Advancing Advertising Sustainability in Europe

In a year in which European temperatures surged to record levels, the urgency for global supply chains to both account for and reduce carbon emissions has become ever more apparent. The impact of digital advertising on the climate has therefore been under further scrutiny, with the typical online advertising campaign estimated to emit 5.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, approximately half the total annual impact of an individual living in the United Kingdom. Unsurprisingly therefore, conversations around sustainability in advertising have mostly pertained towards carbon impact and, while this is the primary focus of this study, it is important to recognise that in action around broader sustainability goals, such as waste management and water conservation, will also prove critical for European and global advertising supply chains.

This research report, produced in collaboration with OpenX, examines the extent to which brand advertisers, agencies, and publishers in core European markets are calculating their carbon impact, how budgets are being shifted towards carbon-neutral technology partners, and the primary factors inhibiting further reduction of carbon emissions. Moreover, this study further examines the current state of programmatic advertising in Europe, in the context of pressures to reduce carbon emissions, as well as current economic challenges. These findings are directly compared to an equivalent study conducted earlier in the year by ExchangeWire and OpenX, which observed the current growth and challenges within the Japan and Asia-Pacific (JAPAC) region.

Combining original quantitative data with insight from European and global thought leaders, this study examines the following:

  • Key sustainability goals
  • Measurement of carbon emissions
  • Requirement for advertising partners to report emissions
  • Budget allocation for carbon-neutral partners
  • Factors inhibiting the reduction of carbon emissions
  • The current state of programmatic advertising in Europe

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