• Facebook Whistleblower Voices Concerns; YouTube Announce Video Action Campaign Extension

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates in media, marketing, and commerce from around the globe. In this edition: Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, discusses safety concerns during a 60 Minutes interview; YouTube announce they are expanding video [...]

  • R3's Penelope Siraj on the 'Great Resignation', Consent Management, and Brand Entertainment

    On this week’s episode of TheMadTech Podcast, Penelope, principal consultant at R3, joins ExchangeWire’s Mat Broughton and Lindsay Rowntree to discuss the latest news in media, marketing, and commerce. This week, they cover:   – A record number of US workers have quit their [...]

  • Twitch confirm data breach; AppLovin acquire MoPub

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: Twitch announce that they were victims of a data breach; Twitter have entered an agreement with AppLovin to sell MoPub; and Paddle have offered the first alternative payment method to Apple users.   Twitch confirm 125GB data [...]

  • IPONWEB's Shane Shevlin on MediaGrid Curation

    In this latest episode of TraderTalk TV, Shane Shevlin, Head of Marketplace Development at IPONWEB, joins ExchangeWire’s Lindsay Rowntree to discuss the role of curation in data-driven advertising.    In this session, Shevlin and Rowntree discuss: – What curation is, why it matters, [...]

  • Frances Haugen Voices Facebook Concerns to US Senate; Google Announce Release of GNI Advertising Lab

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: Frances Haugen voices her Facebook user safety concerns to the US Senate; Google announce the release of Google News Initiative Advertising Lab; and Ofcom introduce user safety regulations to all video-sharing platforms.   Frances Haugen voices Facebook [...]

  • Last-Click to Data-Driven: Industry Reaction

    Following last week’s announcement that Google will move away from last-click attribution in favour of a data-driven model, ExchangeWire speaks to professionals across the industry as to the effect of this change, and the motivations behind the change. The need to [...]

  • YouTube Announce Video Action Campaigns Expansion to CTV; Perion Network Acquire Vindazoo

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: YouTube have announced they are expanding video action campaigns to CTV; Perion Network have acquired Vindazoo in a USD$93.5m (£68.7m) deal; and Zeta Global have completed a USD$41m (£30.1m) acquisition with Apptness.   YouTube announce video action [...]

  • Industry Review: The MadTech Middleware - Reframing the Industry (Part 2)

    Who are the MadTech Middleware, and what challenges are they looking to address? ExchangeWire has launched Industry Review – an outline of where we see the future for the marketing industry. In part 2 of this 3-part MadTech Webcast series, we look [...]

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  • Consolidation in Digital Audio: Now & Next

    In this feature article, ExchangeWire examines investment within the digital audio space over the course of the last nine months, how programmatic is fuelling funding initiatives, and the effect of consolidation upon the sector. Consolidation in digital audio is booming. As [...]

  • Facebook Whistleblower Voices Concerns: Ozy Media Shuts Down

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: Frances Haugen has been named as the Facebook whistleblower who has user safety concerns; Ozy Media closes its doors after employee scandal; and TDCX has announced pricing of IPO of 19.4 million shares.   Facebook whistleblower voices [...]