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  • Tremor Video DSP Acquisition Points to the Importance of Being Specialised in Video

    In August, Tremor Video sold its demand-side business to Israeli mobile ad platform, Taptica, for USD$50m (£36.9m), allowing Tremor Video to focus on being a pure-play SSP. Keen to understand how the sale will affect the future of Tremor Video’s DSP in its new home within Taptica, ExchangeWire speaks with Lauren Wiener, CEO of Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica company, about the acquisition and the future focus of the demand-side business.

    ExchangeWire: Was there a challenge of conflict of interest with [...]

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  • £11.4bn Ad Spend for UK in 2017; New Partnerships for Bitposter

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: UK ad spend forecast 2017; Bitposter inks new partnerships; Device ID fraud costs USD$1bn (£730m) in damages; Funding for Funnel; PRISA uses Switch SSP; and comScore provides global viewability measurement.

    £11.4bn forecast for UK Digital Ad spend 2017

    eMarketer’s forecast for UK digital ad spend will total £11.44bn in 2017. That figure is an improvement by 11% from last year’s ad spend [...]

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  • Rubicon Project CTO Tom Kershaw Discusses Identity Management

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, Ciaran O’Kane, founder and CEO, ExchnageWire speaks with Tom Kershaw, CTO, Rubicon Project about the road to achieving a universal identifier in the digital advertising ecosystem.

    Kershaw discusses:

    – How identity is currently managed in the digital advertising ecosystem – How app developers and publishers can compete on a level playing field with the rest of the ecosystem – The reasons why the industry must move to a server-side solution – How the industry can achieve working towards a [...]

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  • It’s Time for Advertisers to Abandon Desktop Buying Technology

    Mobile advertising consumption has been growing exponentially every year. For advertisers to properly engage consumers by using the latest capabilities available, they need to be using the best technology to make that happen. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Renaud Biet (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, TabMo, talks about the differences between mobile and desktop advertising, and the challenges marketers face using outdated desktop technology when wanting to take advantage of the latest in mobile advertising.

    To call mobile media a [...]

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  • Measurement Still Needs Improvement; Female CMOs More Prevalent in the US than the UK

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Measurement still needs improvement; Female CMOs more prevalent in the US than the UK; and Location data to modernise metrics.

    Measurement still needs improvements

    Only just over a third (36%) of digital marketers are confident their campaigns are targeting the right audiences, according to research by Greenlight.

    Whilst nearly a quarter of digital marketers [...]

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  • Ad Tech Dominates: Looking Back at dmexco & Forward to the Future

    With another highlight of the programmatic calendar done and dusted, Anton Kooijman (pictured below), managing director Northern Europe, Rubicon Project, looks at the behemoth of a trade show that dmexco has become and the key trends coming out of this year’s conference – outside of the Debate Hall.

    Ad tech now dominates

    No longer is it confined to a certain Hall – ad tech is now the accepted norm. Giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google sit amongst DSPs, SSPs, exchanges, retargeters, and [...]

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  • Ad Industry Concerned Over Safari’s New Cookie-Blocking Feature

    Yesterday, 19 September, Apple released the new iOS 11 update with significant changes to Safari, affecting the advertising community. The new feature will block cookies in the browser, which could hurt advertiser targeting and change the economic model of the current internet. The leading advertising groups in the industry have blasted Apple for this move and ExchangeWire have reached out to these experts to get their take on the matter.

    One of the new features in Apple’s new iOS 11 [...]

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  • Bringing Blockchain to Programmatic – Q&A with Zheng Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder, EnvisionX

    Everyone is talking about ‘blockchain’ – but why? In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Zheng Zhang, CEO and co-founder of EnvisionX, anticipates that the industry will very quickly move into blockchain technology to, ultimately, address the transparency and fraud issues – and why they’ve been a ‘headache’ for a long time now.

    ExchangeWire: You co-founded EnvisionX in 2014, what was your reason for starting the business?

    Zheng Zhan: The idea for EnvisionX was born when my co-founder Vlad Kushka and I felt that [...]

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  • Tremor Rebrands to Telaria; SpotX Supports ads.txt

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the US/Canadian digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Tremor Video rebrands; SpotX to support IAB’s ads.txt; AppNexus and Rubicon launch; Vistar Media expands into Canada; Krush and Frequency Networks partner; and Thunder acquires Adacus.

    Tremor Video rebrands to Telaria; Integrates deeper with The Trade Desk

    Tremor Video, a video-optimisation software company, has rebranded as ‘Telaria‘. The rebrand, including a new corporate logo and brand platform, follows the news [...]

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  • All Advertising Will Be Native, or Non-Interruptive; Q&A with Gilad de Vries, Outbrain

    Native advertising isn’t new, but as an opportunity to seamlessly get in front of customers in the context they are already familiar with, the channel continues to grow as marketers are seeing true value. Gilad de Vries (pictured below), SVP Strategy, Outbrain, talks about the benefits of native advertising and how a marketer’s content can drive users to engage with their brand.

    ExchangeWire: What are the benefits for brands/agencies, and what have been the main growth factors of [...]

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