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  • Fragmentation Vs Consolidation in the Programmatic Technology Ecosystem; in Association with BidSwitch

    Over the last five years, the programmatic technology industry has experienced hyper-fragmentation; there are more than 250 platforms that are connected to BidSwitch and this number is growing rapidly.

    The purpose of this research was to discover whether media professionals think fragmentation is having a positive effect on the industry or whether they would welcome consolidation.

    Key questions asked:

    – Do you think there are too many programmatic advertising technology companies today?

    – What effect do you think the number of partners you have [...]

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  • The Perceptions & Realities of Malvertising in the Digital Publishing & Advertising Industry; in Association with The Media Trust

    What started out as pranks by computer geeks (viruses, worms and trojan horses) has evolved to become a multimillion-dollar business affecting the entire online advertising industry. Bad actors harness the value of individual, personal details (i.e., name, passwords, financial data, etc.) or control user devices to execute fraudulent clicks or hold hostage for ransom payments. Whatever the method, both the industry and consumers lose. We believe this research provides the only analysis of online advertising professionals’ perception and understanding of the [...]

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  • State of the European Data Management Platform Market; in Association with Weborama

    In 2016, we see that DMPs are mainstream within the publisher, media agency and brand communities, with more than 68% reporting implementation.

    This report highlights difference in adoption in European markets with differing levels of digital maturity. We see that the more advanced markets are further along their DMP journey, their requirements are more sophisticated and they are already challenging DMP vendors to innovate. We also observed cultural differences that are influencing use cases and selection criteria.

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  • Video Formats, Private Marketplaces & Location-Enabled Buying will Dominate Mobile Advertising in 2016; in Association with Rubicon Project

    This report documents senior advertising buyers’ and media sellers’ views on current market conditions, the latest trends that they are observing in mobile media and marketing, and their predictions for the year ahead.

    Globally, advertising buyers – including brands, advertising agencies and programmatic buyers such as Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Agency Trading Desks (ATDs) – indicated that they would increase their spending in programmatic mobile private marketplaces by 27% in 2016. A staggering half of brands surveyed predict they will spend between [...]

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  • Full-Stack Data Centre Ecosystems Offer Performance Improvements in Programmatic Advertising; in Association with Equinix

    The online advertising industry is continually troubled by fraud. Fraudsters operate on the buy-side and the sell-side of programmatic online advertising trading. Publishers, media buyers and advertising technology vendors are united in their quest to eliminate fraud and to create and sustain a clean ecosystem in which advertisers can have confidence.

    This report shows the importance of removing ad fraud before an impression is served, thereby reducing latency times for marketers through the use of a full-stack clean inventory ecosystem. Additionally, [...]

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  • The Evolution of Data Management Platforms; in Association with Oracle

    This report shows how widespread the adoption of DMPs is across the world and within media buyer and media seller communities. As a relatively recent addition to the marketing technology stable, DMPs are sometimes misunderstood and seen as a panacea to all data challenges or hero solutions to automate all media training.

    We delve into the reasons organisations chose to implement a DMP, the challenges they faced during selection and implementation, and whether the implementation has been a success. The report also explores [...]

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  • Perceptions, Implications & the Future of Online Marketplace Quality in Programmatic Advertising; in Association with OpenX

    Programmatic advertising offers marketers niche, accurate and progressive targeting that is scaleable, therefore it is no surprise that the majority of marketers view this method of buying as good value for money.

    This report is a benchmark for the perception and impact of marketplace quality. It pushes the boundaries of previous research suggesting ways in which marketers can take control of the issues affecting marketplace quality and how by working together the buy side and the sell side can overcome the [...]

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