across a 100% GDPR compliant platform"
— Eric Berry, CEO and Co-Founder of TripleLift

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