• Kemp Little Consulting's James Leaton Gray on the EU GDPR

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to come into force in 2018, is taking up a lot of column inches at the moment, as businesses try to understand how it will impact them. The UK’s recent decision to leave the EU will have no bearing on the compliance of UK businesses with the EU GDPR. But, before all of that, why is the GDPR important, and how can businesses prepare themselves? ExchangeWire invite James Leaton Gray, associate, Kemp Little [...]

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  • OpenX VP Platform Demand Ian Davidson on Real-Time Guaranteed

    There is a lot of talk about programmatic guaranteed, or automated guaranteed, as being the next evolution of the private marketplace (PMP). OpenX launched Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) in January, allowing publishers a flexible guarantee.

    Here, Ian Davidson, VP Platform Demand, OpenX, outlines the concept of Real-Time Guaranteed, how it compares to the more traditional PMPs, and the benefits from the perspective of the publisher SSP and the buy-side DSP.

    Key areas covered in this episode include: –  Forecasting with RTG –  Advantages of RTG [...]

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  • The Evolving Relationship Between Agencies & Brands

    In this special vox pop edition of TraderTalk TV, filmed in sunny Cannes, Nate Woodman, GM of demand solutions, IPONWEB, gives us his thoughts about the evolving relationship between agencies and brands.

    In the agency world, what we’re seeing is that agencies feel that they become somewhat distant from publishers, explains Woodman. The relationship power has gone to DSPs and SSPs; agencies are reacting by minimising the ad tech tags used. They’re doing this by getting closer to publisher tags that get [...]

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  • The Growth & Future of Programmatic

    In this TraderTalk TV vox pop filmed in Cannes, Vincent Potier, COO, Captify, explains his thoughts about the growth and future of programmatic.

    Potier explains how the growth of programmatic has been driven by the largest advertisers in the US and the UK, who have started the trend of shifting money to programmatic due to the advances in technology, which have made, brand safety controls, performance measurement, viewability measurement possible. In tandem, we have seen innovative ad formats, such as expandables and [...]

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  • Video Ads Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

    In this episode Jourdain-Alexander Casale, VP strategy, Index Exchange, explains video header bidding to Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire, in the first-ever TraderTalk TV to be filmed outside!

    Header bidding relied on open RTB protocol and leverages a website’s header to send bid requests which reduces latency and increases yield for publishers. The concept is broadly adopted and being engineered to include not just banner ads, but video ads too.

    Video header bidding works largely the same way as conventional header bidding; the [...]

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  • Programmatic TV, OOH & Audio – with IPONWEB

    In the second instalment of IPONWEB’s Cannes story Brian Golbere, general manager, emerging technology, IPONWEB, tells Ciaran O’Kane, CEO ExchangeWire how TV, out of home (OOH), and audio media owners are transforming themselves into audience-based, programmatic media sellers, and how these changes are shaking up media buying for good.

    The dynamic duo discuss the commonly misunderstood concept that TV has always been data-driven, but now there is more data and it’s audience-based rather than ratings figures. This new data is driving changes [...]

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  • How Programmatic & Branding Can Work Together

    Filmed at the Captify villa in Cannes, this special edition of TraderTalk TV features: Duncan Trigg, SVP advertising, comScore; Dominic Joseph, CEO, Captify; and Natalie Monbiot, SVP, managing partner, strategic innovation, UM. United as a panel, chaired by Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire, the trio delve into the ways data-driven programmatic advertising is changing marketing forever.

    The Cannes Lions festival is all about creativity, traditionally not something that has been associated with programmatic targeting. However, a byproduct of programmatic campaigns is data, lots of [...]

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  • How Independence From Media Has Made Adform a Hidden GEM

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, filmed aboard Adform’s boat at Cannes, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane speaks to: Gustav Mellentin, co-founder and CEO at Adform; Oli Whitten, COO; and Jay Stevens, CRO.

    O’Kane describes Adform as a ‘hidden gem’, citing their full-stack and their independence from media (meaning there is no conflict of interest) as reasons.

    The ad tech luminaries discuss other key factors that have led to such an accolade, including:

    – Transfer of knowledge, specifically Stevens’ and Whitten’s transition from sell- (Rubicon) to buy-side

    – Transition from [...]

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  • IPONWEB: How to Optimise the Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem

    Over the last two years the programmatic advertising ecosystem has multiplied many times over creating two distinct problems for programmatic technologists: Finding the resource and time required to integrate with all relevant vendor partners; and finding the best way to navigate the 107 billion ad impressions that flow through the ecosystem every day.

    In this special edition of TraderTalk TV, filmed yesterday in Cannes, Barry Adams, VP Commercial Development at BidSwitch tells us how their “one to many points” integration solves [...]

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  • Weborama's Mathieu Roche on DMP Usage Across Europe

    Over the last five years DMPs have become a key layer of the advertising/marketing technology landscape. Earlier this year (April 2016) ExchangeWire Research, in association with Weborama published the first comprehensive report on the state of the DMP industry in Europe. In this edition of TraderTalk TV Weborama‘s Mathieu Roche and ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane discuss the key findings from the report and review the panel discussion about the research, held at ATS Paris 2016. Roche and O’Kane focus on:

    – The importance [...]

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