• How to Build Your Ad Tech Brand in Germany

    As international technology companies get ready to head to dmexco in Cologne, Andrea Buzzi, CEO and founder of German communications agency, Frau Wenk+++, underlines the key market specifics for global ad tech companies to consider when entering the German market.

    With a population of more than 80 million people, Germany is Europe’s largest market by some margin. It’s therefore not surprising that companies from abroad strive to enter and conquer this country. Tech companies in particular have an eye on [...]

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  • Striking the Balance Between Human & Machine in Marketing

    Today’s marketing leaders face huge challenges. Overwhelmed by data, marketers need to move faster than ever to keep up with the pace of change; and they need to show results that have real business impact, writes Guillaume Roques, EMEA CMO, Salesforce, exclusively for ExchangeWire. 

    The good news is that every aspect of this increasingly complex role will be extensively discussed at dmexco this year – it’s a great way for the digital marketing industry to collectively learn from each other and [...]

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  • How AI Is Learning to Create Computer-Generated Imagery

    Artificial intelligence continues to evolve as it finds new ways to learn and function, including tackling the subject of creativity. Next on the machine-learning list: computer-generated imagery. As Olga Egorsheva, CEO and co-founder, Lobster, explains, AI could have a greater role to play in freedom of creativity than you could imagine.

    AI’s relationship with creativity has always been a curious one. Can machine learning truly equal the human mind when it comes to expressing creativity? Perhaps some of the answers can [...]

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  • Data Science Brings Intelligence to Ad Tech: Q&A with Catherine Williams, Chief Data Scientist, AppNexus

    In an industry based on data and real-time analysis, data scientists are the interpreters of complex variables that determine the outcome of advertising campaigns. Catherine Williams (pictured below), chief data scientist, AppNexus, talks about the role of data science in ad tech – and the importance of nurturing new talent for the industry as a whole.

    ExchangeWire: Are data scientists being replaced by machine learning?

    Catherine Williams: No, on the contrary, data scientists are required in order to produce viable machine learning. [...]

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  • AirAsia Campaigns Put Humans & AI Together

    Data-driven marketing and machine learning often are touted as helping advertisers reach audiences more accurately; but human judgement still is needed to tell the story that connects customers.

    This approach helped power AirAsia’s campaigns, according to Kuo Chia-Fang, Oath’s Asia-Pacific media solutions senior director. The low-cost airline worked with Yahoo last year to roll out a campaign that aimed to create awareness of its flight network, frequencies, and ancillary services such as in-flight meal, hot seats, and baggage. It also wanted [...]

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  • Will Blockchain Transform the Ad Tech Industry?

    ‘Blockchain’ is coming up more often in the world of ad tech, an industry that loves their buzzwords. But is there any validity to blockchain’s use in advertising? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Jeffrey Seah, board member, Gravity4, talks about how blockchain is already being used in other industries, and how it has the possibility of combating ad tech’s ad fraud and transparency issues.

    The term ‘blockchain’, and the ground-breaking theory behind its technology, was first propelled into the spotlight in [...]

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  • GDPR is Fast Approaching: Are You Ready?

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  • dmexco Survival Guide from an Industry Veteran

    Cannes is the most fun. CES has The Strip. IAB Leadership is ideal for catching up with friends. Perhaps Mobile World Congress is the largest… But none of these compare to dmexco’s nearly 60,000 in-industry attendees, its concentration of tech vendors, agencies, (some) brands, and all the rest. Here’s what you need to know about the best ad tech show of the year, writes dmexco veteran and president of Industry Index, Jonathon Shaevitz.

    dmexco’s strength is its distillation – focus [...]

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  • ID5 Launches to Clean Up Cookie Synchronisation

    Today (8 September), ID5 is launched, aiming to help improve cookie synchronisation across the digital advertising ecosystem. Cookies are the default means of identifying users online. Identifying users via a cookie isn’t as bad as people believe, but the key challenge here is that cookies are domain-specific. Ad tech platforms are, therefore, obliged to synchronise cookies with each other, a messy process that generates a lot of frustration. Through centralisation and optimisation, we can do better: reduce the cookie-sync footprint, provide transparency to publishers, contribute [...]

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  • Experts Predict the Key Themes of dmexco 2017

    The annual dmexco conference in Cologne is almost upon us again. The year so far has offered up a plethora of hot talking points within the advertising industry – but will they still be the talk of the town, or the halls of the Koelnmesse next week? ExchangeWire asks industry experts what they expect to be the key themes at dmexco 2017 and they certainly had plenty to say.

    What does Marc Pritchard have to say?

    “Whilst many are likely to predict key [...]

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