Let the Data Speak: Comparing the Use of Data Across Europe; in Association with Xaxis

Information can travel across borders instantly, without friction, and without stopping at customs, subject to data privacy legislation of course. You’d expect for the development of any European market in data-driven advertising, with common standards and practices across the continent, to be a relatively straightforward matter, but it isn’t.

It’s been clear for some time that there’s a significant variation in how data is used in markets from around the globe. This is a critical issue for the advertising industry, development in silos is not a good business model. Best-practice doesn’t spread fast enough and in nascent and growing markets confidence in data-led advertising remains lower than it should be. Timing is critical now as the more established markets head towards a time of machine learning intelligence to help utilise audience data in the most efficient way. How do we make sure the developing markets aren’t left behind? How are marketers currently using their data and how can the industry as a whole move forward in a way that benefits all markets?

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