• For Targeted Advertising, Mobile Device ID Crumbles the Cookie

    Location data is now able to give marketers a wealth of information to better target consumers; and the use of mobile device IDs has helped gather extremely detailed data. This data gives advertisers information to create a better advertising experience for their consumers. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Brooke Willcox (pictured below), director of digital business development, MNI Targeted Media, explains why the traditional cookie is being overpowered by the mobile device ID, and has become a better option for [...]

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  • ATS London 2017: The Advertiser Strikes Back - Keynote from Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, IPONWEB

    At ATS London this year, Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, founder, chief executive officer and chief scientist, IPONWEB delivers his annual keynote speech on how technology can help the advertiser get more from digital advertising, entitled “The Advertiser Strikes Back.”

    Dr Mouzykantskii, a stalwart on the ATS London stage, charts the challenges faced by the all-powerful advertiser in trying to find the right path in the digital advertising ecosystem, in his much-anticipated keynote speech.


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  • Header Bidding Still Growing with 220% YOY Increase in Impressions in Q3 2017

    Yesterday (14 November) PubMatic released its third Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report of 2017, providing insight into the mobile advertising industry for both publishers and advertisers during the most recent quarter. Key highlights include the continued proliferation of header bidding globally, and the increased advertiser leverage of mobile private marketplaces. 

    The report identified five key trends, through analysis of the flow of digital impressions through PubMatic’s platform, SEVEN. Mobile header bidding continued to grow steadily, with the report also identifying [...]

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  • Whitelisting: The White Knight for Brand Safety?

    With the brand safety scandal raging on since March of this year, one term that keeps cropping up as a potential solution is ‘whitelisting’. ExchangeWire delves into whether whitelisting really is the white knight the industry needs to fend off the bad guys. First published in issue 02 of ExchangeWire’s The Wire print publication.

    What is whitelisting?

    As you’d expect, it’s the opposite of blacklisting. Rather than building a list of disapproved URLs, your campaign targeting is based on a list [...]

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  • AdAsia: Localising AI Engines Essential, But Can Take Months

    Localisation is key to AdAsia Holdings’ growth in Asia, but the ad-tech vendor says this requires training its artificial intelligence (AI) systems to understand local nuances, which can take months to accomplish.

    Headquartered in Singapore, AdAsia currently operates in several Asian markets including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Japan. It also will be adding Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates to the mix next year.

    Its CEO and co-founder, Kosuke Sogo, explains that there are differences even [...]

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  • Why Education Is STILL a Barrier to Programmatic Adoption

    In the run up to an upcoming training programme run by The Programmatic Advisory, in conjunction with ExchangeWire, The Programmatic Advisory’s founder and CEO, Wayne Blodwell, highlights the importance of training to keep up to date with the emerging trends in the programmatic ecosystem, so that programmatic becomes more than just alphabet soup.

    Demand-side platforms, data-management platforms, dynamic creative optimisation, first-party data, second-party data, third-party data, header bidding, first-price auctions, second-price auctions, modified auctions, publisher ad servers, attribution, algorithmic buying, log-level [...]

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  • An Era When a Mutual Value Exchange is Standard: Q&A with Janette Higginson, Postr

    It’s official. The world is mobile. So, are we getting to a stage where mobile isn’t classed as a separate conversation from digital advertising in general? Mobile programmatic is still in maturity phase; but it’s developing at speed and topics around transparency, GDPR, ad blocking, and viewability apply as much to the mobile space as they do to desktop environments. ExchangeWire speaks with Janette Higginson (pictured below), head of ad strategy and platform, Postr about how programmatic mobile is maturing [...]

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  • The Quieting of Agency Programmatic Offerings Has Been Notable: Q&A with Nick Graham, Huawei Technologies

    Advertising strategies for global brands require complex planning and execution. How has the advent of programmatic technology changed this process? ExchangeWire speaks with Nick Graham, global director of digital marketing and media, Huawei Technologies, to find out.

    ExchangeWire: Do you think global brands achieve the correct balance between a cohesive global strategy and localisation?

    Nick Graham: Yes, cautiously. It depends largely on the types of businesses we consider. Certain consultancies, accounting firms, banks, luxury brands, telcos, have all shown that [...]

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  • Carrier First-Screen Solutions Can Disrupt the Duopoly: Q&A with Gregory Wester, Mobile Posse

    As smartphones have become extensions of our hands for up-to-date content at all times, there is an opportunity for carriers to put relevant content, and advertising, in front of their subscribers, giving them an even better user experience. Gregory Wester (pictured below), SVP marketing and business development, Mobile Posse, talks about first-screen solutions that carriers can put into place to go up against the duopoly, providing more options, and leading to a fair marketplace.

    ExchangeWire: What does Mobile Posse do [...]

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  • Now & Next: Cyber Attacks

    The signs are innocuous: a slow network connection, a requested password update, a strange email from a colleague. The effects, however, have profound impacts on people, businesses, and governments alike. ExchangeWire’s Now & Next explores the methods and motivations behind cyber attacks, and how (or if) they can be mitigated.

    Throwing your hat into the ring

    Before we tar all hackers with the same brush, it is important to say that this article focuses on the threat posed by ‘black [...]

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