• MadTech Sketch: The Mechanics of Curation

    Curation; everyone in ad tech is talking about it, but what does it actually mean for the industry? In this Sketch, Ciaran O’Kane looks at the mechanics of curation. Curation can be split into two parts - demand generation and activation, [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch - The Revolut Ad Model: Everything is NOT an Ad Net

    In ExchangeWire's latest MadTech Sketch, following the news that Revolut is planning to monetise its transactional data through advertising, Ciarán O’Kane sheds light on their likely ad model, and how it's less ad net, more mini walled garden. Another new ad [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: Curation vs the Open Marketplace

    In his latest MadTech Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane turns his attention to curation - an ad tech model that is gaining momentum and turning heads across the industry. Curation is one of ad tech's hottest topics. It has been around for some [...]

  • DoubleVerify & IAS: Moving From Verification To Activation

    In this week’s MadTech Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane looks at how two heavyweights in the world of verification have been shifting focus towards activation and attention. DoubleVerify (DV) recently agreed to buy Scibids for $125m. Why did an ad verification company want [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: How Commerce Media is Grabbing Ad Share

    In ExchangeWire’s latest MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O’Kane looks at why commerce media is having a moment, and what a successful commerce media business looks like. Uber announced this week that it is now “profitable”. Yes, after 13 years of huge investment [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: Curation for the Ad Tech Nation

    In this week's MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O'Kane takes a look at curation and the opportunities it offers in the current ad tech landscape. Curation is not a new concept in ad tech. Ever since Dr Boris Mouzykantskii developed it for WPP [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: The Cookie Cliff Is Coming. What Are You Going To Do Now?

    The cookie deprecation date has been confirmed – so what's next? In the latest MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O'Kane breaks down the addressable web. Google announced last week that it will not be moving the date for third-party cookie (3PC) deprecation in [...]

  • The SPO Wars and The Rise Of The Programmatic Direct Platform

    In his latest MadTech Sketch, Ciaran turns his attention to the supply-path optimisation (SPO) landscape. The SPO battle is hotting up. Ever since OpenPath was launched by The Trade Desk, both Magnite and Pubmatic have launched competing solutions (Clearline and Activate [...]

  • The Two Tiers of Retail Media

    Ciaran O'Kane is back at his sketchpad, and this week he's focussing on how the retail media market could develop into a two-tier system. Retail media is going to be huge. All online grocery platforms are building a strategy around how [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: Are NFTs the Future of Brand Loyalty?

    The MadTech Sketch is back. This week Ciaran O'Kane has turned his attention to the nascent world of Web3, and in particular what NFTs and blockchain tech can really do for brands and advertisers. Web3 has always struggled with real-world [...]