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Case Study

Eliminating Malvertising And Redirects At The Source

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Eliminating malvertising and redirects at the source, The Media Trust’s client is a magazine publisher with over 150 websites that together draw more than 100 million visitors from across the world each month.

Like many well-known publishers, their heavily-trafficked sites were beset with mobile redirects and page latency issues caused by code designed to drive up subscriptions. Both invariably soured the user experience. After trying out various malware solutions, the client realized conventional anti-malware solutions were not enough; to restore high-quality user experience and improve the topline they would need a full account of all code executing on their sites. The Media Trust’s Digital Vendor Risk Management (DVRM) platform uncovered previously unknown or hidden activities and third parties and provided tools to communicate and enforce their policies.

Among the client’s findings were that an average of 1,000+ third parties executed code on each site, and that more than 80% of code operated outside their IT and operations control. In 6 months, the client discovered which SSPs allowed bad actors to access their properties and began the process of winnowing down their authorized vendor list to 100 of their most trusted and compliant partners. The result is a marked decrease in malvertising and redirect incidents. As an added bonus, the client can measure partner compliance with the GDPR.