• Hivestack Launches Hivestack Curate, a New Industry Platform for Curated Deals in  DOOH

    Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company have announced the launch of Hivestack Curate, a new DOOH marketplace that enables buyers to customise their inventory sourcing and build strategic, curated deals based on their specific [...]

  • Butler/Till's Scott Ensign on Harnessing Curation for Quality-Driven Advertising

    As Curation continues to make waves in ad tech, ExchangeWire caught up Butler/Till's chief strategy officer, Scott Ensign, who examines Curation's ability to marry programmatic efficiency with quality assurance. Scott highlights how the decline of third-party cookies is reshaping data [...]

  • Cookies or not, programmatic ad spending is expected to grow in Asia in 2024

    In this exclusive byline, Wei Hsueh, Country Manager, Equativ Singapore, outlines why programmatic has taken flight in APAC, why ad spend will increase in 2024, and what this means for marketers. Programmatic advertising stands out as a vital digital asset within [...]

  • How Curation Unlocks Fresh Audiences for Marketers

    Ad tech curation represents an evolution in digital marketing, where the precision of technology intersects with the art of advertising to unlock new audiences. As consumer attention becomes increasingly fragmented across a multitude of platforms and media, the ability to curate [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: Curation vs the Open Marketplace

    In his latest MadTech Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane turns his attention to curation - an ad tech model that is gaining momentum and turning heads across the industry. Curation is one of ad tech's hottest topics. It has been around for some [...]

  • The Ad Tech Optimist

    Ciaran O'Kane looks on the bright side, and dives into the eight areas of focus that give adland reasons to be cheerful. The title of this post might suggest I am looking to ape Marc Anderseen’s verbose libertarian essay on why [...]

  • Equativ Integrates NinaData’s Generative AI Audiences to Enhance Consumer Buying Intent Prediction

    Finnish buying intent data platform, NinaData, has announced its integration with Equativ, the leading independent ad tech platform. NinaData's advanced contextual targeting and buying intent capabilities are now available in Equativ’s Buyer Connect (EBC) digital ad curation platform – enabling [...]

  • Smile Wanted Confirms its CSR Approach & Launches its "SW ECO" Offer

    Smile Wanted stands out as the only independent curated marketplace in Europe with 5,000 premium domains and 10 billion ad calls per day. Faced with the ecological transition, advertising and big data technologies need to adapt to new environmental restrictions while [...]

  • Industry Review 2024: Curation’s Time to Shine?

    ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. Curation is a hot topic - how will it develop? Curation is the framework for modern programmatic buying and selling. It will enhance existing inventory, [...]

  • Taking Back Control with Curation: Q&A with Greg Williams, Audigent

    In this exclusive Q&A, Greg Williams, president of Audigent, discusses the development of curation and identity in ad tech, how curation can bring control back to the advertiser, and more. How has the role of curation and identity evolved in [...]