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Full-funnel Programmatic Drives Conversion Growth for AllSaints with Sociomantic

Vendor: Sociomantic Labs

Market: United Kingdom

Vertical: Retail

Business Type: Retargeting

Date: 19th Aug 2016


Testing new ground through retargeting campaigns proved the value of programmatic and drove AllSaints to trial full-funnel programmatic advertising, combining retargeting of existing customers with prospecting potential customers.

Proof that programmatic can deliver across the funnel, Sociomantic worked with AllSaints to drive a 494% increase in post-click sales in the UK and a 63% reduction in eCPA. This great performance resulted in AllSaints doubling UK investment and increasing investment in the US by 230%.

It’s encouraging to see that brands are still exploring programmatic and assessing the added value it can bring to their bottom line.

Case Study Content

Global fashion retailer AllSaints had generated positive results using programmatic for retargeting (lower-funnel marketing), and therefore decided to trial using programmatic to reach users across the full scope of the purchase funnel. In March 2015, AllSaints appointed Sociomantic Labs as its full-funnel programmatic display partner in the UK and US. 

Sociomantic was tasked with driving user engagement, new client acquisition and existing customer loyalty; furthermore, Sociomantic was asked to provide insights on incrementality in order to prove out the value of the integrated full customer lifecycle marketing approach.

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