• Making Mobile Ads Work For Marketers & Publishers: LiveRail's Yoav Arnstein Explains How

    Facebook has perfected its ad proposition in mobile advertising. Now representing 76% of its total revenue, Facebook is undoubtedly the dominant force in mobile display. How did they do it?

    First, they adopted a native approach, building ads seamlessly into their content feed. It also helped that they logged data on hundreds of millions of active daily users to do cross-device targeting.

    Now Facebook is looking to apply its targeting capabilities, as well native approach, to third-party mobile apps and sites. Using [...]

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  • TraderTalk TV Cannes Special: OpenX on Open & Closed Trading Environments

    In this special edition of TraderTalk TV recorded at this week’s Cannes Lions festival,Scott Braley, OpenX, SVP, debates open and closed media trading environments with ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane.

    During the discourse of the conversation they discuss:

    – The advent of private marketplaces (PMPs) – OpenX’s efforts to ensure it deals with the highest quality of inventory on its marketplace – Holistic yield management for publishers

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  • Cannes Lions Special: Terrence Kawaja Discusses M&A Trends & Agency Evolution

    In this special Cannes Lions edition of TraderTalk TV, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane speaks with Luma Partners CEO Terence Kawaja about the longstanding gap in the advertising industry between data-led and creative-focused professionals.

    Kawaja, an influential figure in the world of finance and ad tech, explains how he believes this split is still in evidence, especially at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, despite data and programmatic companies being so firmly embedded at the event in terms of attendance.

    During the [...]

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  • TraderTalkTV Live: Marketplace Quality in Programmatic Advertising

    In this special edition of TraderTalkTV our live panel discuss the issues raised in ExchangeWire Research’s report “Perceptions, implications and the future of online marketplace quality in programmatic advertising”.

    The panel is moderated by Ciaran O’Kane, ExchangeWire CEO, the panelists are:

    Caspar Schlickum, CEO, Xaxis EMEA Andrew Buckman, MD UK, OpenX Tom Bowman, SVP Sales Operations, BBC Worldwide Niall Hogan, MD UK, Integral Ad Science Nick Graham, Global Digital Director, Huawei Technologies

    Discussions include:

    – Moving beyond the sensationalism of ad fraud – Benefits and limitations [...]

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  • Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, OpenX Discusses Marketplace Quality - And Why It Matters In Programmatic

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV, Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, OpenX discusses marketplace quality.

    In this episode, Buckman explains:

    – How OpenX stay one step ahead of the fraudsters by mixing human expertise and technology – The circular nature of improving marketplace quality; improving traffic quality increases buyer engagement; which in turn improves ad quality – The “big data” behind marketplace quality – Preventing fraudulent impressions from entering open exchanges

    OpenX have partnered with ExchangeWire Research to produce a research report focussing on marketplace quality.

    The inaugural [...]

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  • Rubicon Project's Jay Stevens Explains How XAPI Helps Ad Servers With Holistic Yield Management

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV, Rubicon Project International GM, Jay Stevens gives us a walkthrough of the XAPI offering.

    XAPI looks to work with regional and global ad server solution providers to help them with holistic yield management, giving publishers access to programmatic demand.

    Google has its “dynamic allocation” offering where it allows publishers to yield manage Google’s programmatic demand (AdX), thirty-party demand and its own direct-demand across all available supply.

    Google’s DFP remains the premier in mature markets, but its footprint is not [...]

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  • Bob Walczak Discusses BidSwitch, And How It Connects Programmatic Supply And Demand

    As programmatic buying and selling explodes in growth, some pain points are beginning to emerge in the eco-system around managing integrations and connecting a growing number of disparate supply and demand sources.

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode Bob Walczak, GM of BidSwitch at IPONWEB, discusses the distinct problems BidSwitch addresses – particularly the integrations which can often be a huge cost for buyers and sellers.

    BidSwitch does not operate an auction, and [...]

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  • Mikko Kotila Discuss the Ad Fraud Ecosystem & What the Industry Can Do to Address the Problem

    In this week’s TraderTalkTV, Mikko Kotila – author of the recent WFA report on best practices for brands buying in programmatic – discusses in detail how ad fraud works in the digital ad ecosystem.

    In a lengthy episode, Kotila covers a number of key areas:

    – How fraudsters can set up sites in a matter of minutes, generating fake traffic through bots – How easy it is for bots to infect user machines through the ad ecosystem – The type of bots fraudsters [...]

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  • Adform's Andreas Dooley Gives a Deep Dive on Programmatic Branding – and Why It's Real

    In this edition of TraderTalk TV, Andreas Dooley, Adform, commercial director, discusses contemporary brand advertising techniques using programmatic technologies.

    This involves programmatic technologies to escort a customer through a purchase-cycle including: raising brand awareness with high-impact ad formats; prospecting using ‘lookalike’ techniques in a contextually-relevant environment; through to retargeting, and finally achieving conversion.

    Dooley also argues that many advertising groups are missing out on using programmatic media buying technologies to build effective brands campaigns due to issues with the supply-side of the [...]

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  • The Disparity Between Desktop & Mobile DMPs

    In this edition of TraderTalk TV, Gavin Sitrrat, StrikeAd, COO, explains how the emergence of data management platform (DMPs) is adds to the complexity of using cookies to address audiences on mobile devices.

    Over the last 12-24 months DMPs have become a very important piece of technology. Although, there is a misconception that DMPs are a catch-all solution for the capture and management of data to execute ad campaigns across all channels, but the reality is a lot different.

    In [...]

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