CTV, Targeting, and Sustainability - Europe 2023–2024

As the deprecation of the third-party cookie looms, the proportion of campaigns run via CTV across Europe is set to increase substantially, while brands and agencies alike lean more into curated media buys. 

The market is also recognising the importance of sustainability, and are investing heavily in practical efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This is according to a new research report, CTV, Targeting, and Sustainability - Europe 2023-2024, published today by ExchangeWire, in association with OpenX.

As marketers recognise the increased attention and premium inventory offered by CTV, they are flocking to the channel en-masse, with 90% reporting that in the next two years a medium-high proportion of their campaigns will be running via CTV. Meanwhile, the reliance on third-party cookies is steadily decreasing, with probabilistic identity graphs coming to the fore.

“As the programmatic ecosystem collectively prepares for a huge shift, it’s really encouraging to see how significantly brands and agencies have embraced curation and programmatic CTV to continue to reach their desired audiences effectively,” said Joseph Worswick, VP, EMEA, and head of sustainability at OpenX. “OpenX is committed to building innovative solutions that help ensure both publisher health and buyer success as we enter a new era of programmatic.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • Two-thirds of European brands and agencies are engaging in programmatic CTV buys, via both managed service providers and self-service platforms.
  • Six-in-ten respondents stated that 40% or less of their inventory is reliant upon third-party cookies, as probabilistic identity graphs and CTV rise in their wake.
  • Three-quarters of European marketers deem sustainability metrics to be a top priority for their businesses, representing a sizable increase from the 43% recorded last year.
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