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  • Does Japan Really Have an Ad Fraud Problem?

    Recent reports have suggested Japan has the highest rate of ad fraud globally, with a whopping 81% of all impressions being tracked as fraudulent. ExchangeWire asks whether this is really the case.

    The report, published by Pixalate, revealed that the level of ad fraud in Japan was 2.25x higher than the next-highest offending market, Brazil, which saw ad fraud levels at 36%, with the US close behind, at 35%.

    On the face of [...]

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  • Reaching the US Hispanic Audience Takes a Tailored Approach: Q&A with Parker Morse, H Code Media

    The US Hispanic market continues to grow, and is a prime audience for advertisers to be able to reach. Yet, there are still challenges in reaching this niche customer base at scale, and tap into the true value of this audience. Parker Morse (pictured below), CEO and Founder, H Code Media, talks about the specific data and nuances that advertisers need to focus on, the best medium to reach this demographic, and what the future of marketing to the [...]

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  • High Expectations for E-commerce During Black Friday in Brazil; Tassinari Leaves Criteo & Joins Taboola

    This week’s LATAM roundup: Brazilian e-commerce expects growth during this year’s Black Friday; Walter Longo leaves Grupo Abril, Tassinari leaves Criteo to join Taboola; and digital media purchases surpass social media campaign management among Brazilian agencies.

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  • APAC Marketers Must Follow AI to Reach New Audiences

    With artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological developments creating more ways to engage consumers, brands in Asia-Pacific need to ensure they are ready to tap these new avenues.

    The emergence of autonomous vehicles and mobility as a service, for example, would open up new windows to engage an audience that would no longer need to focus on the road, said Tripti Lochan, VML’s Southeast Asia and India CEO.

    She believes that changes in the automotive industry will have a significant impact over [...]

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  • Collaborate or Die: Q&A with Dan de Sybel, Infectious Media

    Will the upcoming GDPR regulations end up making the Google/Facebook duopoly even more dominant in the digital media world – and what can smaller players do? Dan de Sybel, CTO, Infectious Media, thinks that with the challenges of GDPR close on the horizon, it’s now time to collaborate or die.

    ExchangeWire: What effect will GDPR have on the diversity of providers in the programmatic sector?

    Dan de Sybel: Initially, GDPR will drastically cut down the number and diversity of partners with whom [...]

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  • PulsePoint's Gareth Shaw Discusses Programmatic Technology in the Health Sector

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Gareth Shaw, general manager EMEA, Pulsepoint about programmatic technology in the healthcare industry.

    In this episode Shaw discusses:

    – How programmatic technology can be applied in such a heavily regulated sector

    – The nuances and challenges across different markets

    – How to work with publishers and data providers to have access to verified audiences

    – Why the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are shifting into the programmatic space

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  • DigiTrust Gains Momentum; Advertisers Find Agencies Untrustworthy

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: DigiTrust reaches critical mass; Study finds advertisers hypercritical of agencies; TabMo partners with Adyoulike; Suggestv closes seed funding round; and TVSquared buys wywy.

    DigiTrust is gaining momentum

    DigiTrust, intended as a neutral, independent, nonprofit ID consortium with initially 20 tech partners on board, was only established last year. Since then, the initiative has pushed their standardised user token idea and is now gaining momentum [...]

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  • Advertising That Doesn't Skip the Fun™ creates memorable experiences that reinforce its brand and market position using Adobe Advertising Cloud. Here, ExchangeWire discovers how this relationship helped drive the success of ‘Captain Obvious’.

    ‘Captain Obvious’ engages customers operates one of the most well-known and successful booking sites on the web, connecting guests with accommodations of all types. Once on the site, travelers can select from top hotel chains, all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfasts – all at some of the lowest prices [...]

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  • Addressable TV Bridges the Linear & Digital Worlds: Q&A with Damian Garbaccio, Nielsen

    With more and more people cutting the TV cord, figuring out the formula behind addressable and connected TV has quickly become top-of-mind for advertisers. But breaking through the old way of thinking around linear TV ad buying is still a challenge. ExchangeWire talks with Damian Garbaccio, EVP, Nielsen Marketing Cloud at Nielsen, about the advantages of addressable TV, the challenges the space still faces, and the value of connected TV for advertisers. ExchangeWire: With its history in TV, how has Nielsen [...]

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  • Now & Next: eSports

    Which event had more people watching live in the stadium in 2017? The Superbowl? The FA Cup Final? Or the Intel Extreme Masters? Well, you might have guessed it (though you may never have heard of it) – it’s the Intel Extreme Masters! In fact, with over 173,000 fans in attendance, this event, which includes competitions in League of Legends, Starcraft II, and Counter-Strike, had more spectators come through its gates than the other two events combined (as well as a [...]

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