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  • Reviewing China's Singles' Day 2017: It's No Longer Just About Alibaba

    Now in its ninth year, the annual Chinese online shopping festival Singles’ Day (11 November) is no longer just about Alibaba, but has morphed into a nation-wide shopping craze with e-commerce players other than Alibaba taking up a substantial share of the pie as well. In the latest instalment of iClick Interactive’s China Expert series, Richard Johnson, commercial director, Europe, iClick Interactive, explains how Singles’ Day has grown into its current manifestation, and how marketers can make the [...]

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  • Mobile Gamers Gearing Up for Holiday Season; Willingness to Share Location Rises

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Hugh Williams, senior data analyst, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Mobile gamers gearing up for holiday season; Willingness to share location rises; and too few marketers protect from fraud.

    Mobile gamers gearing up for holiday season

    Most mobile gamers plan to spend this holiday season playing games more often, downloading more new games, and engaging more frequently with in-app rewarded ads, [...]

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  • Better Mobile Metrics Can Help APAC Brands Get Over Numbers Obsession

    There is urgent need to define viewability and create standardised metrics for mobile ads in Asia-Pacific, where marketers remain hooked on the numbers game, focusing their attention on clicks rather than other more effective metrics.

    This obsession over clicks has resulted in brands neglecting the importance of verification, says Rohit Dadwal, Asia-Pacific managing director at Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), who underscores the importance of delivering better accountability as well as transparency.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Dadwal further highlights that security still [...]

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  • For Targeted Advertising, Mobile Device ID Crumbles the Cookie

    Location data is now able to give marketers a wealth of information to better target consumers; and the use of mobile device IDs has helped gather extremely detailed data. This data gives advertisers information to create a better advertising experience for their consumers. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Brooke Willcox (pictured below), director of digital business development, MNI Targeted Media, explains why the traditional cookie is being overpowered by the mobile device ID, and has become a better option for [...]

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  • ATS London 2017: The Advertiser Strikes Back - Keynote from Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, IPONWEB

    At ATS London this year, Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, founder, chief executive officer and chief scientist, IPONWEB delivers his annual keynote speech on how technology can help the advertiser get more from digital advertising, entitled “The Advertiser Strikes Back.”

    Dr Mouzykantskii, a stalwart on the ATS London stage, charts the challenges faced by the all-powerful advertiser in trying to find the right path in the digital advertising ecosystem, in his much-anticipated keynote speech.


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  • Header Bidding Still Growing with 220% YOY Increase in Impressions in Q3 2017

    Yesterday (14 November) PubMatic released its third Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report of 2017, providing insight into the mobile advertising industry for both publishers and advertisers during the most recent quarter. Key highlights include the continued proliferation of header bidding globally, and the increased advertiser leverage of mobile private marketplaces. 

    The report identified five key trends, through analysis of the flow of digital impressions through PubMatic’s platform, SEVEN. Mobile header bidding continued to grow steadily, with the report also identifying [...]

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  • Whitelisting: The White Knight for Brand Safety?

    With the brand safety scandal raging on since March of this year, one term that keeps cropping up as a potential solution is ‘whitelisting’. ExchangeWire delves into whether whitelisting really is the white knight the industry needs to fend off the bad guys. First published in issue 02 of ExchangeWire’s The Wire print publication.

    What is whitelisting?

    As you’d expect, it’s the opposite of blacklisting. Rather than building a list of disapproved URLs, your campaign targeting is based on a list [...]

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  • Alibaba Touts 'New Retail' Engagement As Key to Singles Day Record Sales; Wavemaker Launches in 2 APAC Markets

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Alibaba touts ‘new retail’ engagement as key to Singles Day record sales; Wavemaker launches in two APAC markets; Oath unleashes content marketing brand; Digivizer eyes APAC expansion via Singapore; and AnalogFolk goes to China.

    Alibaba touts ‘new retail’ engagement as key to Singles Day record sales

    The Chinese e-commerce giant has attributed another year of record sales from [...]

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  • AdAsia: Localising AI Engines Essential, But Can Take Months

    Localisation is key to AdAsia Holdings’ growth in Asia, but the ad-tech vendor says this requires training its artificial intelligence (AI) systems to understand local nuances, which can take months to accomplish.

    Headquartered in Singapore, AdAsia currently operates in several Asian markets including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Japan. It also will be adding Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates to the mix next year.

    Its CEO and co-founder, Kosuke Sogo, explains that there are differences even [...]

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  • Why Education Is STILL a Barrier to Programmatic Adoption

    In the run up to an upcoming training programme run by The Programmatic Advisory, in conjunction with ExchangeWire, The Programmatic Advisory’s founder and CEO, Wayne Blodwell, highlights the importance of training to keep up to date with the emerging trends in the programmatic ecosystem, so that programmatic becomes more than just alphabet soup.

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