• Bidswitch's Barry Adams Discusses Top Industry Trends

    In this special, voxpop edition of TraderTalk TV, Barry Adams, VP commercial development, BidSwitch, discusses the top industry trends, from the view of the platform’s unique positioning in the digital supply chain.

    Adams discusses:

    – The programmatic trends seen within the BidSwitch platform in the past year

    – How the industry will deal with transparency and fraud over the next 12 months

    – Why the deal ID is becoming increasingly prominent

    – How the industry deals with narrowing margins, coupled with rising costs of infrastructure

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  • After Years of False Starts, True Native Offers Hope: Q&A with Kai Henniges, video intelligence

    With GDPR around the corner, is first- and third-party data going to struggle? Kai Henniges (pictured below), CEO and co-founder of Swiss mobile video SSP video intelligence, believes that native is the way forward, as it works with existing page content, rather than relying on data.

    Quietly creeping up on us for years, native video has emerged as a dominant force in digital advertising. The reason is a collision of factors – with video consumption habits and GDPR the final pieces [...]

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  • The Nuances of Education-Tech Publisher Monetisation: Q&A with Brainly & Yieldbird

    In September, ad-optimisation company, Yieldbird, announced a new partnership with Brainly, an education technology publisher, which offers a unique platform for sharing knowledge amongst students, across 35 languages. ExchangeWire speaks exclusively with Przemysław Oborski, business development manager, Brainly, and Bartłomiej Chmiel, managing director, Yieldbird (both pictured below), about the nuances of publisher yield optimisation in the edtech sector.

    ExchangeWire: Can you explain what Brainly does and how the site works?

    Przemysław Oborski, Brainly: Brainly is the world’s largest student-powered, peer-to-peer learning community. Our mission [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Must Differentiate in Programmatic Landscape

    In a market democratised by programmatic, brands in Asia-Pacific must be able to stand above the crowd and not have a myopic view of the digital landscape.

    Programmatic had levelled the playing field and created a space in which even multibillion dollar brands competed with mom-and-pop stores. This meant that marketers would need to work harder to differentiate themselves, said Sanchit Sanga, Mindshare’s Asia-Pacific chief digital officer.

    “To win in this scenario, you’ll need to have much better data strategies in [...]

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  • Why Dynamic Creative Optimisation Matters for 2018

    Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) is set to take on a whole new persona. Granted, DCO is nothing new but, as Francis Turner (pictured below), general manager, US and chief revenue officer, ADYOULIKE, explains in this exclusive piece for ExchangeWire, the advent of release 1.2 of the OpenRTB Native Ads API Specification means that dynamic creative will bring native advertising into a new era.

    When Facebook throws its hat in the ring, you know the fight is about to get [...]

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  • ATS London 2017: How Identification Builds Economic Sustainability in Digital Advertising

    At ATS London this year, ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, hosted a panel discussion between industry experts, discussing what the future of the ID could look like.

    Watch panellists Marco Bertozzi, VP of sales, Spotify; Jordan Mitchell, founder and CEO, DigiTrust; James Collier, co-founder and chief revenue officer, Rainbow; Alex Stil, president [m]PLATFORM EMEA, GroupM; and Simon Halstead , head of open demand international, Oath discuss the following:

    The future of the cookie How ad tech can compete with the walled gardens How the industry builds a universal [...]

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  • Email Still Relevant Tool for APAC Marketers

    Reports of the demise of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated. That is what Dynamic Yield would like to convey to industry detractors who decry the effectiveness of email as a marketing tool.

    The ad tech vendor launched a suite of services this week that it said would enable marketers to send personalised email to better engage their customers. Dynamic Yield for Email had been integrated with the vendor’s main personalisation software, so marketers would be able to tap user [...]

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  • IPONWEB's Nathan Woodman Discusses Supply Path Optimisation

    In this special voxpop edition of TraderTalk TV, Nathan Woodman, SVP strategic development, IPONWEB, talks through the hot topic of supply path optimisation.

    In this episode, Woodman discusses:

    – What supply path optimisation (SPO) is

    – How SPO works for advertisers

    – How SPO works for publishers

    – Where the responsibility for ensuring an optimised supply path should lie

    – How SPO can help to create a more transparent ecosystem

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  • The Ad Server Started with Pixels & is Figuring Out People: Q&A with Victor Wong, CEO, Thunder

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  • The Collision of Technology & Creativity

    Today, content marketing is a £5bn industry, in the UK alone. The discipline has become increasingly popular over the last five years, inline with the growth of content sharing platforms Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. However, the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and content marketing is something that has existed under the radar for some time. In this piece, ExchangeWire speaks with Kuba Wieczorek, co-founder, Eve Sleep, and Tom Graham, Codec co-founder and product lead, about the work [...]

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