• Buyers & Sellers Deserve Complete Visibility: Q&A with Chris Rooke, Nativo

    Transparency issues are always a top concern in the advertising industry, and rightly so with some of the methods being used. As Chris Rooke (pictured below), SVP strategy and operations, Nativo, explains, there are quite a few practices in play today that need to be addressed, but follow-through will be key to addressing these transparency concerns to give buyers and sellers the visibility they deserve going forward.

    ExchangeWire: How is transparency (or lack thereof) affecting the health of the [...]

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  • If You Want to Ride the Programmatic Wave, Keep it Simple

    Teads hosted its inaugural ‘Programmatic Wave’ event to a packed room in London last week, seeing experts from across the industry coming together to discuss the evolution of programmatic, using surfing as a surprisingly fitting analogy. From creative and data, to brand safety and technology, almost no topic was left uncovered, with one common, yet oft-ignored phrase uttered several times throughout: ‘keep it simple’.

    ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane hosted the ‘Data 101’ session, discussing the fundamental role of data in the [...]

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  • Facebook Made More Profit Than Google

    Yesterday, 26 July, Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) reported second quarter 2017 results for the quarter ended June 30, 2017. It beat analyst expectations by generating USD$9.32 bn (£7.10 bn) in revenue, up about 45% from the same quarter last year. Facebook’s net income for the quarter was USD$3.89 bn (£2.96 bn) – up an impressive 71% year-on-year.

    That means Facebook made more profit than Google for the first time in history – though Google’s Q2 profit only slumped to USD$3.52bn (£2.68bn) because it [...]

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  • History Repeats Itself in Ad Tech, So What’s Next?

    Much has been written and debated on the pages of the ad tech industry’s trade publications, websites, and blogs. There is no shortage of opinions, rationalisations, and debates for why things happen, with many points of view, forecasts, and predictions. We have seen many wins and many disappointments. But, writes Chris Karl (pictured below), CEO, VertaMedia, there is no denying that in the real world (the one that happens when you shut down your computer or turn off your phone) [...]

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  • The State of Programmatic Inventory in the UK

    It is commonly known that programmatic inventory provides significant scale and efficiency when it comes to targeting audiences across devices and formats, but this needs to be planned carefully. In recent years, the programmatic inventory landscape has rapidly evolved, with more publishers leading a ‘programmatic-first’ mentality and, as a result, a wider array of formats becoming available programmatically across all devices. An in-depth look at available inventory in open ad exchanges over a 30-day period in the UK highlights that, [...]

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  • Adoption Vs Execution: How Media Agencies Are Making the Most of DMPs

    Earlier this year, ExchangeWire conducted research, in association with Lotame, looking at the global adoption and use of DMPs within agencies. In this piece, we discuss high-level findings – click here to read the full report.

    The presence of DMPs within the agency ecosystem is widespread. Globally, 79% of agency-side media buying professionals use DMP technology. There is little regional variation (EMEA 76%; APAC 81%; US 80%).

    This figure can be viewed as very strong, [...]

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  • IAB Puts the Consumer First with Latest Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

    The IAB recently released a finalised version of the new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, allowing for ad creative to adjust to a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. As well as flexible ad sizes, the IAB has included specifications for AR, VR, social media, mobile video, emoji ad messaging, and 360º video ads, following industry-wide feedback after the initial version was released for public comment in September 2016.

    The latest ad portfolio, and its host of new guidelines, marks [...]

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  • Google's Ad Revenue Reaches USD$23bn

    Yesterday (24 July), Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG, GOOGL) announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2017. Alphabet reported a 21% leap in quarterly revenue, a growth rate rarely seen among companies its size and one that suggests the big sales gains enjoyed recently by the other internet firms are not done yet. 

    “With revenues of USD$26bn (£20bn), up 21% versus the second quarter of 2016, and 23% on a constant currency basis, we’re delivering strong growth with great underlying momentum, while continuing to [...]

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  • Ad Track Blocker is Just Another Game of Cat & Mouse

    Last month, Apple announced at its Developers Conference that it would effectively put an end to advertisers’ ability to track consumers who use the Safari browser around the web and serve targeted ads based on their browsing habits. Buried beneath headline-grabbing product news, Apple said that it will be adding an ‘ad tracker blocker’ to its web browser as part of an update to its desktop OS. Industry analysts estimate that this could impact 40% of web users [...]

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  • Dropping the Term ‘Programmatic’

    Programmatic technology has given brands the opportunity to deliver targeted, personalised, and automated messaging. It’s direct, it’s indirect, it’s display, it’s native, it’s all of these things. However, with programmatic now stretching across the whole digital advertising world, it has proven quite difficult to properly define, at least for those on the outside. With thanks to members of the IAB’s Display Trading Council – in particular PubMatic, Rakuten, Integral Ad Science, Rocket Fuel, AOL, and Voluum – this piece discusses the [...]

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