• CTV, Targeting, and Sustainability - Europe 2023–2024

    As the deprecation of the third-party cookie looms, the proportion of campaigns run via CTV across Europe is set to increase substantially, while brands and agencies alike lean more into curated media buys.  The market is also recognising the importance of [...]

  • Sustainability in Advertising - JAPAC 2023

    Despite the deprecation of third-party identifiers and global economic turbulence, sustainability is a key focus for professionals within the Japan and Asia-Pacific (JAPAC) region. This is according to a new research report, Sustainability in Advertising - JAPAC 2023, published today [...]

  • Attention in Advertising 2023

    The global digital advertising industry is undoubtedly going through its most significant shift in decades. Legislative efforts to bolster user privacy and the deprecation of identifiers in desktop and mobile environments have significantly impacted the effectiveness of third-party cookies, which [...]

  • Advancing Advertising Sustainability in Europe

    In a year in which European temperatures surged to record levels, the urgency for global supply chains to both account for and reduce carbon emissions has become ever more apparent. The impact of digital advertising on the climate has therefore [...]

  • The State of Programmatic in JAPAC - 2022

    Despite the headwinds of global economic uncertainty and the deprecation of third-party identifiers, programmatic investment and revenue within the Japan and Asia-Pacific (JAPAC) region are surging, with over 70% of firms increasing their programmatic activity from 2021, with a tenth [...]

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  • The Rise of the Independents: European Ad Server Research 2022

    The digital advertising industry is undoubtedly facing its most fervent period of change in its history. Third-party identifiers, which once underpinned the sector, are now falling by the wayside, while regulators across the globe look to further tighten privacy regulations [...]

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  • The State of Programmatic in JAPAC - 2021

    Despite a hugely challenging 12 months in terms of both the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the deprecation of third-party identifiers, programmatic investment and spend is growing at a rapid rate across the Japan and Asia-Pacific (JAPAC) region, with nearly two [...]

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  • The State of Programmatic in JAPAC: Current & Future Drivers of Growth

    Over the previous 12 months, 76.6% of media professionals across the Japan & Asia Pacific (JAPAC) region increased their programmatic investment, according to a research report published today [21 May 2020] by ExchangeWire, in association with OpenX.  Multiple factors were cited [...]

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  • Agents of Change: The Rise of the Programmatic Media Agency, In Association with IPONWEB

    It’s a time of challenge and opportunity for agencies. A crowded ecosystem, and clients considering whether to in-house their media buying activity are clear causes for concern. However, for those agencies that can tackle these issues head-on and differentiate themselves [...]

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  • Demystifying Deal ID: The Future of Programmatic Trading, in Association with BidSwitch

    As issues such as brand safety, inaccurate measurement and fraud continue to take centre stage in the programmatic industry, buyers are turning to private marketplaces (PMPs) to tackle these issues and ensure high quality inventory. Unlike an open marketplace, PMPs allow [...]

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