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Ad Exchange; Header Bidding Technology; Supply-Side Platform; Video

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Providing a Real Video Alternative: Q&A with Steve Filler and Ilhan Zengin, ShowHeroes Group
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Context is Everything: Q&A with Steven Filler, Union
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New EMEA Video Platform Union Launches in London
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Union Survey Reveals Impact of COVID on Content Consumption and Attitudes to Advertising
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Union Media Fully Acquired by ShowHeroes Group
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Union is a joint venture between 5 leading EMEA video technology providers that enables global brands to activate video campaigns on the sites that really matter to their local audiences. Union provides video content, monetisation and technology to thousands of local market websites across the EMEA region. These strategic partnerships generate a unique blend of pre-roll and outstream video formats for advertisers to target. This is achieved using a powerful combination of programmatic and contextual targeting to reach nearly 300 million users on relevant, premium, brand safe publishers. Union’s publisher partners include global brands such as Marie Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair and CNN, as well as leading local publishers such as Aller Media, Axel Springer , Stryia, Libero and Funke Media Group.