• ‪TraderTalkTV: Managing Walled Gardens In Programmatic‬

    Wayne Blodwell, iProspect, head of programmatic, talks to Ciaran O’Kane, ExchangeWire, CEO, on the rise of walled gardens, and the potential threat they pose to the agency landscape.

    The digital advertising landscape has seen the rise of ‘walled gardens’ rich with first-party data, but still fundamentally closed advertising eco-systems.

    This trend is far from abating, with Facebook widely expected to launch a DSP, loaded with social data this quarter, adding to a host of data-driven bidders from retailers such as Amazon [...]

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  • Progressing the Agency Trading Desk Model – What Does the Future Hold?

    How are agencies developing their trading models in an era whenever many in the industry assert that Facebook, Google, et al. have declared war on their earlier business models, and increasing numbers of client-side marketers are contemplating taking their programmatic media-buying in-house? In this video Marco Bertozzi, Vivaki, president, Audience On Demand, client services, EMEA, North America, and Brian Lesser, Xaxis, CEO, share insights on the approaches taken by their respective holding companies – Publicis Groupe and WPP – explaining how media [...]

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  • Breakdown Of A DMP And What It Means For Advertisers

    This edition of TraderTalkTV comes from Paris. We talk to Mathieu Roche, Managing Director, France & UK Weborama, about how the company’s clients are using Data Management Platforms and the value of this tech in the management and execution of their first party data.

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  • How Publishers Can Execute Sell-Side Optimisation Strategies

    TraderTalkTV comes from Paris this week. We speak to Adomik’s Jean-Francois Bernard about the company’s sell-side solution that helps publishers manage different inventory types via programmatic. Adomik is looking to build optmisation tools for publishers, enabling them increase yield from programmatic sales – and have built API integrations with the likes of AppNexus with more to follow in 2015.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: End-of-Year Review Part 2, Looking Forward to 2015

    In the second part of our TraderTalkTV special, we invite Caspar Schlickum, Zuzanna Gierlinska and Gareth Davies to roll out their predictions for 2015.

    We look at a number of subjects during this discussion. Some of the key take-aways include:

    – Closed ecosystems and who is best placed to execute on this? – Is a ‘data war’ inevitable, as Boris Mouzykantskii alluded to in his keynote at ATS London? – Agencies are heading into enterprise marketing; how will they build their proposition around this? – [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: End-of-Year Review Part 1, a Reflection on 2014

    What happened in 2014? Well, a lot.

    Mass consolidation in ad tech. The rise of Facebook in ad tech. In-housing. Agency trading desk strategy. Fraud. Viewability. The move to compete with Google in ad tech – and the rationale behind the big investments of 2014.

    That event that posed the biggest question of the year: why would anyone invest £25 million in an Israeli ad network?

    We discussed it all in our end-of-year TraderTalkTV episode.

    In this special round table discussion (filmed in front [...]

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  • How Publishers Can Leverage Real-Time Intent In Display

    Jonathan Mendez, Yieldbot CEO, is a veteran of the search business. Having spent much of his career helping brands optimise landing pages, Mendez is now applying that specific experience to display.

    Here in a special New York edition of #TraderTalkTV, he talks through how Yieldbot helps publishers leverage real-time intent on their own sites to deliver highly targeted ads.

    In a deep dive on the Yieldbot product, Mendez explains how the company’s tech [...]

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  • How Automation Reduces Friction And Boosts Effectiveness When Selling Guaranteed Inventory

    In the light of Rubicon’s latest acquisitions, this week’s TraderTalk is a timely overview of automating premium inventory sales.

    Joss Wexler, Head of Buyer Cloud at Rubicon Project, this week discusses the concept of automation around guaranteed premium inventory – and the mechanics of how the process would work.

    It’s likely the Rubicon Project’s recent acquisitions will accelerate its plans to enable publishers to sell this premium inventory programmatically.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Explains Programmatic TV Buying Execution

    ‘Programmatic TV’ is soon to become one of the buzz phrases of the ad tech industry, just as ‘cross-screen’, and ‘transparency’ are the de rigeur programmatic terms at present. But still, few people are actually aware of the intricacies of its execution, and potential. 

    In this episode of #TraderTalkTV Phil Duffield, SVP, international,, dispels some popular misnomers over both the term, and the possibilities the technology offers.

    Press play to see how he explains that programmatic TV buying is NOT A [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: OpenX's Jason Fairchild Explains How Various Demand Classes Can Be Merged Into One Auction

    How do you merge all demand classes – particularly RTB and network demand – into one big huge auction? OpenX is launching new functionality on its SSP solution to address this problem on the supply side.

    Here Jason Fairchild gives us a deep dive on how the process works via the medium of the #TraderTalkTV whiteboard – and how publishers can now bundle all these demand sources into one buying channel.

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