• ATS London 2022: what went down

    ExchangeWire’s ATS conference returned to London on 14th and 15th June, bringing together senior stakeholders across the media, marketing and commerce industries for two days of panel discussions, keynote presentations and fireside chats, not to mention a world-famous after-party. If you [...]

  • The State of Ad Fraud in Mobile and CTV – Q&A with Jalal Nasir, Pixalate

    Following ATS London 2022, Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate, discusses the ad supply ecosystem, how prevalent fraud has become in the mobile and CTV programmatic ad space, and what the future of ad fraud detection could look like.   How prevalent is [...]

  • The Journey of Programmatic TV: Interview with Sean Galligan, Publica

    In this exclusive interview ahead of ATS London 2022, Sean Galligan, chief revenue officer of Publica, outlines how programmatic television is evolving, how key challenges within the channel can be resolved, and the role of context in CTV. What challenges exist [...]

  • Smart AdServer Rebrands as Equativ

    Today (June 8th 2022), global ad tech company, Smart AdServer, has re-launched its global presence in 14 countries under the new name, Equativ. This follows the company’s acquisitions of DynAdmic and LiquidM, with the companies now consolidated under the Equativ [...]

  • VlogBox Teams Up with Extreme Reach to Directly Work with New Advertisers

    VlogBox, a top CTV app development, distribution, and monetisation platform for content creators, is now certified by Extreme Reach (ER), a global leader in creative logistics, to support the ER VAST tags. Due to the partnership, VlogBox is now capable of [...]

  • Pixalate Releases New CTV Ad Supply Chain Trends Report

    Pixalate, the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for connected TV (CTV) and mobile advertising, has today (3rd June) released its Q1 2022 Global Connected TV (CTV) Ad Supply Chain Trends Report, a comprehensive analysis of the state of [...]

  • CTV: "dominating the data-driven narrative."

    TV offers more content to viewers than ever before. Alongside ‘linear’ TV, channels broadcasting content against a daily schedule, the last decade has seen the rise of connected TV (CTV). With CTV, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ [...]

  • Hawk Becomes First Platform on the Market to Integrate Skyrise Data into CTV Offering

    Media and insights platform Hawk and audience data specialists Skyrise Intelligence are to deepen their partnership as Hawk ramps up the Connected TV (CTV) element of its cross-channel offering. Hawk is the only fully multi-channel demand-side platform (DSP) to work in [...]

  • Ciarán O'Kane's 2022 MadTech Predictions

    ATS London is moving from its traditional date in September to 14/15 June in 2022. ExchangeWire believes that this reflects a more expansive view for ad tech and martech.  After all, why focus on a multibillion-dollar retargeting display segment, when you [...]

  • Standardisation and Transparency Will be Key to a Bright CTV Future

    Ahead of ATS London 2022, Hitesh Bhatt, Senior Director, CTV/OTT, EMEA at PubMatic, outlines why ensuring transparency and pursuing standardisation will be integral to the future success of CTV. In most European markets, connected TV (CTV) is evolving from broadcaster VOD [...]