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  • The Exchange Lab Presents the Great Debate: Be it Resolved, Programmatic is the Future of Media

    At Cannes Lions this year The Exchange Lab hosted a panel at the IAA cabana, with the panellists debating whether programmatic really is the future. Moderated by Carolin Roth, anchor of CNBC’s Marketing|Media|Money; Tim Webster, co-founder and CSO of The Exchange Lab; Patrick Muir, ex co-founder and CMO of Egg Bank; and current acting CMO at Sherpa; John Beasley, ex-CMO of Monster Energy and current CMO at Vero; and Dan Benedict, chief client officer, Maxus argued the pros and [...]

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  • Triton Digital's Benjamin Masse Explains Mechanics of the Programmatic Audio Ecosystem

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, ExchangeWire’s CEO Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Benjamin Masse, managing director, market development and strategy, Triton Digital, about the programmatic audio ecosystem, how the channel is measured, the evolution of programmatic audio, and the launch of Triton’s new audio SSP, Yield-Op.

    In this episode you will find out:

    – How the MRC defines audio measurement and how Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics are used as the audio measurement tool of currency in the US – The different players that [...]

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  • SpotX CRO Sean Buckley Talks Programmatic Video & Connected TV

    In another special episode of TraderTalk TV coming direct from Cannes, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane discusses the changing landscape of programmatic video and connected TV with Sean Buckley, CRO, SpotX.

    Buckley discusses:

    – Header bidding in video versus display

    – The necessity of header bidding in the display ecosystem, despite the supply constraint

    – How SpotX is developing its ad server to manage holistic yield management as an evolution to the hack of header bidding

    – The growth of programmatic TV and the future trend [...]

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  • Adform CRO Jay Stevens Discusses Key Buy-Side Trends

    In this special edition of TraderTalk TV coming from Cannes, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Jay Stevens, CRO, Adform about the key buy-side trends he is seeing, drawing also upon his former sell-side experience.

    In this episode you will hear about:

    – The growth of brands wanting more direct relationships with ad tech partners and the changing role of the agency in this dynamic

    – How Adform has built privacy and security into its core products and how this works with the impending [...]

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  • IPONWEB's Martin Hill Discusses the Future of Publishers

    In a special edition of TraderTalk TV, coming from the Cannes Lions festival, Martin Hill, director of solutions engineering, IPONWEB, talks about the challenges facing publishers and how the future is evolving for them.

    Hill discusses:

     – The key challenges facing publishers today

     – How auction dynamics are impacting publishers

     – The evolving role of the ad server and the SSP and how they will impact publishers’ future

     – The support publishers need from the industry

     – The dynamics of premium [...]

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  • Surviving the Duopoly – How Ad Tech Remains Relevant

    At ExchangeWire Live New York back in March, Ciaran O'Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire moderated a heated and contentious discussion about the place of ad tech in the ecosystem and how it can survive against the Google and Facebook duopoly. The panel featured Ari Paparo, CEO, Beeswax; Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next and Yieldbot co-founder and CEO; and Google and Facebook advocate, Jonathan Mendez.

    In this episode you will find out:

    - Could Netflix turn the duopoly into [...]

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  • SpotX's Allen Klosowski Discusses Advanced TV

    ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Allen Klosowski, vice president, mobile and connected television, SpotX about the TV ecosystem and how connected TV and programmatic TV feed into it.

    In this episode you will find out:

    – The different delivery mechanisms of TV – The differences between connected and programmatic/addressable TV – The different types of TV inventory and how they are delivered – Where companies like SpotX sit within the TV trading market – How the creative review process operates in the connected TV environment – Data segments [...]

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  • The Trade Desk's Brian Stempeck on the State of Advanced TV in ExchangeWire Live NYC Keynote

    At ExchangeWire Live NYC in March, Brian Stempeck, CCO, The Trade Desk, delivered a keynote speech on the state of advanced TV in the US, running through some of the key challenges currently facing the connected TV market.

    In his keynote, Stempeck discusses:

    – How the fast fragmentation of consumer behaviour is causing the need for TV to adapt

    – How fragmentation causes challenges of inventory scale and how DSPs can help solve for this

    – The approach to maximise TV yield

    – How agency [...]

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  • The Impact of Programmatic on Emerging Channels

    At ExchangeWire Live NYC in March, Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content, ExchangeWire chaired a discussion between Jon Mansell, VP, Marketplace Innovation, MAGNA and Michael O’Neil, VP programmatic sales and partnerships, Triton Digital about how programmatic is impacting emerging channels, such as OOH and audio.

    During this discussion you will hear:

    – How we define ‘emerging channels’ entering the programmatic space. – The approach to programmatic with emerging channels, as well as learnings from more established programmatic channels. – The evolution of DOOH and programmatic audio [...]

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  • A Futures Exchange for Digital Advertising: Q&A with Lou Severine & Richard Bush, NYIAX

    In a special episode of TraderTalk TV, coming from New York City, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Lou Severine, CEO, and Richard Bush, chief product and technology officer, of NYIAX (New York Interactive Advertising Exchange) – a new exchange combining financial trading and advertising technology in one platform. Developed in partnership with Nasdaq, the platform will help advertisers and publishers buy, sell, and re-trade premium inventory.

    In this episode you will hear:

    – Why advertising needs a futures exchange, including the [...]

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