• What is SPO & Why is Everybody Talking About It?

    If you work for an agency trading desk, programmatic buying unit, or client trading desk you are already doing it; if you work for an SSP, you will be responding to RFPs about it; if you are a publisher, you are asking what impact this is going to have on increasing yields and fill. So what is supply path optimisation (SPO) and why is this new acronym going to feature heavily on ad tech panels in the coming months? Writing [...]

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  • Why the Fragmented Media World is Changing TV Buying

    At ExchangeWire Live in New York, a panel of experts came together to discuss how the world of TV buying is changing, as a result of increased media fragmentation. Following The Trade Desk chief client officer, Brian Stempeck's keynote speech on the state of the TV market in the US, he was joined on stage by Adam Heimlich, SVP programmatic, managing director of HX, Horizon Media; Erica Schmidt, managing director, North America, Cadreon; and Josh Martin, EVP, [...]

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  • Verve Mobile's Ian James Discusses the Benefits of SDK Location Data

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, ExchangeWire’s senior data analyst, Hugh Williams discusses the benefits of location data derived from software development kits (SDKs) with Ian James, GM international, Verve Mobile. This discussion comes off the back of a recent report published by ExchangeWire Research, in association with Verve Mobile, investigating why third-party SDKs are disrupting the mobile location data market.

    In this episode, James discusses:

    – How SDKs fit into the location marketing landscape

    – How SDK location data differs from [...]

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  • The Value of Data: It's Not All Doom & Gloom on the High Street

    It’s been a difficult 2017 so far for the retail sector: Jaeger collapsed into administration, Rue 21 closed stores, and Debenhams is closing stores to focus on a more digital approach. Many retailers are failing to meet consumer expectations by realigning their approach to a more digitally focused marketing strategy that ensures the retention and growth of their customer base. Digital has revolutionised where and how we can connect with our consumers. This should be a dream come true [...]

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  • The New ROI: Return on Influence

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  • Challenges Are Necessary for Evolution: Q&A with Dora Lakatos, Glispa

    Speaking to ExchangeWire, Dora Lakatos (pictured below), SVP global growth, Glispa, discusses current trends in mobile ad tech, operating a global company from an as-yet conservative market, and explains how the challenges in performance marketing may yet yield some positive results.

    ExchangeWire: What do you see as the main global trends in terms of mobile ad tech?

    Dora Lakatos: Right now, there are four important trends in mobile ad tech; and most are being fueled by major industry consolidation, which encompasses all [...]

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  • Marketing in the Time of Brexit & Trump: Which Path Should Brands Take?

    How does the political landscape impact marketing? Maria Pousa, CMO, Integral Ad Science, explores the fundamentals brands must keep front-of-mind during changing political times and argues that, ultimately, brand values and context shouldn’t really change in the short term.

    In periods of turmoil, it can be hard for marketers to find their feet – and to call these times ‘divisive’ would be an understatement. The ad tech industry has weathered gender and diversity concerns, Facebook’s measurement scandal and, more recently, P&G’s call to [...]

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  • Deep-Learning Algorithm Crucial in Retargeting APAC

    As consumers visit different shops and compare offers across various platforms before making their purchase decisions, marketers will need to turn to solutions that can help them analyse patterns and identify correlations.

    The answer here lies in ‘deep-learning algorithms’, which will be increasingly critical in enabling merchants push relevant messaging to their targeted audience in the region, says Jakub Ratajczak, RTB House’s Asia-Pacific regional director. Pointing to the retargeting vendor’s internal research, he notes that deep-learning algorithms could push up [...]

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  • Technology-Driven Creative: Five Mobile Takeaways from Cannes

    Given the criticism that has been leveled at the mobile marketing industry for its lack of creativity over the years, the presence of mobile technology at the premier advertising event celebrating creativity was an auspicious sign that the industry understands that we need to marry creativity with data and technology, writes Alex Moss, VP sales europe, YouAppi, exclusively for ExchangeWire.

    After viewing the winning mobile campaigns at Cannes, I was pleasantly surprised by the smart, technology-driven creative. Yet, when I look at [...]

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  • What’s Next for Native Advertising in Mobile?

    It has been more than just a few years since the seismic shift in users’ browsing preferences from desktop to mobile. During that time there has been some serious investment behind the mobile environment, both in technology and formats. Mobile display advertising, firmly rooted within the marketing mix, is considered to be the modern equivalent of more contemporary methods of advertising. Display advertising has a very healthy organic model, which many think will become bigger than SEO. [...]

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