• Mindset & Strategy: Unlocking Retail Media Opportunities

    Ahead of ATS London 2022, Liz Salway, principal, business consulting, EPAM Continuum, outlines how CPGs can rapidly capitalise upon the upper- and lower-funnel opportunities offered by retail media. I have so much to say on this topic that I had a [...]

  • Harnessing the Power of Retail Media

    In a world without cookies, yet a growing need for personalised advertising, how can retailers and retail brands alike harness retail audiences? Retail media has been growing for over a decade, and its potential is finally being recognised across the globe, [...]

  • Ciarán O'Kane's 2022 MadTech Predictions

    ATS London is moving from its traditional date in September to 14/15 June in 2022. ExchangeWire believes that this reflects a more expansive view for ad tech and martech.  After all, why focus on a multibillion-dollar retargeting display segment, when you [...]

  • Retail Media: The Retailer Gameplan

    Retail media is the biggest ‘green field' space in digital advertising. Online retailers and marketplaces are going to be the biggest beneficiaries, as trade budgets migrate online.  Amazon remains the alpha walled garden, making USD$40bn in revenue from serving product ads [...]

  • Retail Media Around the Globe

    Retail media is a highly exciting and rapidly-growing global phenomenon. However, while it has been embraced by retailers, platforms, and marketers on a worldwide basis, there are sharp contrasts and clear similarities in how retail media is evolving on both [...]

  • Industry Review 2022: Moving Away from Legacy Infrastructure

    Our industry is in a state of flux. From regulatory oversight, to increased platform privacy functionality, to the proliferation of the walled garden, the entire ecosystem is still trying to get to grips with a rapidly changing media and marketing [...]

  • The Untapped Opportunity of Retail Media

    Retail media is a ten-year-in-the-making ad market. It has taken the rise of e-commerce, shifting trade budgets, and the explosive growth of Amazon's ad business (estimated in 2022 to be around USD$30bn) for online retailers, marketplaces, tech vendors and buyers [...]

  • US Government Networks Breached by Chinese Hackers; TikTok’s Child Safety Lawsuit gets the Go-Ahead

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: China APT41 has breached six US state government networks according to research by Mandiant; TikTok's child privacy lawsuit has been given the green light by UK High Court Judge; and Swiftly raise USD$100m (~£76.02m) in [...]

  • Retail Media: The What & The Why

    Retail media is one of the most talked about emerging areas within the media and marketing industries. For those yet to be introduced to the space, retail media describes advertising sold within digital properties in which products or services are also [...]