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  • ATS NYC 2016 - Is Programmatic Video Going to Change the Media Buying Landscape?

    At ATS New York on 3 November 2016 Matt Prohaska, CEO, Prohaska Consulting moderated a panel discussion about whether programmatic video is going to change the media buying landscape. Panellists Jim Daily, president, USA, and Jana Meron, VP of programmatic and data strategy, Business Insider discuss inventory, industry resource and the development of the landscape. 

    This panel discussion covers:

    – The limitations of video advertising, including VPAID versus VAST technology

    – Challenges of video on the buy side versus the sell side

    – [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - The Rise of The Data-driven Publisher

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane moderated a panel discussion on the topic of the rise of the data-driven publisher between Sara Livingston, VP, Digital Strategy, Turner, Mike Finnegan, VP, Programmatic & Product Innovation, Live Nation Entertainment, and Felix Zeng, Director of Business Development – Programmatic Sales, The Weather Channel.

    The panel discussion covers:

    – The common data mistakes made by publishers

    – What skill sets publishers require to hone their data strategies

    – How publishers can work together to [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - Can the Combination of Creative and Programmatic Yield Better Results for Marketers?

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s head of content, Lindsay Rowntree moderated a discussion between  Julian Baring, general manager – North America, Adform and Erica Schmidt, managing director, North America, Cadreon on the topic of creative and programmatic, asking whether combining creative and programmatic can yield better results for marketers.

    This panel discussion covers:

    – The true meaning of combining creative and programmatic – How connected creative and programmatic execution are currently – Where the sticking points currently lie and what’s stopping this from becoming a [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - Making Upper Funnel Metrics Work With Programmatic

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane moderated a panel between Dom Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Captify; Tyler Pietz, VP, programmatic, Cadreon; and Adam Heimlich, SVP programmatic, managing director of HX, Horizon Media on the topic of making upper funnel metrics work with programmatic.  

    Topics covered in the panel discussion include:

    – The rise of performance branding over and above traditional branding campaigns

    – The role of TV and video in upper funnel campaigns

    – The part measurement plays [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - Keynote & Fireside Chat: IPONWEB: First-Party Machine Learning in Programmatic

    At ATS New York 2016, Nathan Woodman, general manager, Demand Solutions, IPONWEB delivered a keynote speech on the topic of first-party machine learning in programmatic, with a request to the industry: can we create a framework for ‘Open Machine Learning’?

    In this keynote presentation and fireside chat, You will hear from Woodman about the following:

    – The sheer growth of data in the digital industry and how businesses are coping with it

    – The increasingly prevalent role of machine learning

    – How brands building [...]

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  • ATS New York 2016 - M&A Fireside Chat with Joshua Wepman, GCA Savvian Advisors

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane sat down with Joshua Wepman, managing director, GCA Savvian Advisors to discuss the state of the ad tech M&A market in the US.

    In this fireside chat, hear from Wepman about the following topics:

    – How the M&A market can be broken down into two different sections – The rise of the acquisitive telco – Whether martech will meet ad tech, along with a comment about the fact that a martech has never [...]

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  • Making Brands Addressable: Why Online Video & Programmatic Are a Perfect Fit

    At ATS Singapore in July 2016 a panel discussion took place on why online video and programmatic are a perfect fit for making brands addressable.

    Hear from panellists Darin Williams, Managing Director SEA, TubeMogul; Vicki Lyon, Director – AdTech Asia Pac and Japan, Ooyala; Charles Less, Head of Advertisng Sales, A+E Networks Asia; and Hemant Chauhan, Regional Digital Director, APAC, Carat about how APAC markets are developing with more sophisticated video and TV targeting, enabling brands to improve addressability.

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  • Matt O'Neill, GM Europe, The Media Trust on the Impact of Malvertising on the Ad Industry

    Research conducted by The Media Trust and ExchangeWire notes malware is a threat to the success of online publishing and advertising, and those responsible for buying and selling online ads are not equipped to combat the problem.

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, Matt O’Neill, General Manager, Europe, The Media Trust, explains to Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire, the impact malvertising has on the online ad industry and what those within the space can do to protect [...]

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  • How Can Ad Tech Save the Publisher? ATS London 2016 Panel

    Join Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire, as she moderates an incendiary panel at ATS London 2016 with panelists Adnan Ebrahim, founder and CEO, Car Throttle; Amir Malik, programmatic director, Trinity Mirror; Andrew Casale, president and CEO, Index Exchange; and Neal Richter, CTO, Rubicon Project. How can ad tech save the publisher?

    Key points from the panel discussion include:

    – How ad tech is being sold to publishers and how they navigate this

    – The publisher opinion on PMPs and the resulting [...]

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  • Rubicon Project's Neal Richter Explains Header Bidding - Part Two of Two

    In the second of this two-part episode of TraderTalk TV, Neal Richter, CTO, Rubicon Project explains to Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire about header bidding. Richter, a data scientist who entered the world of ad tech as it sits at the nexus of machine learning, highly automated systems and economics takes us back to basics, explaining in-depth how header bidding functions.

    This episode covers:

    – How publishers should navigate the world of header bidding, including why they would need a [...]

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