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  • Agents of Change: The Rise of the Programmatic Media Agency, In Association with IPONWEB

    It’s a time of challenge and opportunity for agencies. A crowded ecosystem, and clients considering whether to in-house their media buying activity are clear causes for concern. However, for those agencies that can tackle these issues head-on and differentiate themselves from the crowd, the rewards are huge.

    Of course, that’s easier said than done. This report, in association with IPONWEB, was undertaken to examine how agencies are looking to set themselves apart from their competition, and answers some key [...]

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  • Demystifying Deal ID: The Future of Programmatic Trading, in Association with BidSwitch

    As issues such as brand safety, inaccurate measurement and fraud continue to take centre stage in the programmatic industry, buyers are turning to private marketplaces (PMPs) to tackle these issues and ensure high quality inventory.

    Unlike an open marketplace, PMPs allow publishers more control over which buyers can advertise on their site, while they offer advertisers higher quality inventory. PMP deals come in many different shapes and sizes — some allow buyers and sellers to agree on criteria such as minimum [...]

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  • Aligning Data & Creativity in Mobile Ad Campaigns; in Association with Verve

    Today, nearly three quarters (72%) of UK mobile ad buyers are maximising the value of mobile data when planning ad campaigns.

    First party data is deemed the most valuable, cited as the favoured data source by 58% of respondents. Just over one third (34%) prefer second party data but fewer than one in 10 (8%) of mobile ad buyers prioritise third party data.

    Half of UK mobile ad buyers (50%) say that improvement in brand awareness metrics is the main benefit of [...]

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  • Is Mobile Measuring Up? The Importance of Third Party Verification; in Association with GroundTruth

    As advertisers continue to shift budgets from desktop to mobile, this report examines whether mobile media buyers are using third party validation for viewability, brand safety and fraud, and the importance they place on this verification.

    We see that third party measurement across mobile is on the rise. Almost a quarter (24%) of respondents are using a partner to report viewability, brand safety and fraud rates on mobile, with this figure expected to increase to 45% in the next 12 months.

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  • SDKs are Disrupting the Mobile Location Data Market & Becoming the Data Source of Preference; in Association with Verve

    Many businesses in the past few years have transitioned to think mobile first, quickly realising the dramatic shift in consumers’ digital media consumption. As business strategies realign, the drive for mobile location data for campaign targeting and the creation of personalised and relevant stories has become evermore prevalent.

    Mobile devices teleport us; they transport users from destination to destination throughout their entire day, playing the roles of both communication tools and utility devices. Each visit, frequent or not, builds a picture [...]

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  • Let the Data Speak: Comparing the Use of Data Across Europe; in Association with Xaxis

    Information can travel across borders instantly, without friction, and without stopping at customs, subject to data privacy legislation of course. You’d expect for the development of any European market in data-driven advertising, with common standards and practices across the continent, to be a relatively straightforward matter, but it isn’t.

    It’s been clear for some time that there’s a significant variation in how data is used in markets from around the globe. This is a critical issue for the advertising industry, development [...]

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  • Adoption Vs Execution: How Media Agencies Across the Globe are Making the Most of their DMPs' Capabilities; in Association with Lotame

    In the world of digital advertising and programmatic marketing, data has grown exponentially in both volume and importance. The use of large data sets in predicting consumer behavior and understanding audiences is more widespread now than ever before. We have entered an era of data-driven marketing campaigns focused on audience engagement and one-to-one brand experiences.

    At the heart of this data revolution sits the data management platform, a powerful technology used by companies of every size around the globe to collect, [...]

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  • Digital Re-imagined: Context & Predictability; in Association with xAd

    Tapping into contextual data (such as location, weather and time of day), which is collected through mobile devices, is a reliable way for today’s marketers to take control and begin to track audience habits. This data can then be used to engage with consumers in real-time to drive brand awareness and sales.

    Our Digital Re-imagined: Context and Predictability report provides answers to key questions that keep today’s programmatic marketers up at night, and explains:

    – How to measure and understand consumer habits

    – [...]

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  • The Evolving Perception of Online Marketplace Quality in Programmatic Advertising; in Association with OpenX

    Building on last year’s report, our research highlights changes in media buyers and publishers’ perception of online marketplace quality, and the implications of this shift.

    Confidence that programmatic advertising delivers value for money has fallen from 95% to 86% globally, despite the fact that advertisers are spending more than ever on programmatic. However, our findings reveal marketers perceive a decrease in the risks associated with programmatic trading, therefore other factors are driving the decrease in confidence.

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  • UK Mobile & Video Advertising Truths; in Association with Rubicon Project

    This report reveals how media buyers and media sellers are embracing the mobile and video opportunity. Despite the challenges that exist; we see there is a high level of satisfaction across the industry. Furthermore, there is a strong desire to foster continued growth driven by innovation. With mobile video’s increasing prevalence, marketers will allocate larger proportions of their budgets to video advertising. Moreover, there are numerous opportunities for innovation around areas such as VR video, 360 video, and location based video.

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