• What is Google's AMP? Why Ad Tech Needs To Be Ready

    Late last year, Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages to help publishers create mobile web pages that load more quickly than sites traditionally do on mobile.

    It’s all about the user experience, says Google. But the reality is a little different.

    Facebook’s massive user numbers is forcing publishers to publish more and more content inside its walled garden.

    Facebook’s Instant Articles is effectively its play for a ‘closed’ content distribution solution where publishers post most [...]

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  • Thomson's Adrian Maguire Discusses Transition From Traditional High Street Model to Digital Travel Giant

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, Adrian Maguire, head of digital analytics at Thomson (part of TUI Group, the world’s number one tourism business) tells us how the brand evolved from a high street holiday shop to online travel giant.

    Maguire describes how the business transformed as the internet rose in popularity, to become a £20bn company that dominates online. He explains Thomson’s relationship between data strategy and business strategy and how that has changed over time.

    Later on in the video [...]

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  • Navigating The Programmatic TV Landscape

    Earlier this year, at ATS New York, just weeks after Dish announced they are to offer a programmatic exchange for TV advertisers, Brian Stempeck, chief client officer at The Trade Desk gave a keynote presentation about how marketers should be navigating the programmatic TV landscape and how to understand the synergy between online and linear TV.

    It has been a fascinating year for television with major changes in the ecosystem at a macro level, changes that have created an opportunity for [...]

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  • Nate Woodman, GM, Demand Solutions at IPONWEB Discusses Incremental Lift & Demand Side Attribution

    Earlier this year at ATS NYC, Nate Woodman, GM, demand solutions at IPONWEB gave a fascinating keynote presentation in which he discussed: incremental lift and demand side attribution, a topic the industry flirts with but never really dives into. His goal was to plant a seed among the audience and prompt them to re-evaluate the disconnection between ad tech solutions and brand goals.

    IPONWEB have been around for around 15 years, they came to market after Google and before Facebook and [...]

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  • A Review Of the Ad Tech Year

    Earlier this year, ExchangeWire hosted ATS New York. The day started with a fireside chat between ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane and Michael Rubenstein, president, AppNexus. The discussion focussed on the future of independent ad tech companies, how publishers are fighting back against media giants and how on earth we ended up with ad blockers being commonplace.

    Consolidation is driving change in the ad tech industry. Certainly in the US, VC companies are not investing in new ad tech companies the way [...]

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  • How Data Unleashes Value in Programmatic Video

    Earlier this year, at ATS New York a panel of experts from the online video advertising field discussed the current state of the market and what the future holds. The discussion covered topics such as the need for publishers to adapt in order to stay relevant; how marketers no longer need to decide between mass-reach and niche-targeting and why data is not necessarily driving value for publishers.

    The panel was:

    – Irfon Watkins, CEO, Coull – Richard Sobel, SVP AOD Solutions, VivaKi – Denise [...]

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  • Making Brand Advertising & Programmatic Work Together

    Earlier this year, at ATS NYC three industry veterans formed a panel to discuss the disconnect between brand advertising and programmatic. The panel included:

    – Anthony Rhind, CSO, AdForm – Mark Egan, chief client officer, Maxus Americas – Amanda Dean, Senior director programmatic strategy and partnerships, Rodale

    At the centre of the discussion was the idea that programmatic is the distribution piece that is driving the growth in online advertising spend and creative is the heart and soul of the advertising industry and somehow [...]

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  • Jana Jakovljevic, Head of Programmatic Solutions at Spotify, Discusses Cross-Platform Advertising

    Filmed at ATS New York, this episode of TraderTalkTV features Jana Jakovljevic, head of programmatic solutions at Spotify. Here she gives a rare keynote presentation about the music streaming company’s role in the online ad industry and spoke for the first time about their programmatic ads business.

    Despite reaching 75 millions users across the globe, programmatic didn’t make sense for Spotify until recently for three reasons: firstly, because a lot of Spotify’s traffic came from desktop app meaning no web [...]

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  • Lauren Nemeth, CRO at URX, Discusses How Deep Linking Works In Mobile Advertising

    Earlier this year at ATS New York, Lauren Nemeth, chief revenue officer at URX gave a refreshingly honest keynote presentation about the reasons behind her decision to leave programmatic after spending over seven years at AppNexus and Google combined. The main reason behind her decision, Nemeth said was: “because I was tired of not making money in mobile”.

    In this TraderTalkTV episode, filmed at ATS New York 2015, Nemeth delves in to the reasons why programmatic does not do well when [...]

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  • OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan Discusses Publisher Yield Management Strategy

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode we feature a conversation with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO, that took place at the recent ATS New York event.

    In an extensive fireside chat with ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, Cadogan covers a wide variety of areas effecting the supply-side – everything from header bidding right through to holistic yield management.

    Some of the key areas discussed in this week’s TraderTalkTV includes:

    – Open versus closed optimisation strategy – Applying holistic yield management to the pub stack – How publishers are [...]

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