• The Rise of Programmatic E-Commerce

    Retargeting has always been used as an efficient tactic for e-commerce campaigns, but can brands use programmatic to replicate retargeting success for prospecting and user-acquisition? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, George Levin, CEO and co-founder, GetIntent, explains the advantages of using programmatic for e-commerce and the importance of bringing these tools in-house for the best success.

    Marketing for e-commerce has been always been performance-oriented, while success has been measured and driven by very strict metrics that historically have included: ‘cost per order’, [...]

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  • Innovation Will Always Find a Home

    Based on reactions to recent acquisition news in the ad-tech space, the glass for startups is either half empty or half full. As Kieth Petri, chief strategy officer, Screen6, writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, explains, some have said that recent consolidation is the sign of an ‘Ad Tech Apocalypse’; and others see how innovative companies are finding their rightful place amongst the larger ad-tech stacks – able to meet market challenges and provide value in ways that the established ad-tech [...]

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  • The Vast Number of Technologies for Marketers Has Created a Paradox

    Amidst a shift of focus from being a marketing attribution solution to a marketing intelligence solution, with an emphasis on people-based marketing, Visual IQ has recently partnered with data management platform (DMP), Lotame. ExchangeWire speaks with Ryan Rolf, vice president of data solutions at Lotame and Phil Gross, vice president of product management at Visual IQ to find about more about this shift of business focus and Lotame’s role in helping to achieve that.

    ExchangeWire: What will the partnership between Visual [...]

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  • The Ongoing Search For Quality: Q&A with Dominic Trigg, OpenX

    ExchangeWire speaks with ad tech industry veteran, Dominic Trigg, about his role as vice president EMEA at OpenX; the industry changes he’s seen throughout his time; along with the key challenges the industry is still tackling. 

    ExchangeWire: You recently joined OpenX as Vice President, EMEA – what attracted you to the company and what are you looking to accomplish in your new role?

    Dominic Trigg: As the senior vice president of Rocket Fuel’s international business, I oversaw the purchase of hundreds of [...]

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  • IPA Calls on Google & Facebook to Clean Up Video Measurement

    This week the IPA issued a direct call to action to Google’s YouTube and Facebook to clean up safety, measurement, and viewability of online video on their platforms. ExchangeWire asks experts to weigh in on whether this was the right move that will force Google and Facebook to step in line.

    IPA director general Paul Bainsfair issued the letter to the digital duopoly, outlining three urgent action points required to ensure global standards in ad verification and video measurement.

    The IPA is requesting [...]

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  • Mobile Web Header Bidding Impressions Grew 285% YOY

    Yesterday (15 August), PubMatic released its second Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report of 2017, providing insight into the mobile advertising industry for both publishers and advertisers in Q2 2017. The main highlight from the report was that header bidding in mobile channels is thriving, both in terms of monetised impression volume growth and mobile web header bidding eCPMs. 

    Six key trends were identified in the report, through analysis of the flow of digital impressions through PubMatic’s platform, SEVEN. As well [...]

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  • A Brand Safety SLA Really Must Execute to 99.999% Reliability: Q&A with John Snyder, CEO, Grapeshot

    Whilst ‘context’ has been sidelined in the past, it is experiencing a renaissance and now finds itself right at the centre of brand safety and agency concerns, as John Snyder, CEO and co-founder, Grapeshot, explains. Speaking exclusively with ExchangeWire, Snyder highlights why context in audience targeting needs to get back in the driver’s seat.

    ExchangeWire: What has the evolution of the contextual targeting market been, and what does Grapeshot do for brands and agencies?

    John Snyder: Context has always been the mother [...]

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  • 10 Years of the iPhone: How Mobile Has Changed the Advertising Game

    This year the iPhone turns 10 years old, and what a decade it has been. From how consumers use their devices, to how advertisers reach them, the world has turned upside down and there’s no turning back. There have been peaks and troughs, successes and challenges, and the next decade looks like it will be nothing if not complex. The mobile advertising industry is booming, but does the future look bright for the iPhone?

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  • APAC Publishers Slow to Turn Up Video Content

    Advertisers and agencies want more video content, but few publishers in Asia-Pacific are scaling up to meet the increased demand over concerns about cost and complexity.

    Eager to reduce their dependence on YouTube, marketers in the region are keen to seek out alternative video inventory, says James Sampson, DataXu’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager. However, most premium publishers have yet to add video content at scale, he notes, adding that there also are other issues to consider.

    In this Q&A with [...]

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  • Localisation Key to Survival Amidst China's Walled Gardens

    Localisation and working alongside walled gardens may be key to survival in China's tough ad tech landscape. Although, this does not mean brands should stop demanding more transparency.

    Lured by the country's sizeable market potential, numerous foreign players have attempted to grab a piece of the pie, but few could claim success. A big part of this was due to their lack of local knowledge, according to Albert Sim, Miaozhen China's vice president of [...]

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